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Attached to Project: Rockbox
Opened by MoonWolf - 2008-03-15
Last edited by TiMiD - 2008-07-03

FS#8737 - Japanese translation patch

I submit the patch of translation into Japanese.

Closed by  TiMiD
2008-07-03 04:14
Reason for closing:  Accepted

I am sorry.
I have forgotten to attach a patch.

あなたわあ わちかいますか?

It translates by Since there were some items which are not translated, I added.




resynced patch. I think this is ready to commit.

this patch really works, I checked it by hand.

Good patch. It will build. BTW, I just noticed that “on”, “off” and “rockbox” were not translated. Being a non-native speaker, I don’t want to put things into the file itself, but might I suggest:
on: “のります” off: “おります。” rockbox: “ロクボクス” Thank you very much.

It is difficult to translate ON and OFF into Japanese. Probably, it will be good to make it katakana at most.
On: “オン” Off: “オフ” Rockbox: “ロックボックス”

Okay. I could have sworn that “norimasu” and “orimasu” would work. Aw well. Here is a diff with the changes. Also started adding voice parts; the voice parts should have japanese not english.

The changes made a week ago to english.lang weren’t in this patch. Now they are. Arai san: Once the patch is put in there will still be some missing strings. You will have to do another patch when that happens.b

I worked by the SVN newest revision (r16783) based on the patch by harry tu.
I translated into almost all entries through the eye.
The word which worried about choosing is referring to Google, and Windows and Mozilla.
The word which it cannot finish translating into Japanese was deceived in the katakana word.
Since the word “ロックボックス” got confused when it was translated, it was returned.

I’m sorry. The part of ‘voice’ is not modifying.
I think that it is necessary to use “the Text-To-Speech engine which supported Japanese” (only combination which is probably Cygwin and Microsoft SAPI).
I checked that the sound of the word translated into Japanese was not outputted with ‘flite’ engine.
I think that it does not work by ‘festival’ and ‘espeak’ similarly.
Probably, the idea, such as changing Japanese into a ‘Roman alphabet’, will be required for the ‘voice’ part.
But it is difficult to assemble “the Roman alphabet which Japanese hears.”

japanese.lang was corresponded about the item added to english.lang.
AGC relation was mainly modified. But in Sansa e200 which I am testing, it was only what cannot be displayed.

The words “わたしはにほんごがわかりますか。” were given to the text to speech engine. It sounds good to me but please listen since you are native to Japanese. And you could always use ろまじfor the voice parts if you want.

Forgot to attach mp3 file.

And the word “ことば” is “words” in english. I think that is what you were trying to say in your last comment.

Added Kenjiro to the credits file.

I understand.
Shall I work, if you may become festival engine only?
What just describes ‘voice’ for every TTS engine!


Hiragana and Katakana will do just fine for the voice parts. If I were you, I would stay from kanji though; some voices misinterpret kanji in my experience.


Since I was working by VMWare+Linux, when it could do, I wanted to finish ‘festival’ and ‘flite’.

It found that SAPI was installed in my machine.
Therefore, I just built the Cygwin environment now.

But Cygwin+SAPI does not work.
It is the completely same error as

Since seemingly it was a problem by the side of SAPI, it decided to purchase and try another SAPI5.

A patch is appended towards those who are working well in Cygwin+ Japanese SAPI for the time being.
‘voice’ was all translated mostly.

no kanjis?

Since intonation was lost in many cases when changed into katakana and the hiragana,
I believed the capability of SAPI and saved the Kanji.

Alright, you know best. Let’s commit.

Some small corrections and additions were done.
voice.patch is required to create a Japanese voice.

What voice did you use to make japanese.voice?

I just thought of better translations for “on” and “off”. Hope they are alright.

The voice “たかし” of the engine which supported SAPI5 “ドキュメントトーカ” was used.
It is because the error came out in “LH Kenji” enclosed to OfficeXP.

It is not accepted about translation of “ON” and “OFF.”
Japanese people “オン” and “オフ” are used daily. From a child to an adult.
It is impossible in Japanese to translate “ON” and “OFF” without being dependent on the context.
In a certain context, “有効にする” is right and “つける” is sometimes right in the different context.

“けしる” is not Japanese – it will be “消す” if it dares say
But it is expression mistaken for it is “delete”, “disable”, etc. by “消す”

The words “on” and “off”, when used in rockbox are used in the context of a sentence such as “でんきおおつけます” (turn on the electricity) or “でんきおおけします。” (turn off the electricity).

Probably, “ON” and “OFF” will be still more relevant as translation, if it is “turn on the electricity” and “turn off the electricity.”

Although there is an example on which “ON” and “OFF” are used as “enable” and “disable”, unnatural Japanese carries out this for “つけます” and “けします.”
“ON” and “OFF” are the omnipotent words which can disregard and translate the context. Therefore, Japanese people will use.


I thought you used the original form for this kind of translation.


Missed an english string; put it into katakana.

Why do I think of a better translation right after I post?

なぜenglish.langでは”たんご”(word)なのに、japanese.langでは”ぶん”(sentence)にする ひつよう が あるのか せつめいしてほしいです。
Now Playingはおかしかったのでなおしました。



diff パッチはどのようにして当てるのですか?

 FS#8858 と同じものです。
This is the same as  FS#8858 .
I have made modifications.

すずき: どしてああなったのっほんやくしわほがいっですっか
あらいさん: I meant a japanese sentence with the words on and off as used in its katakana form.

To harry tu
Sorry,your Japanese is wrong.
English again, please.

sumimasenn. jodsujarimasenn. What makes your translation better then congiro’s? Why should we choose your translation over his?

I accepted a part of Mr. Suzuki’s patch.
I think that it became easy to understand.

Oh, another thing that hasn’t been spotted is that any strings with lang_sysfont in their ids need to be written in roman letters. Like now lang_sysfont_set_bool_yes is written “はい”, it is supposed to be written “hai”. No is the same way ”いいえ” turns into “iie”.

It is the patch which modified LANG_SYSFONT.
It has returned to English in principle.
I think that it is hard to read a Roman alphabet.
A Roman alphabet is used when inputting Japanese. But it is at least a time of seeing a Roman alphabet notating a name of a person with the alphabet.

You make a good point. I just thought the ろまじalphebet would be good for the sysfont strings since they are a way of writing japanese in english without diacritics.

Kenjiro Arai さんへ

This message is for Kenjiro Arai



My japanese is wrong. The correct message is “忘れてください。その意味は誰かがlangのファイルにいれる必要があります。”

It is the patch which followed the english.lang newest revision.



Added japanese comment at the beginning of the file. Also changed “on” (katakana) to “tsukemasu” because that is the word for enable which is the word we are trying to convey to our users. I did the same thing with “off” (again, katakana) and “keshimasu”.

And I forgot to attach the patch…

   jpn.diff (127 KiB)
TiMiD commented on 2008-06-19 06:35


please stop polluting the discussion with translations in a language you obviously cannot speak.

Thank you.

Kevin, do you think the last patch by Kenjiro Arai can be committed? And what about  FS#8858  ?

TiMiD commented on 2008-07-01 22:07

 FS#8858  contains some weird errors (unrelated to the translation job) but has much more strings
Kenjiro’s patch has been more reviewed so it may be more mature.
I’ll patch with this one and complete the unstranslated strings with  FS#8858 ‘s ones if any

TiMiD commented on 2008-07-03 04:13



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