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Opened by TheBashar - 2008-03-02
Last edited by Marc_Guay - 2008-04-04

FS#8674 - Skip with auto change dir -> WPS one track off

Skipping forward or backward a track at a directory change causes playback to skip correctly to the next song, but the WPS screen comes back to the previously playing track. From there on out the WPS screen seems to always be one track off.

Closed by  Marc_Guay
2008-04-04 23:15
Reason for closing:  Fixed
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Working perfectly.

I see some slightly wacky behaviour with auto-change dir on my H300 target, but the simulator works great, unfortunatly.

Sansa e200 + r16543 + Auto-Change Dir on.

1) While playing the last song of a folder advance to the next track. The current track will simply restart.
2) Pressing forward again will play the 2nd song of the next folder.
3) Pressing backward will bring you to the 1st song of that folder.
4) Pressing backward again will simply restart that song.
5) Pressing it again will bring you to the second last song of the previous folder.

I just noticed something interesting about this problem. After you've pressed "next track" at the end of the playlist and it simply restarts the last song, take a look at the playlist: it has updated correctly and shows the current track to be the first song of the next directory. So the problem seems to be that there's a call to play the current playlist track missing when directories switch. I'm taking a look at playback.c and playlist.c right now but it's my first time poking around in there and things are pretty hairy.

Also: If the last song plays through to completion on its own, the first song of the next directory plays fine. This bug only occurs when the user forces a next directory change. I realize that this is slightly different from the original bug report, but I think it's the same problem which has simply morphed into this one as the original no longer occurs. r16730.

Skipping to the next directory using long-right + right (on the Sansa e200) also seems to index the track properly.


Auto-Directory Change ON:

- Manually skipping the last song goes to the next directory's 2nd track. The tag info is displayed properly, but the cabbiev2 track index says "1 of 11", and the View Current Playlist screen indicates that the first song is the one which is playing. The playlist index will continue to be off by -1 as the album plays.

Auto-Directory Change RANDOM:

- Manually skipping the last song plays the same song again, shows the same tag info on the screen, but the playlist shows the 1st track of the next random directory and the WPS indicates 1 of X. Advancing to the next track will play the second track of the following directory and update the playlist/screen info properly.

With both settings:

- Skipping to the next directory using long-right + right is fine.

- Letting the last song play through naturally is fine, leading to track 1 of the next directory.

Have you tried with r16955?


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