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Attached to Project: Rockbox
Opened by jdgordon - 2006-08-11

FS#5795 - change the settings display and add groundwork for title in list widget

This patch changes the settings display screen to use the list widget so you can see more than just the selected choice on the screen at once.
this change is only for the set_bool() and set_option() settings. I couldnt get the set_int() working correctly (and im not sure how well it would work in that screen anyway)

This also adds a title to the list (I have not added the title to the rest of the code, so dont worry about losing screen space in the menu/browser just yet…)

It compiles cleanly on h300 and player targets, but I havnt tested it on the player because SDL doesnt work atm, but it should work…

Closed by  linuxstb
2006-08-15 08:14
Reason for closing:  Accepted

I like this a lot. One problem though. Pressing LEFT on the H120 doesn’t exit/cancel the menu anymore. I haven’t got time to investigate this right now, but I’ll take a look later if you don’t beat me to it.

Oh, and it seems to work fine in the player simulator. No actual hardware to test with though.

Couple of more minor nits

1. The list label isn’t centered at the top of the screen. I think you’ll need to calculate the actual string width instead of just relying on the display→char_width value.
2. Some settings don’t have titles. Check Sound Settings → Crossfeed → High-Frequency Attenuation. Notice the lack of title.

pressing left will work once Linus commits the action stuff, i was too lazy to do the buttons properly.
and re the 2nd comments..
1) checking against the length is faster, which is why i did it this way, except on the char cell display→width is in cells not pixels(iirc) so that has to be changed
2. shows fine here, (h300)

- dont try to center the title on char cell display
- the int settings now use the list also
- apps/gui/select.[ch] is no longer needed, (i dont know how to tell patch to remove them)

another really minor update… removed apps/gui/select[ch]

oops… im a dill

ok, it really compiles this time…

the integer settings are now shown correctly (highest value is at the top.. not bottom)

grr… my maths sux…
this one is ready to go..

minor fixes, all good now


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