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Attached to Project: Rockbox
Opened by albert_veli - 2006-10-25

FS#6243 - Invadrox

A game somewhat resembling, but not identical to, the arcade classic Space Invaders (1978, Taito/Midway)

Status: Currently working for iPod Video, iPod Nano and iAudio X5. New ports should be easy to create for targets with “high” resolution (H300/100, iPod 3G/4G/Color, Gigabeat). Low resolution targets (like iPod Mini, Archos, Ondio) are more challenging but might be possible by GIMP-ing up some really _tiny_ bitmaps and maybe decreasing the number of aliens.

iPod-shot here:

Bugs: Sound is “choppy” because invadrox doesn’t do mixing. UFO sound not implemented (the arcade UFO sound loops = difficult). If you don’t want sound effects, comment out the row ‘#define INVADROX_SOUND’ (around line 483).

I received a report that the function handle_buttons() in invadrox.c doesn’t handle SYS_USB_CONNECTED correctly (on an iPod Video, probably on all targets).

Installation: Download the two attachments and update to CVS version around 2006-10-26.
Then from the rockbox-devel dir:

$ zcat ../invadrox.patch.gz | patch -p0
$ tar zxvf ../invadrox_bitmaps.tgz

And build with the usual procedure.

Closed by  midkay
2007-01-31 01:04
Reason for closing:  Accepted
Additional comments about closing:   Warning: Undefined array key "typography" in /home/rockbox/flyspray/plugins/dokuwiki/inc/parserutils.php on line 371 Warning: Undefined array key "camelcase" in /home/rockbox/flyspray/plugins/dokuwiki/inc/parserutils.php on line 407

Committed to SVN. Thanks for your work! :)

The invadrox.patch.gz file above seems to have gotten doubly compressed during upload. Fix by renaming it to invadrox.patch.gz.gz and run gunzip on it:

$ mv invadrox.patch.gz invadrox.patch.gz.gz
$ gunzip invadrox.patch.gz.gz

Now you should have a normal invadrox.patch.gz

Or just use this one instead that is compressed with 7zip.

I added a Gigabeat F port and fixed the SYS_USB_CONNECT bug yesterday. Instead of adding lots of comments here I thought it would be better to create a web page where I intend to upload the current patches and have a ChangeLog. The page is here:


Note, if Invadrox gets into CVS sometime in the future then the webpage will not be needed. Until then, check the webpage for the latest ports, features and bugfixes.

Hi Albert,

This seems like a great Invaders clone that’s ready for CVS– er, SVN. :)

I only need to ask you: did you create the alien bitmaps yourself? They bear quite a resemblance to the aliens in the official Space Invaders, but if you created them yourself, then it’s no problem.

Let me know so we can get this in SVN soon! Thanks.

Hi Zakk!

Everything was drawn in gimp from scratch. The only problem is the invadrox.320x240x16.bmp bitmap. This one was also drawn in gimp, but while doing it I looked at some screenshots from mame and a flash-based game (at So the aliens in this bitmap are pretty similar to the original, probably the UFO too, but the bombs and explosions are not identical. To be on the safe side it may be a good idea to re-draw invadrox.320x240x16.bmp and make it look less like the original.

What do you think?


I’d asked the core developers what they thought, and Daniel Stenberg said that if you made the images yourself, there should be no problem, and that sounds about right to me. If any of the core devs thought otherwise later on, they could be redrawn at that point - or if we had any legal trouble, we could change them.

One other thing pointed out was the sound you included in the plugin. Did you create this yourself too? (It sounds at least very similar to the original - so I doubt it’s your own work, but I’d better ask). Even if the sound is also your own work, if you combine it with the fact that the sound kind of clutters the source file (but through some work and giving Invadrox its own plugins/Invadrox directory to put the sound samples, that could be remedied) and maybe that people might want to play while listening to their own music, you might consider removing sound altogether, or making it optional. Of course that’s entirely up to you :)

So I think we’re in the green as far as legal issues, with the possible exception of those sound clips. What’s the status on those?

Thanks for responding!

Yes, the sounds. I found them with my friend google ;) And yes. They really do clutter up the source. Maybe the best option is to remove them and later on the plugin can be modified to search for the sounds in some directory on the target disk. Then it would be up to the individual user to find some nice sound files and copy them to the target disk. That should also fix the legal bit. But right now there is no wav loader code in the plugin. But that shouldn’t be too hard to add. Maybe there exists some core rockbox mechanism that can be used to make the load code simpler? But for starters it is easiest to go without sound. Do you want me to create a new patch, without sound and against the new SVN?

Here is the new patch with everything sound removed :)
You might want to rearrange the invadrox rows in the two SOURCES files.
I just inserted them at the beginning, that is probably not the best place ;-)

Awesome, I think that’s a great compromise that can be implemented later (placing sound in /.rockbox/games/invadrox, much like Doom and its WAD files or Pacbox and its ROMs, both of which would be illegal to actually distribute). I’ve got to run now, but I want to apply, have a look at and commit this when I return, later today.

Thanks for adjusting the source where necessary! :)


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