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Opened by Llorean - 2008-04-21
Last edited by Marc_Guay - 2008-07-11

FS#8921 - Playlist Order problem

When skipping forward (and possibly backward, it's hard to reproduce but I think I've triggered it this way once too) sometimes the track I get will be other than that shown in "Next" on the WPS. Often I'll get a track from earlier in the playlist instead, though I think it's sometimes skipped to several later as well. It's hard to reproduce consistently, and my reproductions with the current build have all been from earlier in the playlist but a build from less than 24 hours ago, so far. It's easy to reproduce, just skip forward a lot. It's hard to reproduce consistently.

Closed by  Marc_Guay
2008-07-11 03:27
Reason for closing:  Fixed
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Should be fixed. If it reoccurs please tell someone or re-open.

I am experiencing the same problem on my X5. The playlist I'm using is generated from the database. As described, when skipping a track the playlist seems to skip randomly to another place in the playlist. If I have a chance, I'll attempt to test and provide additional details.

I don't mean to be a pain but a severity of low on this issue seems well… low. The issue happens quite often in my experience and it basically makes the player unusable for the non-savvy. It is confusing when you attempt to skip the currently playing song and are suddenly presented with a song you just recently heard.

Meanwhile, people who actually queue up songs they want to hear and don't skip will never experience this problem at all. As well, it doesn't prevent use of the player, it just may require a few extra skips if you experience it. Basically, it just result in quirky behaviour but does not prevent normal use at all, just possibly makes it slightly more difficult for certain usage patterns.


I'm not trying to be picky or ungrateful (as I've used Rockbox for years and absolutely love it) but the lack of a correctly working skip on a media player doesn't strike me as a small problem. Even people who "actually queue up songs they want to hear" will most probably want to skip a track now and then (perhaps to skip to the next track when the current song has a overly long ending for instance).

Also, it doesn't just "require a few extra skips if you experience it" because it is not always clear that the problem has occurred when the playlist jumps forward. Unless you are paying attention to the "Next Track" display you'll simply miss some songs from your playlist.

Finally, for those of us making use of the Last.FM log, each time the playlist jumps backwards and we have to do "a few extra skips" those songs are being logged as having been played twice.

I fail to see how marking it as "moderate" or "severe" addresses either of those problems. This is a minor problem because it's fully possible for a user to avoid it entirely once the user has learned of it. Marking it as "moderate" or "severe" will not cause it to be solved any sooner. Meanwhile the highest priority should be reserved for problems that can cause damage to the player or data on the player, or make Rockbox entirely unusable, while "moderate" should be resolved for issues that are unavoidable but not damaging.

The classifications are more categorization than saying "how much we care about this problem."

I guess I would argue that the bug is at least to some degree "unavoidable but not damaging" but I understand where you're coming from. I assumed the severity had more influence on the order of fixes but as you've described it, our difference of opinion is most likely moot. Thank you for explaining and for reporting the bug.

I'm eagerly awaiting a fix for this issue but would again like to express my gratitude to the entire Rockbox development squad for a wonderful product that I have gotten so much use out of.

Well the relevant developer knows this problem is happening, but he's having a hard time tracking down exactly what's causing it (last time I talked with him, at least).

I'm glad to hear he is aware of the issue. If you should talk with him, please let him know that I would be happy to assist with testing or anything else I can do. I'll continue monitoring this task should he want to request any help.

I'm glad to hear he is aware of the issue. If you should talk with him, please let him know that I would be happy to assist with testing or anything else I can do. I'll continue monitoring this task should he want to request any help.

A few more pieces of info:

I have a lot of .flac files (not sure if file size might be related)
I'm using Shuffle Mode
If, when skipping forward, the playlist jump bug occurs I can skip backward to the last song and then skip forward again and the same jump seems to take place. This would indicate to me that the jump isn't random.


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