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Opened by Marc_Guay - 2008-01-31
Last edited by rasher - 2008-03-14

FS#8538 - Inconsistencies in menu wording/capitalization

Smallest “bug” ever. In the Database menu these two items are next to each other:

Initialize now
Update Now

It would make sense to me to capitalize the first “now” to be more consistent with the rest of the menu style.

Closed by  rasher
2008-03-14 10:02
Reason for closing:  Accepted
Additional comments about closing:   Warning: Undefined array key "typography" in /home/rockbox/flyspray/plugins/dokuwiki/inc/parserutils.php on line 371 Warning: Undefined array key "camelcase" in /home/rockbox/flyspray/plugins/dokuwiki/inc/parserutils.php on line 407

Committed as r16663.

A similar thing can be found under the Voice menu, "Say file type". I think that 1) it should be capitalized in the common style, and also perhaps changed to "Voice File Type" or "Speak File Type" to be more consistent with the other menu entries.

The "Max Files in Dir Browser" setting should be renamed "Max Files in File Browser" or "Max Entries in File Browser" to keep the File Browser terminology consistent.

Sorry to keep adding things onto this task but they're all essentially the same idea and it makes more sense than opening new ones for each.

Files→Context Menu→ "Add to shortcuts" should be changed to "Add to Shortcuts".

No problem, keep up the good work. I renamed the task (hopefully suitably).

Just a note to whoever ends up committing these changes: Please, PLEASE change them in all translations - we do not want to bother our translators when just the case has changed.

Thanks for the rename Steve. Noticed another one on the FM Radio Menu. "Force mono" → "Force Mono".

To clarify, I didn't mean that the translations should be fixed – just the source strings. So instead of changing "Force mono" → "Force Mono" only in english.lang, do it in all translations.

So to sum up the situation so far:

Database: Initialize now → Initialize Now
Voice: Say file type → Say File Type (maybe Speak/Voice instead of Say)
File browser settings: Max Files in Dir Browser → Max Entries in File Browser (that's my favourite anyway)
File Context Menu: "Add to shortcuts" → "Add to Shortcuts"

"Insert shuffled" → "Insert Shuffled"

Playlist: Insert next → Insert Next

and the same for these as well…

  • Insert last
  • Insert shuffled
  • Queue next
  • Queue last
  • Queue shuffled

Marc: thanks for these suggestions, but your far more likley to see the changes if you supply a patch…

I realize that, and I know this isn't really a big deal or a fun thing to take care of, but I haven't really had the chance to get too deep into the code… If and when I do, though, I'll be sure to scan through the tasks I've added to the tracker and clean up my own mess.

Made with this sed command:
sed -i \
-e 's/Initialize now/Initialize Now/' \
-e 's/Say file type/Say File Type/' \
-e 's/Max Files in Dir Browser/Max Entries in File Browser/' \
-e 's/Add to shortcuts/Add to Shortcuts/' \
-e 's/Insert last/Insert Last/' \
-e 's/Insert next/Insert Next/' \
-e 's/Insert shuffled/Insert Shuffled/' \
-e 's/Queue next/Queue Next/' \
-e 's/Queue last/Queue Last/' \
-e 's/Queue shuffled/Queue Shuffled/' \

Thanks Jonas. I think I've gone through every menu, at least on the e200, and that's all the ones I found. Merci, vraiment.

Rasher, why don't you commit this?

I checked the .lang file and that's it! どもありがとございます Thank you very much.

I've changed this task into a patch. Now, how about the manual… ;p

I really hate to say this but:

Manage Settings: "Browse .cfg files" → "Browse .cfg Files"

               "Write .cfg file" -> "Save .cfg File" (seems like "Save" is more commonly used)

Same thing under Recording Settings:

"Browse .cfg files" → "Browse .cfg Files"
"Write .cfg file" → "Save .cfg File" (seems like "Save" is more commonly used), and "Save Recording Settings" would be even more in line (Save Sound Settings and Save Theme Settings are both used elsewhere)

See, this is why I didn't commit this yet :)

I'll leave it open a bit longer, since it's an easy fix, non-critical and I'd rather do it all in one commit to avoid cluttering the SVN log.

Updated patch. Doesn't seem like anyone's found more.


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