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Opened by bertrik - 2007-10-28
Last edited by pondlife - 2007-11-05

FS#8037 - Playback stops when playing mp3 followed by ogg

With official build 15338, when I have an mp3 playing and select an ogg for playback, music playback continues a few seconds playing the mp3, then stops (not playing the ogg). The e200 seems to be in some kind of confused state now, it still responds to user input, but for example shutting it down results in a ‘shutting down…’ splash but it doesn’t actually shut down.

Playing two oggs after another or two mp3s after another works fine. Playing an mp3 after an ogg works fine too.

In the debug menu, the OS stacks screen shows 89% for the codec thread and 74% for the audio thread. The buffering thread menu shows pcm:0/52900, alloc 29703516/29745984, real 42496/29745984, usefl 8512/29745984.

Closed by  pondlife
2007-11-05 08:40
Reason for closing:  Fixed
Additional comments about closing:   Warning: Undefined array key "typography" in /home/rockbox/flyspray/plugins/dokuwiki/inc/parserutils.php on line 371 Warning: Undefined array key "camelcase" in /home/rockbox/flyspray/plugins/dokuwiki/inc/parserutils.php on line 407

Fixed, and Brandon's reworked his code nicely now.

This looks like it’s related to MoB.

I tried various versions between 15200 and 15338. It turns out that with 15305 switching from mp3 to ogg still worked, but with 15306 it stopped working. SVN commit 15306 was the MoB commit.

Is this failure consistent? I’ve been unable to reproduce, so I would be interested in a reproduction recipe.

Yes, it is very reproducible.
In fact, of all the random weirdness I’ve seen in recent versions since the MoB commit, this can be reproduced every time.

* wipe .rockbox dir on the sansa, install a fresh zip, reboot
* initialize database, reboot when done
* use database menu to select an mp3 and play it
* press select, select an ogg from the music database and play it
→ result: mp3 keeps on playing for a few seconds, ogg never starts, sansa is in confused state now

The oggs and mp3’s were tagged using tag&rename 3.0.1

Are you capable of reproducing on the sim? that would be more useful for me as I don’t have a sansa. I’ll try doing what you say on my gigabeat though.

Correction, the mp3 has a ID3v2.3 written by tag&rename, the ogg has a “Vorbis comment”. I tried several mp3’s and oggs (with and without genre tags) and the problem does not seem to be limited to any particular mp3/ogg combination.

nls commented on 2007-10-28 22:01

Does this happen if you play them from the file browser too, or only from database?

Yes, this also happens when playing from the file browser. It does not happen when transitioning from the mp3 to the ogg when they are in the same playlist.

I’ve similar problems, just with .m4a files.

(In that order)
-I initialize the database
-I play a m4a or mp3 file –> plays fine
-I switch from mp3 to mp3 or m4a to m4a –> plays fine
-I switch to from m4a to mp3 –> loads but doesn’t play (aka shows tags)
-I switch from mp3 to m4a –> loads but doesn’t play

When I now switch to mp3 or m4a neither one plays.

Two other things I’ve noticed:
-When a song doesn’t play, and I hold play button for stopping playback, the play freezes, hard shutdown/player reset needed.
-Sometimes (not allways) when a file doesn’t play, and I shut down the player normally, it freezes at shutdown.

Sansa e200 and r15353

I noticed this last night (second night I ever ran Rockbox). I’m currently using a e250 running r15370 and was running r15312 when I first noticed it. The formats I try to play are MP3, Flac, NSF, SPC, and SID. I first notcied when I would play a FLAC file then try to play an MP3 file and the unit would lock up. I thought it was the format change, but the play will go from MP3 to FLAC. When it does lock, it will let you change files, but not play any audio. Sometimes if I select the FM tuner when its in this state, the whole player freezes up and needs to be reset by holding the power button for 15sec. When I changed to r15370, the problem eased up a little, although this could have been due to the files too. I’ve also been having problems with FLAC playback halting randomly, but this seems to be unrelated since this problem seems related with the format change.

nanok commented on 2007-10-30 12:07

i confirm, it is reproducible for me also. thanks bertrik for the receipe. one note: i confirm hanging with the shutdown splash on the screen, but shutdown does occur, only after a much longer time than expected (without having to hold the power botton)

r15331-071027 (so within bertrik’s discovered range)

I still can’t repro this; could somebody who can please attach their config.cfg.

