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Opened by jdgordon - 2008-02-04
Last edited by jdgordon - 2008-05-03

FS#8553 - first shot at quickscreen + viewports

so this isnt completly finished, but wanted some feedback anyway… this changes the quickscreen to use viewports and allows for any int/bool/choie/sound setting to be put on the quickscreens (pretty much any setting except strings…). they are hard coded for now but will be changed to user configurable.. somehow…

also adds a top item which wont be used by default.

I realised (at bloody 12.30am) that I’m splitting the screen up wrongly, so although it works, it could be better..

One aim is to not need to switch to the sys font, so a bit of fiddling needs to be done if the user font is too large. If there is only readable room for 2 items then only left and right are shown. top is dropped if there isnt room for it also.

also, if there still isnt enough room the setting will be shown as “name: value” which shouldn’t happen very often…

I’m going to fix it so if the left or right item needs to scroll it will be pushed off centre (like svn)…

icons arnt there yet…


edit: yes i know there are compile warnings… and the f3 rec screen is completly commented out…

Closed by  jdgordon
2008-05-03 12:38
Reason for closing:  Accepted

all this effort to name the patch nicely and no comments :’(

all finished. comments before commiting?

I apologize if I sound completely uninformed, but what is the quickscreen? Is it the same thing as the quick menu? Is it customizable?

this the the code as it was when it was reverted

I would be glad to help test this.

lots of fixes in this version!

colours work, viewport.drawmode != style :(
exiting the screen should be instantanious again. not all settings will work brilliantly, but the ones which need a bit of extra code can be handled if they are deemed important enough (like shuffle and repeat mode)
no more wps scrolling lines
if the left/right/bottom is not used it will be used as the inverse of the opposite item (so left would go the previous value for the right option). if top is missing its used to exit the screen (this should be fixed because some targets dont need this)
the problem where you could only choose the first or second option for a setting is fixed. worked fine in the sims which was confusing.

drawing is bound to have problems so test it with wierd screen/font/setting combinations so we can get it perfect

tested the latest patch with the gigabeat. After restarting the player its working fine. all the settings can be changed (ie: with show files i could only change it to all or supported) runs a lot faster now. Forget what i said in irc my gigabeat didnt restart properly

Tested this on my Sansa and have a couple of comments:

1. There’s a warning when compiling gui/quickscreen.c. Looking at the code, it probably wouldn’t be an issue, but probably best to fix it just in case.
2. If I change a setting in the quickscreen and go to exit it, the screen momentarily flashes what looks like the wps interlaced with the quickscreen (it’s too quick to be sure if that’s what it is). If I don’t change a setting, it returns to the wps instantly without the flash.

yay! someone tested it :)

1) yeah, its not big deal and obviously will be fixed
2) something in settings_apply() is causing that, I trimmed that down so it doesnt do any disk reading but there still might be some stuff which can be skipped if its called from the qs

what is all left to get this committed to svn?

at long last… new version…

this one has all the customization stuff stripped out, as well as the top item is gone… the idea is to commit this then maybe add them back in.

this one is commitable imo… and only 200bytes on rec v1… -rwxr-xr-x 1 jonno jonno 252932 2008-05-02 00:14 rockbox.bin
-rwxr-xr-x 1 jonno jonno 252732 2008-05-01 22:28 rockbox.bin.svn
-rwxr-xr-x 1 jonno jonno 352318 2008-05-02 00:14 rockbox.elf
-rwxr-xr-x 1 jonno jonno 352189 2008-05-01 22:28 rockbox.elf.svn

there might be a bit more tweaking possible, but I dont tihnk its needed… please test.. I’d like to commit on the weekend

edit: noticed a boo boo… 6.1.diff is the file you should test


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