FS#5569 - Star plugin, various fixes

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Opened by Will Robertson (aliask) - Monday, 19 June 2006, 07:49 GMT
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Just a few small fixes to the star plugin. These include:
* Reduced the speed back to normal on colour targets
* Added the ability to use the select button to navigate menus on iPod and irivers.
* Tried to fix the animation next to the menu. It's a little better but still very flakey.
* Adjusted the position of the ball and block indicator bitmap while playing the game, so they are not placed off the edge of the screen.
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Closed by  Dominik Riebeling (bluebrother)
Friday, 28 July 2006, 05:50 GMT
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Comment by Zakk Roberts (midkay) - Monday, 19 June 2006, 17:59 GMT
* Reduced the speed back to normal on colour targets

Why? Even after the speed was increased it's still pretty slow on my 5G. It should be model-specific.
Comment by Max Ried (bot47) - Monday, 19 June 2006, 20:26 GMT
-> Why?
Because on the iPod nano you cannot even notice that the ball is in motion. It should be model and CPU boost state specific.
Comment by Zakk Roberts (midkay) - Monday, 19 June 2006, 23:03 GMT
The CPU should simply be boosted automatically.. in fact it probably should by default for any plugin - I always boost mine before starting anything, otherwise everything's very slow.

Not that I don't believe you, but it's quite hard to imagine that the ball is too slow on the 5G yet too fast to see on the Nano.. is that an exaggeration? Crazy...
Comment by Will Robertson (aliask) - Tuesday, 20 June 2006, 00:02 GMT
Yes, it was too fast to see any motion on the H300. Regarding the boost though, why boost when not needed, doesn't that just waste battery?
But I'll work on making it model specific, I just need to know which models are fast and which are slow.
Comment by Zakk Roberts (midkay) - Tuesday, 20 June 2006, 00:30 GMT
why boost when not needed, doesn't that just waste battery?

I wouldn't call a plugin chock-full of animations "not needed". Most plugins are unusuably slow without boost, this one is no exception.
Comment by Mikael Magnusson (mikaelh) - Tuesday, 20 June 2006, 15:20 GMT
actually there is no motion at all in this plugin except when you have pressed a button. also please use -u when creating diffs.
Comment by Zakk Roberts (midkay) - Wednesday, 21 June 2006, 04:22 GMT
Right.. I didn't mean that the CPU should be boosted for this game, since it isn't for any other plugin. I'm just saying that we shouldn't need to make it boost-specific - I don't believe any others do, and if there are any, just one or two. Plugins rather depend on the user to boost CPU themselves, or the games run too slow.. it's their responsibility.
Comment by Antoine Cellerier (dionoea) - Monday, 24 July 2006, 08:06 GMT
The ball is only slow on 5G screens since the LCD driver isn't very fast yet. So the patch should check if you're running a "slow lcd screen" (ie 5G ipod).

Btw, could you use "cvs diff -u" instead of "cvs diff" to do the patch?
Comment by Will Robertson (aliask) - Monday, 24 July 2006, 09:17 GMT
Ok, so I've got the sleep based of if it's a 5G - only the 5G ignores the sleep command. It's not optimal but I'm a bit busy with school at the moment.
Oh, and I used cvs diff -u this time too.
Comment by Antoine Cellerier (dionoea) - Thursday, 27 July 2006, 21:09 GMT
Applied, thanks.