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Opened by Robertek - 2006-12-25
Last edited by kugel. - 2011-06-05

FS#6471 - Customizable remote buttons.

It would be nice if there were some option to customize buttons on remote control, the ability to map buttons to function you want.

Why I requested it is because I have an old IMP-400 remote and its mapping is different from the old IMP-400.

Maybe this will be good not only for H1x0 but also for such as iaudio X5, H3x0 etc

I imagine something like option with function and when is accessed it will assign first button that is pressed, something like that.

Closed by  kugel.
2011-06-05 11:38
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There doesn't seem to be interest in this anymore. Open a new task if this is wrong.

This is currently not possible.

The buttons are read out using a resistor network over an ADC. This makes it necessary to check the buttons in a specific order. A different remote type will need completely different values for the ADC, and to make this reliable it's necessary to have some tolerances within the values. Simply using the first value samples won't work reliably.
Also, having customizable buttons will be a pain to support, so I'm strongly against adding such a feature.

I understand you, I have think about, I know that finding the exact value is hard, but the values are already set, sou it should be only question of reassigning a function to known value.

Maybe Im wrong.

So if its not possible so I would ask in which file are this function to button assignations?
Because the buttons works, nearly all of them, but they works in different position than I was used to on IMP-400 (they are set to work on H140 way, but the remote is not designed for that, have different position of buttons than remote for H1xx)

So I have little bit played with the buttons and I have a nearly perfect results.

I attach firmware/target/coldfire/iriver/h100/button-h100.c which is customized, fot those who want to set their old IMP400(350) remote.

Only think I find out that there is one button (button play which is used to power on the player) cant be set?!? I dont know why but it doesnt show any value in debuging screen (View IO ports). So I have changed the menu function with play function.
Also volume is set in reverse ordet than in IMP400 due to scroll function.

It only replace H300 remote functions (while this remote is recognizet as H300-remote), so maybe someone more involved could make a menu swich for this. (it is too advanced for me now)

The power-on event gets generated by a separate line on the remote (SRT on the PCB, START on the h120 lcd remote). As this is hard wired you can't change it.

Btw, the remote ADC value gets read out as 0x00 ~ 0x01 for me. Looks like the h300 remote value is usually higher (but I don't have one, so I can't check), so this could get added as an additional remote type.

Thats sad if it is hard wired:( but it is only one button and it will be ok…

I have attached picture of the remote with button values, I have changed some numbers in button-h100.c

I was surprized that it is recognized as H300 remote, (I dont know H300 remote but H100 use similar to IMP550)

Here are my assignations:
67 BITRATE (+ 10)
96 SOURCE (- 10)
B5 FF (FW)

I was referring to the ADC Remotedetect value in my previous post. That value is used to decide which type of remote is connected, and it could get extended to also detect that type of remote (so support for that remote could get bundled into a nice patch, but as it requires some more changes needed by the LCD I don't think this has good chances to get into cvs. If it's possible to reliably detect the remote it still may happen …)


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