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Attached to Project: Rockbox
Opened by Anonymous Submitter - 2002-11-25

FS#563 - noise

I noticed with my archos jukebox recorder 20 with rockbox 1.4 that
there is a background noise when you have bass boost in a
position that is not 0%: there is some interference noise that
doesn’t existe when the bass boost has the 0% position.
Furthermore, I don’t know what is your decoder program but I
think the sound would be better if you use the MAD decoder. The
source is in the site and the link is bye
your work is great!!!


Closed by  bagder
2003-12-05 09:40
Reason for closing:  Works For Me
Project Manager
zagor commented on 2002-11-26 13:40

Does anyone else get this noise? I don’t.

Also, we don’t use a
decoder program. We use a decoder chip.

Anonymous Submitter commented on 2002-12-29 05:26

I hear the same sound. I am also using a Jukebox Recorder and am using
RockBox 1.4. When I turn the bass boost on I get a faint static sound.
Once bass boost is enabled, the static does not change in volume
regardless of what level the bass is boosted. However, when I turn bass
boost off (go from 10% to 0%) I hear a high pitch whine for about half a
second followed by a lower toned click.
In order to hear the sound, you
need to use a pretty quiet (but NOT silent) song. I have tried testing it with a
completly silent test file and you only hear a medium pitch buzz for half a
second when the bass boost goes on and off (there is no lasting static on a
silent clip).
Also, I dont know if this is just me or not, but I can hear the
hard disk spin-up through the headphones (which is probably unrelated
and unsolvable.)

If you need to reach me shoot me an email to

Project Manager

Does this noise appear when you use the Archos firmware as
well? Then we can’t do anything about it. The DSP that does
the decoding is not reprogrammable by us.

i tried too to swith between 10%-0%, I just noticed a very little
pause. (with rockbox 030411-1041 on a JBR15)

Firstly this is my first post so congratulations to you - my
jukebox is FINALLY the product it always should have been.

I have also witnessed the bug described above on my
Jukebox Recorder 20 running rockbox 2.0 - I can mail you
some recordings of this phenomenon if that would be helpful.
The effect is most noticable at low track volume levels (e.g.
the fade at the end of a song) and is also most pronounced
at 10% Bass Boost. Increasing the bosst seems to mask the
effect somewhat but is is still noticable.

All power to ya!


i can hear the HDD the spin up too in the hearphone, but it’s
very light
the bip when i switch bassboost off is light too, and you don’t
have to change it everytime

Anonymous Submitter commented on 2005-08-19 09:44

I hear the HD spin up as well - it highly depends on the
headphones. It’s merely noticable when using the original
ones. Using Koss or Sony its much more obvious. And of
course - when you hear it once it becomes more and more
disturbing - even on the original headphonse. By the way it’s
also on the Archos original firmware - but it seems a bit softer.

The other thing is the clicking sound while changing volume. If
you PAUSE the song and increase volume above 90% the
clicking is well noticable. On original Archos FW its
somewhat softer and less obvious - however this might be
due to different increments.


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