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Opened by ToneDeF - 2007-11-03
Last edited by lostlogic - 2007-11-04

FS#8081 - Playback stops on Sansa before the song has finished

While a song is playing on the Sansa, the playback just stops without warning. There is nothing that can be done to resume playback of the current track. The only available options from that point are to skip forward to the next track; hold down the rewind button until the previous track starts playing (skipping backward to the previous track does not work).

In an attempt to fix  FS#8049 , a code change by nicolas_p on 30 Oct 17:24 seems to have exposed a new flaw in audio playback on Sansas. According to saratoga, “the MOB patch makes an assumption about the ATA setup that does not hold because of the odd way the Sansa’s flash is organized. As a result, the encoded audio buffer never refills and playback simply stops when it empties.”

While the playback was frozen on my Sansa e280R, I copied down the following information (not sure if there is anything useful here):

Debug Buffering thread:

pcm: 0/529200
alloc: 22410752/27950208
real: 332544/27950208
usefl: 11296/27950208
data_rem: 30167552
track count: 4
handle count: 8
cpu freq: 30MHz
boost ratio: 0%
pcmbufdesc: 0/21
Core and stack usage:

Idle(0): 0%
Idle(1): 53%
0: (0) *R 4 54% main
1: (0) S 4 5% scroll
2: (0) B 6 3% usb
3: (0) S 6 13% backlight
4: (0) S 6 30% power
5: (0) T 6 77% ata/sd
6: (0) T 8 11% tagcache
7: (0) S 4 93% codec
8: (0) T 8 74% audio
9: (0) B 4 21% voice code
10: (0) T 4 20% buffering
11: (0) B 4 2% pcmrec
12: — 13: — 14: — 15: — 16: —

Closed by  lostlogic
2007-11-04 05:53
Reason for closing:  Duplicate
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dupe  FS#8077 

What music format did you use? I had (and still have) a similar bug with flac files. See  FS#8074 

The problem has been reported with MP3 files, but I believe one other user posted in the forum thread that it also happened with “vorbis Q6 - ripped with EAC and encoded with oggenc2”.

Rather then quote my half remembered summary, its better to see what was said in the logs by amiconn:

20:41 onward.

I’m having the same problem on mine with both mp3 and ogg files. It happens rather frequently, usually I can only make it through 3-4 files before it stops again. I had to switch back to the sansa firmware just so I could play music on my road trip.

r15447 did not appear to impact this.


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