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Opened by DiscoSuperstar00 - 2007-11-09
Last edited by jdgordon - 2008-10-22

FS#8124 - Playback resumes when shutting down after pause and ff/rew

Gigabeat resumes playback for a short period of time when shutting down if the player is currently paused.

To recreate:
1. Play a track partway through
2. Pause the track with the 'a' button
3. Rewind to the beginning so that the track will play from the beginning when turned on next time.
4. Shutdown the player

While the "Shhutting down" text is displayed, the trac will start playing again until the gigabeat turns off completely. However, when starting up again, playback resumes from the very beginning, as expected.

The issue is minor, I guess it's just a little odd that the player start playing again. I assume the shutdown code toggles play/pause instead of stopping playback.

SVN version r15515-071107

Closed by  jdgordon
2008-10-22 10:00
Reason for closing:  Fixed
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fixed in svn

Happens on H340 too. The rewinding is important.

this is still an issue… and its not related to "fade on pause" (having that set to yes or no still causes it)

This also happens on sansa e200 with svn r17902-080630. Some time back, it stopped happening on shutdown. Now, it only happens when the stop (menu/power) key is pressed and the track has been paused and rewound to the beginning. I have also noticed that if you press stop while on the main menu, the playback starts right after the menu changes from "Now Playing" to "Resume Playback".

After further testing with a clean install, the sansa e200 does still resume playback when shutting down as described above. The other observations in the previous comment are still valid.

Confirmed w/ e200 & r18013. Fast-forwarding has the same effect. The key is to have paused, moved the playback point using FF/REW (not prev-track/next-track), and shutdown before resuming playback.

ok, trrying to track this down and it looks like that you dont have to shut down to see the problem…. pause playback, ff/rwd then stop and it will start again. This happens in the sim also so hopefully it is traceable

ok, I tracked this down :D
I havnt done much testing so I dont know if this causes any odd sideeffects… (I dont think it will because the only thing it changes is 1 call to pcmbuf_pause() which happens about 4 times between pressing STOP music actually stopping)

This appears to correct the problem (at least on my e200).

This appears to correct the problem (at least on my e200).

… I was hoping one of the playback guys would look at this and decide to either commit this, or try and fing the real reason why ffw/rwding acts up…


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