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Attached to Project: Rockbox
Opened by midgey34 - 2006-07-27
Last edited by roolku - 2008-04-04

FS#5725 - New Puzzle Game "PegBox"

This game is called PegBox and it is based off of Pegs for the TI-83 by Detached Solutions ( The object of the game is to clear the board of all of the pieces, or pegs, in order to advance to the next level. This can be done by matching up two similar pegs so that they disappear or by pushing them down the holes. If two triangles are pushed together, they form a wall and if a square is pushed into a hole, the hole is filled. Beware: Falling down a hole or pushing together two unlike pegs will result in a restart of the level.

The game should run on all supported Rockbox targets.

* It would be nice to get some better graphics for this as the current ones are rather simple.
* More level designs would be nice as well; this version contains 15 levels.
* Some input on keymapping would be nice as well. The buttons may feel awkward.

Closed by  roolku
2008-04-04 18:43
Reason for closing:  Accepted

Here’s the newest version of PegBox. Some bugs were fixed and now the game features a nice looking menu and new graphics thanks to Salival of MisticRiver. Also some slight code cleanup. The help function is currently messy and I’d like suggestions on improvements. One idea is to change from messages to bitmaps, but I’m not terribly keen of that idea. Once again, comments are always appreciated.

Last version was broken on iPods, my apologies. Let me know if I did anything stupid this time =)

(application/octet-stream)    pegbox.c (41.4 KiB)

Bah, I attached the wrong version, please ignore. This is the correct file, I promise.

(application/octet-stream)    pegbox.c (41.2 KiB)

Updated version that uses a modified help screen and has been adapted to the Sansa. Likely to be SVN quality or at least close.

To use: patch with -p0 and add the bitmaps from the above zip file

any reason to not commit?

I guess not.

Dumb question, probably, but where does one place the bitmaps?

apps/plugins/bitmaps/native is where the bitmaps should go.

I get a make error with this patch and I have no idea why…

CC jewels.220x176x16.c
BMP2RB minesweeper_tiles.16x16x24.bmp
CC minesweeper_tiles.16x16x24.c
make[3]: * No rule to make target `pegbox_menu_top.176x46x16.bmp’, needed by `/cygdrive/c/cygwin/b
in/rockbox/build/apps/plugins/bitmaps/native/pegbox_menu_top.176x46x16.c’. Stop.
CC battery_bench.c
rm /cygdrive/c/cygwin/bin/rockbox/build/apps/plugins/battery_bench.o
* [rocks] Error 2
make: *** [build] Error 2

I have the bitmaps where they belong. Any clues? Thanks in advance.

I noticed in the archive, they’re in a “Bitmaps” directory first - are you sure that the bitmaps are stored in apps/plugins/bitmaps/native, and not apps/plugins/bitmaps/native/Bitmaps?

You da man. That was it! Thanks, Jack.

Is there a reason why this is not committed yet? If there are no objections I’ll add the missing keymaps and commit it as I quite enjoy the game.


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