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Attached to Project: Rockbox
Opened by lini - 2007-03-09
Last edited by Marc_Guay - 2008-04-01

FS#6770 - No USB mode if you plug the cable when device is Off

If you plug the USB cable when the device is Off, the expected behavior is to boot Rockbox, then immediately switch to USB mode (charging, transferring files, etc.). However this does not happen with the recent daily builds. If I plug in the dock cable when my ipod is Off, it boots rockbox and does not detect the USB connection (often it also freezes). I have to restart the ipod and manually put it into disk mode to charge/transfer files.

Note that USB is properly detected if I plug the cable after Rockbox is started.

Closed by  Marc_Guay
2008-04-01 12:41
Reason for closing:  Fixed
2008-05-18: A request to reopen the task has been made. Reason for request: r17468 firmware/drivers/ata.c firmware/thread.c The problem came to happen again because of this updates.

I’ve had this happen on the last two dailys i’ve installed (Ver. r12687-070309 and above) on an iPod 5G Video (30G). Have to reboot machine then plug in cable after it’s running. Also got this error today.. not sure if it’s related to the crash or not:

“Error accessing playlist control file”

and the artist name and song name were listed as - root:root

lini commented on 2007-04-04 12:32

still happens for me too. I tried reinstalling (deleting the .rockbox folder and rockbox.ipod and extracting a SVN build) but the same issue happens - if I plug the cable when the ipod is off, rockbox boots but does not go into disk mode. Instead the playback resumes (I have set resume playback as startup screen) and the screen and clickwheel are stuck.

I am using a simple workaround for now - before i plug the usb cable i switch hold ON, which boots the default firmware, which in turn goes to disk mode shortly afterwards.

theli commented on 2007-05-03 17:39

i have similar behavior on mini2g
though after powering on rb shows usb logo and stays at it for ever… also disk access icon is on too ….
if i unplug usb then rb works if there where no usb at all…. if then i insert usb again rb reboots into disk mode successfully

bootloader as of May,6 (current on download.rockbox) happens for me for a long time (now with 2007-05-03 12:39 build)

reproducible always

I have exactly the same(?) problem with my IpodVideo 80G (5.5G).
USB works if I boot Rockbox and then plug in the USB cable, it allways fails if I plug in the cable while the device is off.
What happens is that Rockbox boots after plugging in the cable, and than hangs on the main menu with HD icon on (and audibly on). I can’t scroll, but backlight does react to touching the scrollwheel.
Original Rockbox firmware of 3-okt-2007, bootloader reinstalled couple of days ago.

omoha commented on 2007-11-17 04:44

The problem seems to happen when “Directory Cashe” is effective.

Thx for the workaround! :)
I can confirm this is resolved by switching off Directory Caching, using r15617-071114.

Can anyone confirm or deny if this is still happening?

Directory caching on and 5/5 successfull USB connects. Seems to be fixed.

Forgot to mention build: 16500-080303

Could you try it with the most recent build, please?

r16908M-080401 still works ok (directory cache on, USB connect correctly boots Ipod into USB mode).

theli commented on 2008-04-01 12:36

seem to work for me on my mini2g


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