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Opened by maxkelley - 2007-09-10
Last edited by BigBambi - 2010-06-06

FS#7749 - Plugin Keymap Patches for all Sansa C200 Plugins

These are the patches to make most of the plugins work with the Sansa c200, with exception of those that use complicated graphics (bmps which need resizing, portrait mode, etc), which I have yet to port to the c200’s miniscule screen.

Closed by  BigBambi
2010-06-06 00:11
Reason for closing:  Accepted

Ooops, I forgot to enable plugins in tools/configure… use this patch instead of the one posted in the task. (USE ONLY THIS PATCH!!!!!)

I divided this patch in my local tree into a “plugins that need new graphics” and “plugins that don’t” and going to commit the latter tomorrow if no problems occur. Then I’ll try to add one by one which need new graphics.

Can someone with a C200 tell me if the display has large or rather small pixels (e.g. does the default font look too small)? Because I also tweaked chopper and xobox to use the “small mode” when calculating the sprite size which looks better in the sim but if the display has really tiny pixels then this is probably not a good idea, especially with chopper as the helicopter is now half the size…

I was playing chopper on my c200 yesterday and it looked fine the way I had it with the patch, same with xobox. I dunno what that means to you, but you could give me the small_mode version and I could try that on my c200, give you the results.

I attach a small patch that can be used to see how the smaller version looks like - just apply that one additionally to the buttonpatch.

A great part of it was committed today as revision 14771, so I edited the “percent complete” field (see “since-4-weeks” link form the frontpage). I changed a few button assignments (e.g. in solitaire - mainly the shortcuts, rockblox a bit) and already added a few plugins that needed new bitmaps (jewels, solitaire, clock, rockblox).

I also want to mention here, so that the info isn’t lost, that mpegplayer is enabled and you can operate it, but you can’t watch the video yet and just get audio. This has to do with the lcd driver and not with the plugin itself.

If I counted correctly there are 5 more plugins prepared with keybindings through this patch which I will add one by one. And there are a few more (e.g. pacbox, rockboy IIRC) that need some more work to adapt them to the screen. I almost forgot the 2 plugins that are also prepared and also only miss new graphics which aren’t even adapted to some other targets yet: for one brickmania (also missing for the small H10) and invadrox (missing for all targets with screens less wide than 160 pixels). Will look into it after the 5 others; pacbox and the like are above my head I think.

As plugins are in no way critical to any port and that “critical” in the title constantly annoyed my I took the liberty to remove it. Feel free to disagree :)

I can understand that, bluebrother.. I was just worried that, since this was my first patch, it may have gotten lost in the dust as a silly patch, so I tried to make it look like it was an important part of the port :)

Oh, and thank you, pixelma, for the commit and the new bitmaps :)

bumping this to see if this can be clsoed or the rest of the plugins fixed?


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