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Opened by ZAPPAJOE - 2006-06-25
Last edited by nls - 2007-08-19

FS#5596 - TagCache repeats album display when albums > 50

For one artist in particular, I have more than 50 albums. I am using TagCache to browse my music which is stored in the original firmware directory. When I browse by “Artist” first, each album is displayed multiple times. I have tried removing the albums completely and adding them in groups. The albums display correctly until I get up to 50 albums for this artist.

If browse only by “Albums” the albums for this artist appear only once in the complete listing of albums on my iPod. This is correct.
Also if I search for an album by title, it will appear only once in the search results. This is also correct.

I am using CVS build 060623-1417.

TagCache is set to Keep On Disk
Show Files is set to ID3 Database
ID3 Tag priority is set to V2 then V1
Directory Cache is on.

Closed by  nls
2007-08-19 09:05
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Is this still a problem? i deleted all the audio on my iPod, and i was thinking about wtiring a short perl program that’ll build enough test data for this. are you still running 060623?

– thanks bobp

To be honest, I had stopped using Rockbox for a while. I’m waiting for the EQ to be sorted out on the iPod so that it doesn’t cause skipping.

I just loaded today’s latest version, 060816. The problem with the albums being displayed multiple times is no longer happening. Each album is being displayed once. However, for the artist with more than 50 albums, the albums are not in alphabetical order. The order seems to be completely random as far as I can tell. For every other artist the albums ARE in alphabetical order.

o.k., so the perl script is about as done as it’s going to get, i create 60 albums with 16 tracks each, and they are from the same artist. right now, i’m loading the test data onto my iPod. I’ll rebuild the tag cache tomorrow, and set up the options you specified above.

o.k., i have not duplicated this problem. the a;bums display correction when i look at them from the artist view, or from the album view. so here are my steps so far…

delete everything from the iPod:
mount /mnt/ipodwin
cd /mnt/ipodwin
rm -rf *
cd .rockbox
rm .g*
rm .p*

i installed the newest version of rockbox: 060820-1438
cd /mnt/ipodwin
unzip /home/bobp/

i created 60 albums with 16 songs per album from one original mp3 file, i copied them and updated the tags with this perl script:

#! /usr/bin/perl

use MP3::Tag;

print “filename of the original mp3?” ;
$filename = <STDIN> ;
chomp $filename ;

for( $album = 1 ; $album ⇐ 60 ; $album++ ) {

  for( $track = 1 ; $track <= 16 ; $track++ ) {
      $outfile = "A".$album."T".$track.".mp3" ;
      system( "cp -p $filename $outfile") ;
      $mp3 = MP3::Tag->new($outfile);
      $id3v2 = $mp3->{ID3v2} if exists $mp3->{ID3v2};
      $frameIDs_hash = $id3v2->get_frame_ids('truename');
      $id3v2->change_frame("TALB", "Album $album") ;
      $id3v2->change_frame("TIT2", "Track $track") ;
      #Fix comment. 
      $id3v2->change_frame("COMM", "This is the comment field.") ;
      # identify the track and the number of tracks. 
      $id3v2->change_frame("TRCK", "$track/16") ;
      $id3v2->write_tag() ;
  print "Album $album done.\\n" ;


the files are named sequentially, and the albums are also sequential. if anyone has insight into this, maybe a little more advice into duplicating the problem, i’m looking for suggestions. also, if there is something wrong (or overlooked) in the perl script, i’m open to (constructive) criticism.

– thanks bobp

Are the albums being displayed in order (alphabetical or sequential) ? That was the only problem I was having with the latest build.

I’m on 20060912 and I’ve got this problem. Screendump attached.

Note that this problem isn’t limited to albums being repeated. The screendump shows it can be all the tracks that repeat.

Also, it’s not iPod specific. I’m having this problem on my Iriver.

nls commented on 2007-08-02 14:15

Could you please retry this with a current build and report back if it still happens?


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