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Opened by max131 - 2008-04-02
Last edited by amiconn - 2008-05-29

FS#8840 - iHP120 remote LCD goes blank after some while ... LCD driver issue??

I do notice that in latest rockbox releases (20080401 and also 20080401, the LCD display on the remote for my iHP120 doesn’t show any information anymore after some while: it’s on for some minutes, sometimes for one or more songs, but i couldn’t find a rigid scheme in it. Release r16727-080321 doesn’t seem to have this problem, so i just stepped back to this one for the time being.

Closed by  amiconn
2008-05-29 21:43
Reason for closing:  Fixed
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Committed the changes as of rtest-4 for irivers. Fix for iaudios was committed earlier.

mmetz commented on 2008-04-03 09:42

can confirm this behaviour for the build r16929-080402 on an iriver iHP120. For me the remote LCD works as long as I do _not_ start playing music. When do so, it works for a few seconds, then there appears that something incorrect (???) is drawn to the display (its seems to be drawn over the usual display) and the LCD immediately switches off. LCD Backlight is still working and remote-keys, too. I can not get the remote LCD working (set new rwps or so) but have to reboot.

mmetz commented on 2008-04-03 10:08

An Update: Strange – now for some time it appeared that the contrast was reduce for some time (display visible but only in very light grey tone), but then the LCD switched off again.

Update: I figured r16812-080326 is working fine, and that the problem hits the iHP120 from r16838-080327 and on. So something must have happened between r16812 r16838. I would be glad if somebody who knows the code can pinpoint what actually causes the issue, and even better, correct this ;-))

This is also applicable to iAudio X5
the displayed lines shift slightly and then the display simply blanks. Replugging it brings the display back to
happened in
iriver oddness seems to exist from r16832.

vmh commented on 2008-04-06 07:34

On my h100 the remote lcd is just blank. As Heffer said, the problem is caused by the changes made in r16832. For those of you who want to temporary fix it, can replace lcd-remote-iriver.c in the directory firmware\target\coldfire\iriver\ with the file attached to this comment. It only reverts the changes made in r16832.

Could you please retry with a current build, r17006 or later? I’ve made the iriver remote LCD driver a little slower again (but still faster than pre-r16832) in order to hopefully fix this problem, without giving up too much of the extra speed. If the problem persists, we need to go another small step lower etc until it’s
I don’t have the problem with my iriver remote, neither on H1x0 nor on H300, so I can’t verify myself.

mmetz commented on 2008-04-07 09:59

Hi! I don’t see the problem any longer with build r17015.

vmh commented on 2008-04-07 20:51

My remote LCD (H100) is still blank using r17025 ...

Can confirm this on my machine - the LCD flickers for a while and then goes blank...

Today I installed the current build from for my iHP140. I can confirm the issue. When booting Rockbox on my device first the display of the remote control seems to be usable but if I start to play a song (mp3) then the rendering of content on this display disappears completely. I’d like to raise the severity of this issue (from low) but I cannot and would it be possible to change the state of this issue to ‘confirmed’ ?

Ysl commented on 2008-04-13 14:59

I can confirm the same problem with my Iaudio X5 !

I can confirm this issue on the H300 with H300 LCD remote.

Maybe Jens Arnold is watching this thread? He wrote in his comment to r17006 that clock timing could be lowered for remotes if there are still problems... and there seem to be. Jens? You would make a lot of people happy ;-)

Confirmed for iAudio M3, in which cas ethe problem is pretty severe: you pretty much can’t control the player without a remote...

Same Problem with my H320 with H120 LCD-Remote using RB 17290-080429

Ysl commented on 2008-04-29 16:29

“replace lcd-remote-iriver.c in the directory firmware\target\coldfire\iriver\ with the file attached to this comment. It only reverts the changes made in r16832.”

Can someone please explain me how can I replace the code for my iAudio X5 ?


I tried once more to reproduce the bug on iriver H180, H340 (with H1x0 remote), and on iaudio X5, M5 and M3 (with X5 and M3 remote), to no avail. Obviously the driver optimisations committed in r16809/r16810 (iaudios) and r16832 (irivers) are too fast for *some* individual targets. So the drivers need to be slowed down again somewhat, but of course not more than necessary. Since I am not experiencing the problem, I need to rely on testers having affected targets. I’ve prepared a bunch of test builds, two for each target (except for M5 - available on request):

Iriver H120: ,
H300: ,
M3: ,
X5: ,

Please test both builds, and report back whether either of them, or both, fix the problem.

iAudio M3 test number 2 fixes it for me!! I’ll keep testing, but everything seems to be working fine as I used to be able to reproduce it within 10 seconds of playing a song. Thank you so much Jens, you’ve helped make my M3 useable again after two years of being a brick :)

Arndt commented on 2008-05-19 18:47

test1-zip fixes the problem for my H300 with H300-LCD-Remote. Thanks very much for that.

