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Opened by fatoldpig - 2006-06-12
Last edited by petur - 2006-06-15

FS#5536 - Playback stops or freezes in the middle of a track

ok, it’s happening everytime. The playback stops or freezes when finished playing tracks from one directory and then starts playing tracks on the next directory and freezes somewhere between 4-6min mark on the 1st track of the 2nd directory.

I’m using the latest build with the following settings changes:
Repeat > Off
Resume On startup > Yes
Auto Change Directory > Yes
Backlit While Plugged In > On
Car Adapter Mode > Yes
Anti-Skip set to 15 sec
‘Clean’ theme from here

Playing only FLAC.

Closed by  pondlife
2006-10-06 10:23
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This is just a result of CPU usage and will be resolved by future optimisation.

I\'ve logged the start-up issue separately ( FS#6129  ).

What’s the exact version of Rockbox you’re using? A fix for this was part of the 20060604 daily build. If you’re using a newer build and are still seeing the problem please provide detailed steps on how to reproduce. Does this happen on a particular file or have you seen it with several different files? Are there some files that don’t have this problem? Does the problem happen if you disable auto change directory?

I just loaded the lasted build and still the same problem. I’m NOT using any playlist. I just play FLAC tracks from various folder sequentially (no random playback). Each show/album in a separate folder. When it’s finished playing the last track of a folder and goes to the first track of the next folder, then it’ll freeze or stop at about 4-6 min mark. It happens to different files in directories. When you’re testing, make sure the last track and first track in the next directory are over 8 min long. If all the tracks are 4 min or less, then it’ll play fine.
I have to use ‘auto change directory’ since I’m playing folder after folder. I don’t use any playlist.

I still can’t reproduce the problem. I created two directories, each with a single FLAC > 8 mins (~60MB) and playback transitions properly between the two and doesn’t pause at any point. Would you provide a copy of your config file created by Menu→Manage settings→Write .cfg file to make sure I’m not missing a setting please.

If you stop and resume playback, does it start up correctly? What does Menu→Info→Debug→View audio thread show at the time of the pause?

here’s the info from Debug→View audio thread

pcm: 0/ 529200
codec: 20143/30619196
track count: 1
cpu freq: 45MHz
boost ratio 1%
pcmbufdesc 0/21

I’ve attached the config file.

dunno commented on 2006-06-20 07:58

I also get occasional random freezing of playback, where the song stops playing, buttons are active, i can select another track and play it, if i now return to the same spot where the freeze occured it’ll play that section/track with no problems.

I also get random occasional freezing of playback with the message “codec failure”, this occurs after playing the last track in a album, and its supposed to continue to the next album. (not playlist playback).

H140, all music LAME@aps, all music Replay Gained. only ID3 V2 and V1 tags.

ID3 preferance V2 then v1.
Auto Change directory on.
Crossafade on, (and off, still does it)
Realay Gain on
Dir Cache on
File Tree (no tag cache)

I have aatached my cfg file.

recently i’ve came across another freezing bug.

play a track and stop it in the middle and then shut down the player
start the player (auto-resume is on) and while it’s resuming (but before it resumes) press stop. it freezes completely and need a reset

My issue is similiar and I’ve found a workaraond;

   Playback will hang frequently when playing MP3's but have no issues when playing MPC's, these are the only file formats I've tested. But the hang only happens when the themed play screen is in view, If I hit the power key to bring up the browser playback is smooth for all files. I've also noticed that every time the hamg occurs the player acceses the hard drive, I can feel the vibration in my hand, could this be a clue to some kind of cpu/cache issue?

Deb/Justin - which devices are you using? Note that some (iPods) suffer from freezing when the CPU speed is boosted/unboosted, which is more likely to happen when the whils playing screen is displayed.

Deb - I can reproduce your bug whilst pressing stop on startup, but this is a separate issue and should be filed as a separate report.

I’m using the 20GB H10 with latest revision of Rockbox, I’ve tried changing the various system settings but nothing has an effect on the playback issue.

Hi Justin, I’m not up-to-speed with the H10 port, but does this still happen if you manually boost the CPU first (under Info > Debug > CPU speed)?

I don’t have manual control of the boosting, but under the ‘audio thread’ selection in the debug section it shows;
cpu freq: 75 MHz boost ratio: 100%

The “pcm” slider at the top of the page jumps around, gradually falling from about half full to empty, and when it hits empty the playback hangs. When playing MPC’s the slider stays almost full.

Might be different for the H10, but you may be able to boost CPU manually by going into Info > Debug (Keep Out!) > CPU frequency and then pressing the UP key. You should see the boost_counter increment as you do this. Once manually boosted, the boost counter should never return to 0, so the CPU should remain boosted at all times - bad for battery runtime, but good for diagnosis!

I don’t have a ‘CPU frequency’ selection in the debug section, I tried the up and down arrows in the ‘audio thread’ section but it just changed tracks, no effect on boost.

This sounds like a known problem where the CPU can’t keep up with decoding in certain situations (eg. when a WPS with peakmeters is used or the EQ is used). Please try the iCatcher theme and make sure the EQ is turned. If you no longer get playback pausing, then I guess this is not really a bug but more a ‘feature’ which can only really be resolved by further optimisation of all areas of Rockbox on PP5020 devices.

Also, the H10 CPU currently always runs boosted, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Your exactly right, if I disable the EQ the ‘hanging’ stops entirely! Thanx


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