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Opened by lerklompen - 2007-10-31
Last edited by bagder - 2008-01-26

FS#8060 - Sansa c200 "dies"

Unable to start the sansa c200 if the unit has been unused for a few hours, it appears totally “dead”, even though the battery is fully charged. Must open and remove + reconnect battery, after this the unit works just fine again. This never appeared when on OF.

Closed by  bagder
2008-01-26 11:46
Reason for closing:  Fixed

Has this proven to be a consistent behavior or was it a one-time occurence?

it hasn’t been consistent, but has occured several times.

i´m also using it with OF to play from microSD. i’ll try to figure out what triggers this, if it happens after use with OF or rockbox, and if keeping the microSD in the player does any difference.

last time it died was during recording until diskspace was out. after removal of battery to “wake” it up, it still showed 79% capacity of the battery though.

it also occured once after uninstalling the rockbox bootloader.

i’ve seen postings in the mailing list of people reporting that their c200 has “died”, i don’t know if this is the same thing, but removing+reconnecting battery makes it work just fine again.

i forgot to explain the behaviour of the “dead” c200 - the unit is unresponding, seems to be out of power. pressing the power button for over fifteen seconds doesn’t help either…

i’ll see what happens if i try to connect the USB cable the next time this occurs.

I get this from connecting USB cable while RB is running (see my comments on  FS#7815 ).

mine has had no problem connecting to USB, neither running OF or RB or from standby/off, so far.

Rani: I don’t know if the c200 has USB support. If it’s anything like the state of the e200 series, you can expect some weird behavior between Rockbox and USB. If it’s supposed to work properly and you’re plugging it in to the USB to charge the battery or transfer files, maybe posting your own bug report would be the way to roll.

Mattias: You should get down the source of your problem. So far you’ve said this happens “if the unit has been unused for a few hours”, “during recording until diskspace was out”, and “after uninstalling the rockbox bootloader”. I take from your original report that you used your player’s OF for a while before installing Rockbox and never had this problem? If yes, it would lessen the chances of it being a hardware defect. Next, try to reproduce the death to narrow down exactly what conditions it happens under. Please know that I have no talent for helping with fixing this problem (not to get your hopes up), but I might be able to help you get down to the bottom of it, at which point someone else might be able to take a look at it.

mine has had no problem connecting to USB, neither running OF or RB or from standby/off, so far.

sorry, last comment was a duplicate created from reloading the page in firefox…

i think i can confirm that recording until diskspace is out “kills” it.

but holding in power button for over ten seconds does make it “wake up”, it seems as though you don’t have to remove battery.

anyone else that could try recording until diskspace is out to confirm? it will create a file which can be quite large (depending on your remaining diskspace…), the file is unplayable probably because it isn’t able to write EOF (?? could this be correct?) the file can be safely removed from the file menu.

should i report the above as a bug as well?

Well, if the only situation this happens in is when you record until diskspace is out, perhaps this more general “Unable to start the sansa c200 if the unit has been unused for a few hours” bug should be closed and a new one opened with the specifics you mentionned?

what i meant was a bug is the corrupt file created when recording until diskspace is out.

this is one of the occasions i now think i can confirm that it “dies” on. i’ll try to narrow it down to perhaps close this one and start a new thread which is more spot on…

and yes you are right about the above statement - this didn’t happen before i installed rockbox.

it seems that recording until diskspace is out generates some kind of system freeze:

it continues to record even though the disk is full, probably into RAM. when the RAM in its turn is full, the player freezes, if the screen is active it will show “the disk is full, press LEFT to continue”.

if you are not quick enough to press LEFT (before the backlight is supposed to turn off), the player freezes here, and you have to do a “full shutdown”(?) by pressing the powerbutton for over ten seconds to shut it down properly. if the screen isn’t active the player seems unresponding.

preferably the player should try to detect the maximum file size possible for a recording and automatically stop recording before file won’t fit on disk.

i have reported the “recording past available diskspace” bug.

it seems i can’t reproduce the earlier “death” of the player, it might have been fixed since i upgraded a few times after it last occured.

i will remove this task if it doesn’t happen again some time soon.


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