Is it important that the ogg is in a seperate folder to the mp3 (or somewhere where it won’t have been pre-buffered)?

nanok commented on 2007-10-31 11:43

hi steve.

update: same behaviour with 15381 build (downloaded this morning)

steve: it seems so, but i will confirm this evening, when i get home and have some time to test.
if the ogg is in the playlist it goes okay (probably because it is buffered in advance). it is on
manual selection that this happens. i do have the ogg in a different dir, everytime. i will test
this evening to see if it really matters/what really matters. i will also attach the cfg, but it
is the one that comes with the build, i do have some themes, but it doesn’t seem to matter.

btw: i think it is specific to the sansa target (e200 series, maybe, even)

I certainly can’t repro on H340, with default settings.

I’d suspect it’s only a problem on Flash-based players, rather than just Sansa, but that’s a guess.

I just unsuccessfully tried to make this issue appear on the sim. I think the best thing to do would be for someone to send me a logf dump of the issue. You’d have to enable logf in playback.c and buffering.c by adding or uncommenting #define LOGF_ENABLE, and compile a logf build. Then reproduce the problem, dump the logf buffer to a file (debug > logfdump), and send me the .rockbox/logf.txt file.

Clutching at straws a bit, perhaps there’s more to this than codec (e.g. bitrate). Perhaps someone who’s got the problem could try to reproduce it in the simulator?

I can’t repoduce reproduce it on the sim.

nanok commented on 2007-10-31 19:08

update: ogg prebuffered or not: not relevant, behaviour is the same

      bitrate of ogg: not relevant, i have various bitrate ones, most variable anyway (not sure if constant also, must check)
      bitrate of mp3: not relevant
      ogg in same dir as mp3: not relevant
      wma instead of mp3: all seems fine (though the playing does continue for a few seconds, like switching from mp3 to ogg, but

the ogg does play fine eventually)

   (allready known, but for an overview)
       ogg to ogg: works fine
       ogg to mp3: works fine

anybody else managed to reproduce on anything that is not a sansa (or even sansa e200)? if not, maybe we should rename this to not confuse developers trying to help into testing on something else?

nanok commented on 2007-10-31 19:21

one more note: seeking in the song, after the breakage occurs, seems to work, surprisingly enough, but playing never actually starts

Here a logf, produced as follows:
* installed svn 15386 on a sansa e200, rebooted
* used database to start playback of an mp3 song (part of an album)
* used database to start playback of an ogg song (part of an album, in a different directory)
* (mp3 kept playing for some seconds, ogg didn’t start)
* went straight to debug menu to dump logf

   logf.txt (2.4 KiB)

Disregard that logf.txt file. It’s an old one and wasn’t made with SVN 15386. I’ll make a new one tomorrow.

nanok commented on 2007-10-31 23:49

further findings (which might help or not):

- stoping the playback of the mp3 (pause really. don’t know how to “stop”) and selecting an ogg
afterwards yelds the same result
- after the playback breaks, trying to switch to fm radio brings the player in the state where a
“hard” poweroff is needed

I think r15390 fixed it (or at least works around). I cannot reproduce the error anymore.

However I cannot test with FM radio, as I have a EU Sansa.

nanok commented on 2007-11-01 14:08

great. the fm issue was just a result of the state the sansa was allready in, i think.

but i will test this evening and let you know. can’t wait ;)

ps: mine is bought in eu also. it seems vendors don;t really do what sandisk tells them,
or maybe the rule is not set in stone..

nanok commented on 2007-11-01 18:52

i confirm, i cannot reproduce the issue either with the latest build. there is still that “lag” (mp3 continues playing for a second or two), but ogg plays fine after

ps: really sorry about the duplicate posts, the behaviour on refresh is very strange. can somebody help deleting those? :(

I deleted the duplicate posts.
About the bug, I need to look closely at Brandon’s commit and come up with a clean way of implementing it, so I’m leaving the task open for now :)

I cannot reproduce this anymore with SVN 15460 (thanks to lostlogic who did a lot of bugfixing this weekend).


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