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Opened by petur - 2007-06-20
Last edited by petur - 2009-01-29

FS#7332 - First keypress sometimes gets eaten (but configured not to do so)

This was reported in the past as part of another bug (FS #6707), and although the other one hasn’t happened anymore, this one still does.

Happens only from time to time. Scenario:

- player is playing song (in WPS), backlight off
- press stop
- only backlight goes on, playback continues

I attach this to H300 series but this may not be player specific

Interesting that I find this bug report now… (note to self: watch the flyspray tracker more =) )
…but I also had the impression that the first keypress got eaten after the player was left alone playing for a while.
I experienced it often with my Ondio ever since the introduction of button actions: having the soft key lock set,
the first try to unlock again (with a button combo) failed. Because of this button combo though, I always thought it was
rather my fault or later (after the backlight mod) that it would have to do with the “first keypress enables backlight only” setting.

However, there were changes to the action system the last weekend (21st/22nd of July) and my first impression after trying
with a build after the subsequent fixes is that it doesn’t happen anymore (or at least less often).
Will keep the fact that it happens on other players as well in the back of my head and watch more closely.

petur commented on 2007-08-08 08:56

Just happened to me this morning, and it was not during playback this time.
What happened:
- switch on player and put it down while it is booting and go do something else
- come back at player and press play to start playback
- give strange look at player because it only switched on backlight and doesn’t play music
- press play again (starts playback this time) and remember to add this event to flyspray ;)

Maybe it is related to something I saw recently when I tried solitaire: I pressed rec (on h340) to draw cards at the same time the backlight went of but the net result was the key got eaten alltogether, it was as if I didn’t touch it….

petur commented on 2009-01-29 08:03

Just happened again.
Music was playing for about 15-20 minutes
I press stop (short press, I am sure, and I hit the correct button properly)
Music keeps playing, but the backlight goes on (so it did see the keypress)
I do the same keypress again
Music stopped

r19548 081221

On my 5G 30GB iPod, when after a USB connection I’m asked if I want to reboot because rockbox.ipod changed, the first keystroke is often eaten in this way. If the backlight is still on, the keystroke can also be eaten.

I’ve also had keystrokes ignored occasionally during playback, but I don’t remember if the backlight turns on then.

Happens on a Sansa e260v2 with r28095. I just installed r28314 and will post again with results.
Note: r28314 seems to have fixed another issue I had with the system clock (still testing that). Figured I’d mention it in case there’s an off chance that the problems were related.

I once ran into a similar bug where a setting (in my case it was car adapter mode) triggered despite clearly having been turned off. Debugging showed that the corresponding bool variable was overwritten with an implausible value in read_nvram_data. Deleting /.rockbox/nvram.bin fixed the issue. Apparently nvram.bin sometimes is not forward portable across revisions.

Can you please try deleting the nvram.bin file?


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