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Attached to Project: Rockbox
Opened by Clément Pit--Claudel - 2008-06-03

FS#9069 - Rockedit : new text editor for Rockbox

I’ve recently designed new text editing plugin for Rockbox, which I called (how original…) rockedit. The point is not to compete with current text_editor, but rather to develop a new approach to text editing by, in particular, allowing user to work in insert/replace mode. The major difference is that the keypad has been replaced by a single which the user navigates through using up/down, while left/right are used to change current char. Fire key is used to switch between different chars lists.
I didn’t manage, though, to use keypad as set in r17659. The diff file just reverts it, which is not a good solution at all… Furthermore, I haven’t tested it on any other target but my gigabeat : I cannot boot Windows currently.

I’ve included a patch which includes keymap changes, and another which doesn’t. I’ve also added a screenshot.
Please do comment and help me improve this editor !

Clément Pit--Claudel commented on 2008-06-12 19:06

Lots of fixes :
*Removed keymap changes → now diff only modifies files in plugins directory
*Added wordwrap functionality
*Fixed various bugs

Clément Pit--Claudel commented on 2008-06-15 10:50

V3 : Implemented wordwrap, and fixed a few bugs.

Johannes Schwarz commented on 2008-08-10 11:01

I would like to suggest a new layout for the text_editor. You can navigate faster with the wheel or the other keys, if the letters, numbers and additional characters are separated. Please look at the file…

Clément Pit--Claudel commented on 2008-08-10 14:36

I'm not sure that I fully understand the contents of your file. Do you mean I should do something like :
2 lines A-Z/a-z
1 line 0-9
1 line for special chars ?
If so, sure ! I will implement this as soon as I'm home, ie. around the 25th. Where do you think .?! should go ?

Johannes Schwarz commented on 2008-08-10 16:56

Do you the texteditor from the Iphone?
Normaly just the letters are displayed, but you can switch by select the button 123, now just numbers are displayed. Do you understand me?
sorry I can't explain it you better, I'm not so familiary with english, because I'm from Germany.

Clément Pit--Claudel commented on 2008-08-11 04:48

In fact, there was no problem with your english, but rather with the way your file was to be understood. Got it this time though : )

Johannes Schwarz commented on 2008-08-11 12:49

What do you think about it? Do you think it's useful to separated the numbers and additional characters?

David B commented on 2008-08-13 11:28

If we're talking /a lot/ of special characters I think it would be better if they were separated.

Clément Pit--Claudel commented on 2008-08-26 20:45

Concentrate on the new keypad by dropping the "rockedit" part of the plugin. Separate numbers from special chars, and correct code to match new splashf syntax.

Lanky L:auer commented on 2014-04-25 13:12

how do i install this on my device? i can only find a document not a plugin


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