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Opened by BigBambi - 2007-05-08

FS#7132 - Gigabeat freezes on shutdown after button light commit

As reported by a few people in

During shutdown (shutting down is displaying), the screen goes dark (I assume backlight off) and the button lights remain on. If you tilt the screen you can still see shutting down on it. The only way to do anything with the gigabeat is then to flick the battery switch on and off. This did not occur prior to the recent commits on button light. I’ll try and see if I can narrow down exactly which one caused the problem.

Closed by  amiconn
2007-05-12 07:21
Reason for closing:  Fixed
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Fixed in SVN

MikeS commented on 2007-05-08 16:40

I had a freeze after the buttonlight commit as well. Thought it was my patch that I was working on at the time but perhaps not. There are also some scheduler issues to work on and it has to get a nice going over.

This still occurs with the current SVN (13365) - I am currently not in front of a dev environment, so can’t systematically go through builds to find exactly which one it was. Can anyone think of anything else we can do to discover the problem? It is a little annoying to have to flick the battery switch (and therefore lose clock settings) everytime I shutdown. Also, it means idle power off effectively no longer works.

OK, I managed to get a friend to compile and send me the two builds I thought might be the issue, and indeed:

13345 works perfectly
13346 exhibits the shutdown problem.

The commit for 13346 was 7 May 07, Karl Kurbjun “Basic gigabeat buttonlight support outside of debug menu FS #7112. Also disables USB PLL and the USB device clock (uneeded to connect to computer) - May offer some power savings. Changed how some pins are initialized.”

Anyone have any idea what it that commit might cause this? Anything I can change and try out?

I have a commit that may help this problem. When you are shutting down, or trying to turn the player off, does the hard drive spin up, or is it spinning while you are trying to shutdown? If it is spinning when you are attempting to shutdown, what happens if you allow it to stop and then try and shutdown? Where are you located? If the commit I do does not help your problem I would like to spend some time narrowing down this issue in #rockbox if possible.

Hi Karl,

Thanks for your reply. The disk does not seem to be spinning up when I trigger a shutdown, it certainly isn’t accessing. The difference whether the disk is spinning when I trigger a shutdown is that if the disk is spinning the back light goes off and the button lights remain on (as in the original report), but if the disk has spun down neither the back light nor the button lights go off, but the display clears and the gigabeat is still frozen. I’d be happy to try and help with the fix, and will drop by #rockbox this evening (UK time). When I get home (so also this evening!), I’ll be back at my dev environment so will be able to test patches.




Thanks for the new information. I am located in the US, MST (UTC-7) time so I think it will be pretty late for you when I get off work and have time to really look into this. I’ll try and stop by #rockbox at lunch (12:30 here, around 7:30 or 8:30 there I think) and give you the patch for the work I have so far. With the patch I have some things that you can mess around with to see if they help the problems you are having.

Something else I just thought of: Is playback running while you are shutting down? Does playback (running versus not) have any effect on your ability to turn the player off? Also, which version of the gigabeat software was the last one you had installed? Had you updated your player to 3.02 before installing rockbox?


Hi Karl,

I’ve just tried a current build with your new commit - whilst the button lights now turn off on shutdown, the screen remains showing ‘Shutting down’ (if you look very closely), and the gigabeat still freezes requiring a battery switch flip.

Playback running or not doesn’t make any difference.

I have no idea what the original firmware version is as I have never even booted it; nor did I install any software onto my PC. I got the gigabeat, plugged in in to my PC and installed rockbox!

I’ve been rather erratically available recently, but I’ll try to idle in IRC in case we manage to overlap!


This is now fixed (at least for Chronos, Markun and me) in SVN following Markun’s latest commit, and as such can be closed.


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