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Opened by Ioannis Koutoulakis (Genre9mp3) - Friday, 24 November 2006, 18:42 GMT
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This is my first feature request! I had an idea on how to make scrolling in File Browser a bit more efficient and I thought it would be nice to add this in the tracker in case some of you find it interesting.

I named the idea “typescrolling” but the name is not so important, yet implies what it actually is about. So typescrolling, is about making scrolling big lists of folders/songs in File Browser (and maybe Tagcache, too) a bit more faster by actually “typing” what you are seeking for

- How would this work

Simply, by dedicating the last line to an input “box” (that uses the same font) where the user can actually type the first letters of the file/folder he/she seeks for.

Up/Down buttons would change the letters in an alphabetical order (preferably non-case sensitive) and if possible (this may be tricky though) only letters that actually exist (eg. if there isn’t a folder that starts with the letter “Q”, then it should go from “P” directly to “R”).

Left/Right buttons would change the input position so you could add a second, a third etc. letters.

Select button (or Menu button for targets that don’t have Select) would enter a folder or play a file as it should normally do.

I own an iRiver H340 and an Ondio, so please comment on how buttons should work for other targets (eg. iPod) if it’s necessary.

To give you a visual representation of this, I made the animation attached.

- How would this be implemented

It could be implemented by either 1) enabling it from a setting located in a menu, 2) enabling it (on demand only) by selecting it in the File Browser Context Menu, or even 3) have a dedicated button for it (for targets that have spare buttons of course).

These are 3 alternatives, I am personally in favor of the 2nd one (perhaps with an extra option to have it always enabled?) but your thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.

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Comment by Dominik Riebeling (bluebrother) - Friday, 24 November 2006, 19:50 GMT
I like the idea somewhat. But I think a dedicated button is needed so you can leave the selection and select / browse the remaining matching entries. My mobile phone e.g. does similar: when in the contacts list I can quickly search by simply typing the first letters, but I still can scroll around with the cursor buttons, which makes it possible to quickly jump to a group of names without typing the complete name (it can get quite annoying if you have like 10 contacts with the same first name so it's easier to simply scroll after you reached that group). As we don't have dedicated buttons for entering the letters I think a switch to leave the character input mode is necessary.
Comment by Mikerman (mikerman) - Saturday, 09 June 2007, 15:33 GMT
This is similar to how some TIVO DVR searches work--slick. But whether it is possible with the technology is another question.
Comment by Mark (Xebozone) - Saturday, 30 June 2007, 10:11 GMT
I think that all 'scrolling requests' should be closed and linked to this page, or to another page:

For the original apple software, the scrolling starts off slow, and it increases the longer and faster you scroll. Eventually, when scrolling is fast enough, an image overlay pops up over the list and you scroll through the letters of the alphabet (The current letter that the user is scrolling to is the image). When the user stops, the list is at the start of that letter. I would like to see this implemented into rockbox, as scrolling through a long list is quite annoying.