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Attached to Project: Rockbox
Opened by alwaysbluepop - 2008-01-03

FS#8396 - next_dir within playlist

This patch is inspired by FS7571.

Currently we can move to next/prev directory with <short left/right + long left/right>. This patch changes two part of this functionality:

1. If <Auto-Change Directory> is not enabled, move to first track of current/next directory only within the playlist.
So you can maintain dynamic playlist. This was very annoying problem for me.

2. do not wait till <long left/right> is released.

So ffwd or rewind will not be performed at new track.
Project Manager

Good idea!

Some comments:

1) You need to localize the strings in the syncsplashes, using the language files

2) Are the "first/last album" splashes really necessary?

3) I think it should continue playing the current track if it fails to find a new directory

Hello, thanks for your response.

1, 2: removed the splashes. i thought the machine should inform users why expected behaviour is not carried out.(as you mentioned, like move-to-bottom)
3: how about this one? 'Circulate through playlist only when repeat mode is not set to off'. Actually that was what i really intended to do. :)

and 4: Suppose there are a1, a2, b1, b2, and c in playlist. When playing a2, <short press>+<long press> results in c, instead of b1. Fix this by retrieving index-1.

p.s> i can't keep playback from skipping since <short press> is prior to any other thing. So i decided to leave it go to next track. Maybe DoubleClick feature would be the best solution.

Attempt to bypass audio_next().
1. It is now triggered by <Long + Short Press>. <short + long> will do their individual job.
2. Independent from 'Auto-Change Directory'. Instead, use new option 'Directory Skip by Keypress' in playback settings menu.

Default value is 'within-playlist' mode.

3. Do nothing when there are no next-dir.

goffa commented on 2008-04-01 04:45

love this patch, however the only version i can get to work is the original. I'm using a gigabeat f60.

I didn't noticed that LANG_NEVER is only for certain targets. Thanks for pointing out :)
Now builds fine.

This patch adds new setting 'Directory Skip' under 'Playback Settings'. This setting determines what to do when user pressed <short left/right> followed by <long left/right> in WPS.
There are three options:'Within Playlist', 'Next Directory', and 'Off'. Default value is 'within pl'.
1. Within Playlist: When pressed <long+short right>, go to the first track of the playlist which has a different filepath from current track.

                    When pressed <long+short left>, go to the first track of the playlist which has a same filepath with current track.

2. Next Directory: Play prev/next directory's tracks, erasing current dynamic playlist. (This is the same behaviour as what current svn does, by pressing <long+short left/right>.)
3. Off: Do nothing. (only 'seek forward/backward' will be performed)

- If repeat mode is 'ONE' or 'A-B', do nothing.
- If repeat mode is 'ALL', and user pressed <long+short right> while there are no more different filepath, go to first track of the playlist.

goffa commented on 2008-04-05 14:57

Didn't know anyone was still monitoring this. I could have probably helped by telling you the error i got.
Thanks for fixing, I'll check it out.

goffa commented on 2008-04-08 14:40

hmm, can't seem to get the within playlist option to work. I do the long + short, but it doesn't move to a new directory. Am i doing something wrong? I have a gigabeat f60.

The next directory setting does work.

goffa commented on 2008-04-09 02:50

nm… i needed to have a playlist loaded and not just a directory. :)

goffa commented on 2008-04-27 17:33

looks like 16976 fails on playback_menu now

Sorry for being late. my desktop was broken :(
playlist_prev_album() is changed slightly: if playing the first three seconds of the first track, move to previous album. (similar as normal LEFT does).
Since study mode( FS#6188 ) (which is included from r17355) uses <short left + long right> to skip to the next track, I had to change this too. (long left + short right to SKIPNEXT)

Maybe I should give up <long + short>, but decided to stick on it. Using <short + long> is obstacle when i want to go to the middle of next track. Moreover it plays unwanted track about a second.
I'll attach a 'short+long'version anyway. Works same except for key triggers. No seeking at a new track.

Hi. I've been looking at the comments for this patch, and I have included it in my rb build, however I was wondering, could someone please explain to me exactly what this patch does, how to use it and exactly what the settings do in the settings menu that control it? As The patch sounds like it could be very useful, however Due to the various comments made about this patch, and the english used to phrase some of them, i'm afraid I don't fully understand this patch, also do I need one or both of the files included in this patch, as there seem to be several being offered, obviously I no some are resyncs, i'm just not sure about the most recent entries being offered. Thanks for your help.

goffa commented on 2008-06-25 02:04

i'm hoping not jumping ahead by thinking that you already know HOW to use the patch. I'm assuming you just don't know what the two options do. Within playlist jumps directories within a playlist.

You have a list of multiple directories. You can jump directories with the patch, but it works within the playlist.

Next directory works if you aren't using a playlist. Example: you went into your file browser and selected a directory to play.

You only need one file included in the patch. Depending on WHICH key combo you like better. Long+short (my preference) or short+long.

Hope that wasn't too confusing. Also, i hope that my explanation was correct. :)

aah, I see I think I understand, So basically this patch just allows you to skip to the next folder in the current playlist. I still don't fully understand what this patch is supposed to do if you just rely on a dynamic playlist as i do. am I understanding you right? If so, that's interesting as I can already skip a hole folder if i'm using the h140 with its remote, as it has a dedicated button, however it would be nice to be able to skip a hole folder from the wps just using the 140 itself without the remote. Can you explain to me what the difference is between the different key combinations offered by the patch? i'm using an h140, and maybe its just because of the way in which there being talked about, but I don't understand what the different key combinations are that are needed to operate the functions of the patch.

goffa commented on 2008-06-25 03:24

one patch uses long + short.. the other uses short + long (different sequence). They both perform the same function, just the order of the keypress that you prefer.

if you use a dynamic playlist, use the next directory option. (I like to use it in conjunction with random folder advance, but that's me)

could this lease be fixed again to work with the latest version?


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