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Attached to Project: Rockbox
Opened by Anonymous Submitter - 2006-06-07
Last edited by paprica - 2006-06-21

FS#5509 - Star game uses too little screen space

The game Star utilizes about 1/3 of the screen (at least on the iRiver H120). This makes it very uncomfortable to play, as all the objects are too small. Making everything bigger would probably be a lot easier on the eyes, and screen space would not be wasted. Is this possible?

Closed by  Lamed
2006-08-11 11:50
Reason for closing:  Fixed

AFAIK, the star plugin has only been fixed for the colour LCDs - it’s still only utilizing a small part of the display on the greyscale LCDs such as the H1x0 and the greyscale ipods.

Should be fixed for greyscale LCD targets.

Thank you for your update.

- unfortunately the bmp file has been commited as ‘text’ and not ‘binary’ which means on pc platforms all 0x0a are replaced by 0x0d 0x0a by the cvs client (I took a uncorrupted copy from the bleeding edge.bz2)

- also the dark gray is too close to black, so it is very difficult to actually see the maze - would it be possible to change that to light gray or change the colour scheme completely?

- the game speed is very, very slow - is this an issue with the screen redraw or is there a delay in the game that can be adapted?



woops, i’ll fix the bitmap (maybe make it more contrasted).

About the game speed: it depends on the LCD driver’s speed. You can try changing the STAR_SLEEP define at the begining of the file. We currently slow down the game for all the targets except the iPod Video. Tell me what values work best for the h1x0 and i’ll change those.

The bitmap should now be fixed. Tell me if it looks better (if it still doesn’t, please make a new one :) )

Any chance the game speed could depend on a timer rather than the LCD driver speed? Last I tried it was really very very slow on the ipod video platform..

It’s definitively an LCD driver speed issue on the ipod (if you look at the source code, you can see that the sleep() call is disabled for the Video ipod). Speed could be improved a bit by making the ball move by 2px steps which would require half the number of lcd rectange update.

- unfortunately the greylevels are fixed for the h120 display, so changing the contrast of the bitmap doesn’t make a difference - I have swapped light-grey and dark-grey around and it works now, although someone with artistic talent can probably improve it more by adding some shading/texture.

- sleep(0.2) gives the best results in my opinion - not so slow that you fall asleep, but still visible moves/animation



Yes - indeed I do mean “could the plugin be updated to *use* a timer to control the speed of the ball [say, one maze unit per 0.5 seconds], rather than always move the ball in one pixel increments and rely on the LCD driver to control the speed of the game”. I don’t expect that would be a difficult change (in fact I’d do it myself if I had time to do so)

Lamed commented on 2006-08-10 18:41

would you mind if this task will be closed?

Not sure who you are asking, but on the h120 it is still unplayable because of the slow speed and darkgray↔black similarity. (see my comment above).

Lamed commented on 2006-08-10 21:03

for now i’ve made the game as fast it could be, unless not using the animation at all. I think you should update your files because the game is very playable as it is now on h120, no dark-grey problem for me.

btw I was discussing amiconn on IRC about the dark grey, but I can’t seem to see the changes that he made for the dark grey to be brighter.

I was asking whether everyone is happy with the game or this FS should remain open, so please update your files and let me know.

All seems fine now. Thanks for your efforts.


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