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Attached to Project: Rockbox
Opened by kugel. - 2007-09-30
Last edited by BigBambi - 2010-06-06

FS#7873 - New keymap for e200's text editor

This (my second) patch changes the keymap of the e200 to a more natural and easier to use one.

Editor plugin:

Remove removing a line with context-menu-button
swap the function of power button and left button

Keyboard typing screen

up/down/left/right for browsing in the characters
scrollwheel to move the cursor
rec+up to finish editting the line
rec+down = backspace

I find this much easier to use

Suggestions are welcome, since I can imagine, that it can be optimized even more

Closed by  BigBambi
2010-06-06 08:28
Reason for closing:  Rejected

Small update, should improve the rec+up/down behavior.

Updated the patch, so that the swap of power and left button doesn’t hit other targets.

Also, got rid of the rec+up/rec+down: Backspace is REC now and Accept/Done is Hold Select.

Little bug fix.

New version:
* The feature to delete on line via hotkey returned, it’s hold select as in the SVN
* In the SVN, the “Do what” menu moved to button_down, I changed it to be button_power. Note: I needed to hack a but, since there is no standard action for the power button. I created an action ACTION_STD_POWER_BUTTON_PRESS, which has no use, except making the button usable in the text editor.
* I changed the button_left function to only cancel editing (aka ignore changes and exit), but it shows a splash when there were unsaved changes
* I mapped the “line options” menu to button_down.

Note2: I planned to map the delete line via hotkey feature to the rec_button, but I didn’t implement, since it conflicts with another patch I use. However, if you liked it I’d implement it.

Just a question: I know this patch isn’t done in a proper way, which is mainly a result of the text_editor using standard context. But is there any chance for a commit, even if only the keyboard screen changes would get committed?

I would also like to know if there’s any chance of this patch getting committed. It really does make more sense this way. Having to use left/right buttons and then the scrollwheel to select characters doesn’t feel right.

Well, v4 isn’t working. The reason I didn’t notice is that I’m using the real v4 (attached as v5), the v4 I uploaded was the wrong file. Weird but here you go.

Needs syncing with commit of FS #8341.


berti commented on 2009-01-18 16:13

synced to r19789

just a question: is the “dirty hack” preventing this from being committed?

I don’t remember that it was up for a discussion.
But there’s no way for this patch to get in SVN in its current form, it’s too hackish and dirty and stuff. Ideally, the text editor should not use standard button context, but define his own, so things can be more flexible on a per-target basis.

berti commented on 2009-01-18 18:35

ok, that’s just what i guessed

so at first text editor must get his own button context
(perhaps I will compare the text editor to plugins that do use their own button context)

and then we can discuss, whether the new behaviour for e200 is wanted or not

I think the text editor keymap is fine as of now. However I’d still like to have the keyboard screen changes. maybe I’ll figure something good out later.

berti commented on 2009-03-11 18:07


perhaps i’m the only one using this patch… well… I like it


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