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Opened by kugel. - 2007-12-17
Last edited by jdgordon - 2008-01-10

FS#8341 - rename of scroll buttons

This patch renames all BUTTON_SCROLL_UP, _DOWN, _BACK and _FWD to BUTTON_SCROLL_CLOCK and _COUNTER for Sansa e200 and iPod (not H10).

This simplifies the usage of those buttons and increases the consistens between those targets.

This fixes also the issue where scrolling on the e200 in pictureflow (and other plugins using PLA) led to move cursor/items/w.e. in the wrong direction.

Tested successfully on the e200.

I need someone to test it on the iPods. It worked on the iPods sim, though a test on the real targets would be appreciate.

BTW: I’ve noticed that the background images of the iPods for the sim are wrongly labeled, it shows 2 for scrolling counter-clockwise, but it scrolls clockwise (meaning scrolling down in lists), and 8 as scrolling clockwise respectevly. This happens in the current build as well.

Closed by  jdgordon
2008-01-10 08:08
Reason for closing:  Accepted
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I agree with the idea of the patch, but is there a better word than CLOCK and COUNTER?

ROL and ROR (rotate left and rotate right) are the only things I can think of. Unless you want to start using words like widdershins…


I talked about that with Llorean and Nico_P, and the consesus was CLOCK and COUNTER. I can imagine several descriptive names (i.e. CW/CCW) right now, any is better than UP/DOWN and FWD/BACK.

I thought about CW and CCW too, but those are probably way too typo-friendly.

New version with a few bug fixes.

This version is tested on an iPod 5.5G, so there should be no issues left anymore.

*fixed wrong scrolling direction on iPod in blackjack
*fixed wrong scrolling direction for e200 and iPod rockblox
*worked around an issue in metronome. It’s using PLA, which isn’t suitable for volume changes. I #ifdef’d scrollwheel targets out. This issue is also present in the current build.

Note: I think CLOCK and COUNTER are the best in terms of descriptiveness and typo-friendlyness. But if you want other names, you just need to do search&replace in this patch.
I think, if you like the idea of this patch, I think it can be committed now.

What’s the problem keeping with FWD and BACK? IMO, they are nice (i.e short and descriptive) names for the two wheel events and I can’t recall anyone ever questioning which directions they refer to.

I never noticed that the Sansa port invented new (SCROLL_UP and SCROLL_DOWN) names for wheel invents, instead of using the existing FWD/BACK, and I agree that they should be changed - but they could just be changed to FWD/BACK.

Maybe it’s a US vs British English thing, but I would use “anti-clockwise”, not “counter-clockwise”, so just seeing the word “COUNTER” doesn’t immediately make me think of turning a wheel backwards. If there is a desire to stop using FWD/BACK, then I would vote for CW/CCW, rather than CLOCK/COUNTER, as the former is the usual way I have seen them abbreviated - but the lack of a nice abbreviation is why I prefer the names FWD/BACK…

I’m not disliking FWD and BACK, however, I think clockwise and counter-clockweise is way more descriptive. It’s dependant on how you look at the wheel. Looking at the bottom point of the wheel gives the FWD/BACK still a different meaning than looking at the top point. Than lo CW/CCW is way too typo-friendly imo, as rasher allready mentioned.

When we discussed in IRC about this, Llorean and others mentioned they dislike FWD/BACk as it is not more descriptive than UP/DOWN. The general consensus was to use CLOCK and COUNTER.

COUNTER seems particularly unintuitive to me, probably because the phrase is “anti-clockwise” this side of the pond. (It makes me think of a timer/counter for some reason…)

I much prefer FWD/BACK - I think it’s generally obvious that FWD = clockwise, BACK=anti-clockwise (or counter-… if you must).

You can turn a (clock) dial forward or backward, but not up or down, right?

As I said, FWD and BACK is IMO still dependant on how you look at the wheel.

Sorry, can you explain a little more? How could BACK mean clockwise?

Project Manager

I also think CW/CCW is much better than FWD/BACK. It is unambiguous. Perhaps CWISE/CCWISE?

I think those are too typo-friendly.
My actual idea is to go for CLOCK and ANTICLOCK, how about that?

Project Manager

OK with me.

how about BUTTON_CLOCKWISE, BUTTON_ANTICLOCKWISE? dropping the SCROLL makes it slightly shorter and more intuitive than just _CLOCK.

Project Manager

Way to go Jonathan! Gets my vote.

So guys, did you get any enlightements regarding the naming? IMO dropping the scroll isn’t good.

Project Manager

Why is dropping the SCROLL_ bad? Isn’t the touchwheel used for other things than scrolling?

I didn’t say bad! I just thought that it doesn’t indicate the scrolling enough, and that BUTTON_CLOCKWISE sounds a bit weird. However, CLOCKWISE idincates scrolling itselfs pretty good.

How about we drop the BUTTON? SCROLL_CLOCKWISE anyone? :)

Project Manager

All buttons are prefixed with BUTTON_, we don’t want to change that.

It was rather meant as a joke anyway.

Uploading a new version.

a) sync’d to recent svn

b) reenabled scroll wheel support for e200 in brickmania (was possible removed by accident)
c) made both e200 and ipod consistent in mpeg_settings.c (some changes to other buttons as well!)
c) scroll wheel support in midiplay for e200

d) changed names to BUTTON_CLOCKWISE and BUTTON_ANTICLOCKWISE, as jdgordon suggested.

Please note: I didn’t make changes to the manual code (yet).


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