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Opened by BigBambi - 2007-03-21
Last edited by BigBambi - 2008-05-19

FS#6882 - Remember position in file tree across restarts

As discussed in, it would be really useful if position in file tree was remembered across restarts so that on a reumed playlist finishing you are where you were rather than back in root.

Closed by  zagor

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Closing all feature requests.

The position is still not remembered across restarts, so I’ve reopened this request.

If I’m listening to an album and shut down, then restart the player, press play, and then press select, the cursor is selecting the currently playing track, hence, it has remembered the file tree position. Could someone provide an example situation for this?

heze commented on 2008-05-20 13:11

An example:

I’ve three albums (playlists) in the same folder. Let’s call them playlist A, B and C. I want to listen to them all in sequence.

Without a restart, I find myself in the playlist folder, after I press stop or the playlist terminates. The actual playing/last played playlist is selected. So I have just to move to the next playlist and start it playing. The same behavior I expect after any restart.

The actual behavior looks like this: Let’s assume, I’m playing album A and shut down the player in between. In the next day I restart the player and press play, to continue. So far, so good! That is, what Marc meant, isn’t it? But when the playlist ends, I find myself in the root directory or in the main menu and have to browse to the playlist folder manually.

heze commented on 2008-05-20 15:17

That does not help. Same behavior.

Hi. basicly to make this clear, what i think the orriginal person who opened this task meant, was that when we restart the player, instead of being returned to the route of the player in the file browser, we’d like to be returned to the last folder we were working with, as if we suddenly decide we want to listen to a different track to the one we were listening to when we switched the player off, we have to brows manually to the folder we were last in. I opened a task asking for a setting to control how the file browser behaves, as some people probably want to return to the players route, and others like me would rather go back always to the last folder we were in.

How about if we just persist the last used file, and let the Follow Playlist option decide if this is used when the file browser is displayed. No need for another option in that case.

I don’t understand your above comment, could you please elaborate and explain further, maybe with an example? would doing what you suggested above, physically place a person who is using the file browser back in the last folder they were in when the player was shut down?
and I think there should be a setting, as some people who have a lot of music, might want to be placed in the players route, whereas other people might prefer to be back in the last folder in use, I just think people should have the choice about where the file browser places them that’s all.

All I’m suggesting is that we use the Follow Playlist option to determine if the File Browser should persist the last folder/file across restarts, rather than adding a new setting.

The alternatives being to always persist this, or to add a seperate option…

heze commented on 2008-06-10 15:24

I think it’s a good idea to continue the discussion there, isn’t it?

No, feature requests (and discussion of them) belong here.

Doesn’t “follow playlist” move you to the folder where the actual music file is located? My playlists are physically separated from my music files, so I don’t use “follow playlist”, as it actually takes me _away_ from where I want to be!

I have folders /Playlists and /Ogg, and my m3u files contain music filenames like “../../Ogg/Eric Clapton/Layla/track1.ogg”

If I enabled follow playlist option, after I start playing the playlist (physically located as /Playlists/Eric Clapton/Layla.m3u), it would move me to the Layla folder under /Ogg/Eric Clapton. After playing that album, if I want to play another Eric Clapton album, I have to move up several levels and back down again into /Playlists/Eric Clapton again.

Therefore I think this requires a separate option to achieve.

I just enabled the follow playlist option, and when i restarted the player, I was still placed physically back in the players route. This was after setting a folder to just go and play all its tracks, using I think the term is a dynamic playlist, in other words I didn’t actually go out of my way to physically create a playlist, as I have no need to, as i mostly just listen to books, so the tracks are always in the right order, and the player just plays them in that order.


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