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Opened by tupari - 2007-12-27
Last edited by Marc_Guay - 2008-04-04

FS#8377 - power button does not exit the recording menu on a Sansa c240

According to the power button is supposed to exit the recording menu, but when I press it nothing happens. I have to power off the device and power it on again to get back to the main menu.

I think this is a doc bug. First of all the docs say "Entering the Recording option in the Main Menu brings up a screen in which you can choose to enter the Recording Screen or the Recording Settings" and this doesn't happen, it just goes straight to the recording screen. When in the recording screen pressing power takes you to the recording settings, and holding it down exits back to the main menu.

mlind commented on 2008-05-27 20:42

I think it's an inconsistency to use a long press on the power button for anything else than power off. Wherever.

By the way: The manual states that you use PLAY for starting and pausing the recording. That is true about SELECT, while PLAY and SUBMENU steps between Volume and Gain…

I think this bug is more serious than it looks. I have been recording lectures for the past few days, and twice now I have lost the lecture by trying to follow the manual's instructions to hold the power for a long time. Sometimes when you do that it just shuts down, and your recording is still there, but is now 0 bytes long (so in essence it is lost). Should I open a new bug for this, or is this comment sufficient?

I still haven't figured out how you are supposed to stop the recording for sure, and that does relate to the documentation.



Ok, I did some more testing. If the file size is small (just a minute or two of recording) then the system works as advertised by the manual. You can push the power button for an intermediate time (less time than to shutdown, but more time than just momentarily). However, if you have an hours worth of lecture like I did this morning, it takes longer to store the data or something and you keep trying and failing waiting longer and longer with your finger on the power button until it shuts down and then you have a zero byte file left, not your 20 Meg recording.

I have thought about this a little, and I suggest that the "Record" button toggle the recording mode.

Well, I figured out how to make it work, but the way it works is unintuitive and not according to the manual documentation.

First of all, here is how to make it work, without losing your recordings as I did for several lectures before I figured out how to do this:

1) To get out of the record mode, first hit the select button (in the center). You should see the time stop advancing.

2) Then hold the power button down just long enough until an icon that looks like a square with a lightning bolt in it appears, and then quickly let up the power button. If you continue to hold the power button down, your unit will shut down and your recording will be lost. You must now wait with your fingers off the controls for the recorded file to be written to flash (or something like that). For long recordings this can take some time. When it is done, the little lightning bolt icon will disappear, and you can again press the power button to get out of the recording mode. This is not documented in the manual properly.

Next, my suggestion: If you go the the keymap section of the code, it appears that you can set the record button to toggle the record mode. If you use this button, your unit will not be shutdown before the file is saved, as is the danger in the present situation. You could make the power button also do the same thing it does for backward compatibility, but the manual needs to be changed to explain this, or others will lose data as well, I'm sure.

Best regards,


I can confirm this is unintuitive and I froze my player trying to quit this damn record mode.


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