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FS#6395 - ipod video scroll and screen locks up when playing music

Attached to Project: Rockbox
Opened by jacob (jacobts) - Wednesday, 29 November 2006, 03:48 GMT
Last edited by Marc Guay (Marc_Guay) - Sunday, 30 March 2008, 23:28 GMT
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Operating System iPod 5G
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when i am listening to music for about ten minutes with rockbox, the screen and click wheel will lock up but, the music will still keep playing.
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Closed by  Marc Guay (Marc_Guay)
Sunday, 30 March 2008, 23:28 GMT
Reason for closing:  Out of Date
Additional comments about closing:  Presumably this has been fixed given the lack of recent uproar and silence on the part of previous commentors.
Comment by Kakashi (Kakashi-sensei) - Thursday, 28 December 2006, 06:16 GMT
I can confirm this bug, I am running on a 5.5G 30 Gb iPod.
Comment by Gaspard van Ko (qwertzguy) - Saturday, 30 December 2006, 01:23 GMT
Doesn't happen on iPod 5G first gen though.
Comment by Kakashi (Kakashi-sensei) - Saturday, 30 December 2006, 10:40 GMT
If you adjust the volume, it "wakes up".
Comment by jacob (jacobts) - Saturday, 30 December 2006, 21:18 GMT
ok, i have an ipod video 5g first gen too, it happened to me but, i uninstalled rockbox cause it wastes too much battery, when the make an official release i will re install
Comment by Gaspard van Ko (qwertzguy) - Sunday, 31 December 2006, 00:46 GMT
Hi Jacob,
Well I think you don't really need to uninstall RockBox, what I recommend you is, as I do, install iPodLoader 2 (from iPodLinux) so that you can start either RockBox or Apple firmware when you turn on your iPod. Then just keep updating RockBox and try it to see if the problem get solved while still being able to use Apple's FW.
Comment by jacob (jacobts) - Tuesday, 02 January 2007, 19:34 GMT
yeah, i had that but it wouldnt let me boot into apple os so i just un installed it
Comment by Gaspard van Ko (qwertzguy) - Wednesday, 03 January 2007, 01:20 GMT
Hi again,
iPod Loader 2 is still experimental and has some bugs, such as the autoconfiguration. To prevent this you can use config files. I have made one that can load RockBox and Apple firmware (I have test it) with no problems. All you need to do is reinstall iPodLoader 2 and RockBox while being in the Apple FW (not diskmode) and then copy the attached file in the root of your iPod drive. Then restart your iPod (it must be unplugged first, even charger), and it should display the correct choices.
Comment by Jonas Eriksson (zqad) - Tuesday, 09 January 2007, 11:41 GMT
I can confirm this, but it only triggers when I have the key-lock turned on. The playback continues, but I can't do anything but reboot it.

It could work with the joggle-with-volume-to-make-it-work-thing that James suggested, but with the keylock on this does not work; probably because rockbox never registers that I've turned the keylock off.

iPod Video 5.5G 30GB
Comment by Kakashi (Kakashi-sensei) - Tuesday, 09 January 2007, 11:48 GMT
This seems to be a very varied problem!

My volume-thing seems to work even after unlocking, although maybe this is dependent on the build??
Comment by Jonas Eriksson (zqad) - Tuesday, 09 January 2007, 14:42 GMT
The problem exists with both 20061217 and 20070109. I have, however, found a remedy. I simply changed from rockbox_default to a theme without VU-meters (geek-dark in this case), and it seems to work out great. I'll post again if it fails later :)

I also managed to hang it with hold off, so disregard the comment about that I made earlier.
Comment by Steve Bavin (pondlife) - Wednesday, 10 January 2007, 18:00 GMT
Sounds like there's not enough CPU to go around. As well as using a simpler WPS, you can try disabling any EQ or crossfeed. Hopefully this will be much improved by use of the COP in the near future.
Comment by x (archen) - Tuesday, 04 September 2007, 02:44 GMT
I've had this problem with my ipod video since I started using rockbox many months ago. Has anyone actually confirmed that it's a problem with VU meters? I honestly can't pin it down to anything. Happens randomly and inconsistently across formats ogg/mp3. I always thought it was a bug in the hard drive access or something to that effect locked it up.
Comment by Redozubov Anton (redic) - Sunday, 09 September 2007, 12:01 GMT
i can confirm this bag on iPod Video 30GB r14655 2007-09-09
i have no WPS, no EQ, no crossfeed, and the bug is still here
the screen and wheel freeze, but when i touch the wheel the screen lightned up ut still freeze
Comment by Robin (RobinM) - Friday, 14 September 2007, 17:53 GMT
I can confirm this bug also on an iPod Video 60GB r14655
The same problems as told by M. Redozubov Anton.
Screen and Wheel freezes, music keeps playing and the screen lights up when i touch the wheel but everything else wont work. Resetting my Ipod is the only way to get it up and running agian.
Comment by x (archen) - Wednesday, 19 September 2007, 02:25 GMT
Just an update with some experiments. I created my own WPS with no VU meters and my ipod has not locked up while playing since then. My iPod would formerly lock up with music playing and with control multiple times a day. I never looked at the meters anyway so I am much more happy with rockbox ever since. So my testing would seem to support zpad.
Comment by Steve Bavin (pondlife) - Tuesday, 04 March 2008, 17:48 GMT
Is this still a problem with a current build?