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Attached to Project: Rockbox
Opened by nowayx - 2007-09-06

FS#7718 - New Game/Plugin - Play Go and Pente (for 2 players)


This plugin is a game to be played in two.
I like to play go and pente and so is my wife (at least she plays pente) so I wrote this plugin.

I think the code is clear enough. I also used all the #ifdef that I knew.. so, I believe it wouldn’t break any compilation.

The plugin was tested on IPOD 5G (VIDEO) and works just fine. I also compiled it to a few more players without any problem.
I did not try to compile it for players that don’t have the lcd_update() function. It won’t work (at least this first version).

The board size in the LCD is based on WIDTH, since Sansa has width smaller than height you will lose part of the board (horizontally).
I just tested the code in sansa using the Simulator…

It is easy to fix and I will, but I’ll be traveling for a week (that’s why I wrote it, so I could play it while I wait in the airport/plane…) When I came back I will fix it.

Meanwhile, you guys can patch it or use it.
Feedbacks are also welcome.

Current Features:
- Save / Load games
- Pente / Go (Board 9×9, 13×13 and 19×19)
- Remove groups / stones automatically when they are dead

I attached the code and the “executable” for IPOD 5G (Video)


code looks OK, excpet you should use the actions system for the buttons (to simplify adding new targets) and you have c++ style comments..

Ok, version 0.2

- Works on black/white lcd players (tested on ipod mini)
- Playlist control added

Would be nice to know what I need to do to have it committed in the svn… Is it missing something on my code?


   rockgo.c (28.7 KiB)
fugot commented on 2008-01-27 19:21

i think that it is not in the svn because it is not a patch.

i want to put this on my ipod how do i add it?

feka commented on 2008-10-25 19:58

As I understand it, this is going ti need two human players, right? So after I have my move I need to hand the device to my opponent for him/her to make his/her move. Please correct me if I am wrong. Did you think about handling sgf files? (The standard ay to save go games.) Did you think about joining forces with this other task?

Yes, you are right. This plugin I wrote in a couple of hours to play Pente and Go with my wife in the airplane/airports.
It ain't easy to travel with a go board (LOL)… so I decided to implement this as a "two players" game, just as an alternative to the board.

Alex, great stuff so far…

I synced rockgo to SVN 19176 and created a patch file. Enjoy

mud commented on 2009-02-16 11:13

 FS#7369  was commited to svn somewhat recently, which allows playing Go on Rockbox. Is there much interest in Gomoku and/or Pente in addition to Go? If so, I could probably be persuaded to add them to the Goban plugin (I wrote  FS#7369 ).

The only difficulty is that I don't play either of those games, and barely know the rules of Pente. I could of course look them up, but I really would need someone to do quite a bit of testing for me as I wouldn't use either of those games extensively. If anyone is interested, let me know.

The advantage of adding the games to the Goban plugin instead of continuing this patch is that you'd get SGF file handling for basically free, and the graphics and other features are more advanced.


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