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Attached to Project: Rockbox
Opened by midgey34 - 2007-08-06
Last edited by midgey34 - 2007-08-06

FS#7546 - Rockboy LCD Unifications (+ iPod Greyscale Support)

The patch reorganizes Rockboy to use the same method for storing GB frame buffer data on greyscale targets as color targets. As a result, support for greyscale iPods is much easier and has been implemented (inspired by FS #5282).

Some other changes include:
- Enable the menu for iRiver H100
- Ability to “Show Stats” on all targets
- Screen is redrawn all at once on greyscale instead of line by line
- Elimination of fb.mode (all targets use options.scaling for scaling options)
- Elimination of on non-color targets
- Minor variable renaming
- Unification of LCD variables (vdest vs frameb)
- Move greyscale LCD code into lcd.c
- ifdef out vid_update() on greyscale and color targets

Since I don’t have an iPod, I’m curious to see how well this works. It should be fine since the patch my work is based on seems to work for people.

I really need iRiver H1X0 users to test this. There are significant changes to the LCD code and I’d like to know if the is any speed change, whether its an improvement or not. I’d guess that it’s slightly faster or the same as SVN but there’s always a chance that it is slower.

Updated patch - some of the clean up was already committed. This version cleans the lcd code up a bit more. However, there’s still ifdef-hell that makes it ugly :( I still need testers as I’m just coding this in the sim so I have no idea if this is as fast as SVN.

Patch rewrites the lcd code for all non-color targets. I don’t know SH assembly, so the Recorder code is probably a lot slower than previous. Any help adapting would be great. I almost feel like Rockboy should be dropped Recorder since it has no chance at playing anything near fullspeed.


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