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Opened by BigBambi - 2007-03-28
Last edited by Llorean - 2007-08-31

FS#6920 - Swap power and select in WPS on gigabeat to be consistent with H1x0

The power and select buttons are swapped in the WPS compared to the equivalent buttons on the H1x0. This patch reverses them so that power pauses and select goes to file browser, analogous to play and navi on the H1x0 to be consistent across targets.

Closed by  Llorean
2007-08-31 14:27
Reason for closing:  Accepted
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Accepted, with modification. (Your version removes the ability to Stop in the wps, and leaves the 'A' button unused. I modified it to align with the semi-standard keymap of Rockbox).

(This is also consistent with H300 and, I believe, X5 behavior.)

MikeS commented on 2007-03-28 21:57

This makes sense to me. I haven’t cared for the current setup much on Gigabeat. I’ll give this a check and if all is well I think it should be comitted unless others in the Gigabeat crowd object.

I think we’re beginning to convince Markun, who was the real objector earlier when it was discussed.

There’s a very definite benefit, in my mind, to making the buttons function consistently across screens so that when you realize “Select” and “Navi” are the same, you know what they do everywhere.

An added bonus is that if Pause is one of the side buttons, it makes it much easier to pause without accidentally triggering the cross.

MikeS commented on 2007-03-29 02:13

I love that control…I can haul ass around the UI with it but found the inconsistency weird. Keeping fingers near the outside makes it essentially immune from a wrong press.

Well another big advantage of making select exit the WPS, rather than pause, is that with one thumb on the cross you have full playback control up to and includign starting a new playlist, or inserting and queuing. No requiring of a second hand or finger.

Just a note that this patch breaks the remote button mapping (remote play/pause displays the file browser).

OK, this version changes the remote keys such that play/pause on the remote acts like power on the main unit. Consequently, in the WPS play/pause on the remote plays or pauses (!), and in the filetree or menu resumes playback/goes to WPS. In order to select new files/menu items etc, you must go via the Rockbox menu, then navigate via files>artist>whatever, and use right to select. The same goes for settings. This is a result of the remote lacking some keys,

And here it is to current SVN:


I, sort of, object to this patch being committed. Not a loud objection, but one none the less. Reason being, as a Gigabeat user coming from the original firmaware, select has always been used as play/pause. So making the Power, or possibly the A button now, play/pause would be awkward. Again this isn’t a an adamant objection. The changes between the Power and A button took about 5 minutes to get used to, so I suspect this one would take about the same.

Rockbox is ROCKBOX, it is not intended to mimic behaviour of the original firmware. I don’t see this as an argument in favour of doing so at all.

I wrote this patch because the current inconsistent gigabeat button map annoys me a lot. I would clearly love it to be committed, but even if it is not I will continue to do it for my build (I will shortly do a new patch that is synced). The original gigabeat firmware is irrelevant to me (I have never used it), and really the actual button used for play/pause as opposed to select isn’t much of a concern, it is just that currently the gigabeat button map swaps play/pause and select buttons depending on what screen you are in, relative to the rest of rockbox.

I don’t mind if power is play/pause and centre cross is select or vice versa (or indeed A or menu), but the usage should be consistent, which it currently isn’t.

Recently the gigabeat keymap was changed to prevent accidental shutdown by using POWER as the ‘shift’ button. I think this is a good idea, so have left it as is (i.e. A is the modifier). What I have changed is the unmodified button actions, so now in the tree POWER is resume, SELECT selects (!) and A is stop. Whilst in the WPS, POWER is pause, SELECT is file tree and A is stop. Please let me know if I have unintentionally changed any other actions. New patch is attached.


A should not be stop. Power should be stop. You’ve basically undone some of the recent changes in SVN, and I’m not certain why.

Quick answer: personal preference.

However, the new version undoes these changes, so the only changes now are A and select swapped in WPS, and the play/pause button on the remote acts as the A button, not select.

OK, with the remote now having its own button defines, here it is synched.

This change also changed the remote mute button from acting like select everywhere, to being stop in the WPS (analagous to power, but as the remote now has its own defines, it isn’t necessarily power everywhere).

Consequently, two versions of the patch are attached -
a) swaps A and select on the main unit in the WPS only
b) swaps A and select on the main unit in the WPS and also makes mute on the remote menu in the WPS but otherwise leaves the mute button as it is in SVN.

I know which I prefer (the latter), but what are people’s thoughts?

OK, I realised that since the separate remote mappings there was no way to resume playback/go to WPS from the filetree with the remote. I find this annoying as often the main unit will be in my pocket, and I’ll turn it on with remote but then cannot resume (I have it going straight to filetree). Consequently the two patch versions here are as above, but with play on the remote resuming/going to WPS from the filetree.

What about the “Now Playing” entry in the main menu? That seems like a perfectly suitable way…

True, but currently ‘play’ on the remote is used for nothing when in the filetree. When I start up I am in filetree. If I use Now Playing in main menu, I have to press left, then down three times, then right to resume playback. Given that play on the remote is currently used for nothing at all in the filetree, why not have it act as ‘play’ and therefore resume playback?

Ah, didn’t realize it did nothing, I thought you were removing some other function of it. Comment retracted.

I’ve synced the first part of the patch. I know the remote has gone through several changes (and haven’t had a chance to check out this patch’s remote section).

Thanks. The remote has since had missing button functions added in SVN and no longer needs patching. Consequently, it is just A and select in the WPS that need swapping. I’ve removed some additional unnecessary remote stuff from the patch you synched.

This patch is f’n incredible. It just changes Play/Pause to the A button and the File Browser button to the center cross while in the WPS. Everything else stays the same! Sorry just couldn’t help myself, this patch is a benefit to all mankind. Thank you so much.

jac0b commented on 2007-08-25 14:12

Thanks. I still have hope this’ll get in!


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