Ysl commented on 2008-05-19 19:17

Test 2 also work with my X5

I noted that with my M3 remote it work with both but only the second with the X5 remote

Thanks for the update !


test-1-zip doesn’t work for my H320 with H120 LCD-Remote. test-2-zip is working for the menu, but not for playback. it just shows a second the playbar then the display shows only black at all. Hope this helps a bit and thanks for your work so far.


No problems so far on my H1x0 (RTC + CFMod) using the Joystick LCD remote or the normal LCD remote.

Arndt commented on 2008-05-20 19:35

Correction for H300 with H300 LCD-Remote. Although everything seemed fine yesterday, after same time the same problem occurs again with test 1 as well as test 2 (there is only a slight difference for me). So both seem still to be too fast.

Have only tried test build 2 so far but no problems yet on my H140. It seems to have done the trick for
for your work.

iHP-120: Test 1 does not work (remote LCD flickers in playback-mode, then shows garbage, then goes blank). Test 2 works better, but not perfectly (remote LCD starts correctly in playback-mode, then randomly goes blank for some moments, eventually goes completely blank).

I’ve tested the test2 on my iHP-140 but it doesn’t do the trick. When starting playback of a MP3 file the LCD remote goes blank and this behavior doesn’t change if I stop playback.

I have committed a fix for the iaudios (M3, M5, X5) that is similar to rtest-2. Please test a recent build (r17621 or newer).

On the irivers, the first two test builds were obviously still too fast. Here are two new build. Please test both if you have an affected Iriver H1x0 or H300.

Iriver H120: ,
H300: ,

I’ve now installed Cygwin and the GCC cross compiler for the Coldfire platform and tested a bit to compile for this platform. Then I took the version of lcd-remote-iriver.c which has been proposed by Vuong Minh Hiep (vmh) earlier within this thread and put it into the trunk Subversion checkout and compiled that version.

I must say it works flawlessly for my iHP140. The bug is fixed. I’d suggest to revert the version of $ROCKBOX_HOME/firmware/target/coldfire/iriver/lcd-remote-iriver.c

Kudos to Vuong Minh Hiep because his proposal works!

Going back to pre r16832 means giving up the whole speed improvement as well. So I’m trying various ideas to keep at least a part of the speed improvement. Please test the two new test builds if possible.

Test-3-zip behaves in same condition like test 1&2, but seems to work on my H320 with H120 Remote. I will test this for a longer period of time and write back a feedback here tonight. So see you later and a lot of thanks for fixing this for me so far.


By the way, I compiled the firmware with the given lcd-remote-iriver.c file by my self but this didn't fix it for me :(

Arndt commented on 2008-05-24 19:13

Test4 seems to be quite good for me (H300 with H300 LCD-Remote). No problems at all yet. Will try further on and report.

iHP-120: Test-3: Display goes blank when in playback mode; Test-4: No problems

Post-r17621 seems to fix the problem on my X5. Thanks a lot for your effort, Jens.

After several hours of testing the Display has produced just one bug: It was vertically cutted into two pieces, where the upper half was down under and vice versa (something like lost sync?!?). But this bug could be corrected by re-plugging the remote. Nevertheless the display was constantly showing its information. God job, Jens!

Arndt commented on 2008-05-26 18:27

Tested Test4 for a longer time and it's still working fine with H300 and 300 LCD-Remote. Thanks for that.

Probably irrelevant now but just for the record, test2 although much improved finally gave me problems yesterday on iHP140. No idea why it did so all of a sudden. Will try test4 and report back. Thanks for all the work.

With my H340 only test 4 works.. All the others exhibit the errors as soon as I try to play a song same as with the SVN release.

judo commented on 2008-05-29 13:44

I had the problem with the 080417 build persistently. With test2 it only occured only once under 3 hours trying but replugging the remote has corrected it.

judo commented on 2008-05-29 14:08

Did not write, sorry it was with a h120.

I should also probably have mentioned (2 posts ago) that I'm not using the proper lcd-remote for the H300 series but one I bought from ebay which is actually from one of the iriver cd jukeboxes, it however should work fine (always has in the past) and the timing of the test4 patch fixes the issues with this remote and the H300 target which were broken as the normal remote is also.


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