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Opened by AceNik - 2007-09-15
Last edited by bluebrother - 2007-10-20

FS#7785 - h10[20GB] hang-ups

guys the state of the h10[20GB] has been detoriating fromt he svn revsion number 145XX thats what i feel was the place from where it all started
symptoms are as follows:

1. Random hang-ups with no button or lcd response either while playing music or while booting up during the newer builds (svn 14707)

Cause: unknown

2. Resuming playback used to cause hang-up with the same case as above on svn 146XX

temporary solution: delete the playlist_control file on the device n then try playing something , would work then or after restart

3. Current till SVN 14708 , try opening a wps file with the text editor, player hangs, it also hangs randomly at any instant whether while booting or while playing music

PLEASE NOTE: in addition to these bugs there was a bug in between due to the id3.c file i guess, which caused the player to fail on database_init & give a random data abort his was fixed somewhere in between svn 146XX & error was in 1457X

i know this is a little random guys but i really wish it helps a little as i exactly cant point which build caused a problem, cause i've updated after a few intervals

Closed by  bluebrother
2007-10-20 15:17
Reason for closing:  Fixed
Soap commented on 2007-09-15 22:25

I will build you whatever revisions you need for testing if you are willing to do the testing regimen Llorean suggested in IRC.

i can build them myself to, i know how to compile & patch builds myself which i always do, & yes i do double check my bugs before posting them here with the normal builds too, the only thing im not sure of is the revision numbers where this started from, all i can say is an approximate, cause thats when i updated my builds

Revision 14707 doesn't sound like it would be the cause of trouble. It would be bery helpful if you could isolate the exact revisions where the problems started. Since you can compile, it's just a matter of checking out different revisions (using 'svn update -r #####' where ##### is the revision number), then compiling it and testing on your H10. That way, we could determine exactly which revision is where the problem started.

ok guys ive been compiling & trying out builds rearding the bug where a .wps or a .txt file is "open-with" "text-editor" the player crashes so the svn revision that causes this is 14487, from this revision number onwards till date every other build has this problem, i hope you experts can verify this now.
on 14487 just try opening a .wps or .txt with text editor player freezes needs reset
builds till svn 14486 work perfect on the h10[20GB]

im also trying to figure out hard where the freeze occurs int he playback from will keep you posted.

p.h. commented on 2007-09-17 18:54

Look at  FS#7730 . Problems seems to be introduced in rev. 14590.

I think this task can probably be closed now, the recent builds haven't been acting up like some of the older builds had a while back.

yes, i agree this task can be closed now


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