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Opened by bascule - 2008-06-11
Last edited by bascule - 2008-06-28

FS#9086 - Miscellaneous updates to the manual

This is a placeholder task for my work on updating bits and pieces of the manual(s).

I’m noting where deficiencies lie and then I’ll attach updated text files (or proper LaTex diffs if I can get it to work) as and when they’re done :-)

Flashing/BootBox: New WPS syntax: (I’m hoping someone else will beat me to it!)
Calling selection-specific context menus from the Main Menu (probably best in the missing $3.3 Menu Overview
$4.4 - Working with Playlists: (Again, I’m hoping someone else will beat me to it!)

$4.3.3 - Playlist indicies option: Putting music on the player: Change Pre-requisites section around and more explicitly describe putting the player into UMS mode
$3.1.1 Player controls - change second Scroll Forward to Scroll Back
$4.1.3 Virtual Keyboard - Add details of creating/using your own: $4.2 - Insert Link to Custom Database Wiki page
$5.10 - Update links to Playlist Catalog information
$7.3 - Verify that Show Path option also modifies Database titles
Use of fixed.cfg
‘Bookmark Actions’ context menu
$10.4.6 - Configuring disktidy: $7.1 - More detail on Crossfade options: iconsets
coloured filetypes

Closed by  bascule
2008-06-28 13:43
Reason for closing:  Accepted
Additional comments about closing:   Warning: Undefined array key "typography" in /home/rockbox/flyspray/plugins/dokuwiki/inc/parserutils.php on line 371 Warning: Undefined array key "camelcase" in /home/rockbox/flyspray/plugins/dokuwiki/inc/parserutils.php on line 407

Mostly committed, thanks Marc Guay and pixelma. Remaining updates to the manual will be posted as more specific tasks soon.

Hey Eddy, I’m not sure how deep you’re going to get into this but it might be worth refreshing the ManualTodo wiki page and searching through the tracker for all of the bugs in the Manual category.

Marc, I was just planning to update annoying things that I know are missing and/or add detail to options that I have seen raised in the forums, but have never made it into the manual.

However, thanks for the reminder and I’ll take a look at both those items as part of my ‘preparation’ ;)

I know it’s going to be a long job but, like your excellent work on the Wiki, worth it in the long run…

OK, here’s the first one… I hope my new-found LaTex syntax knowledge is OK. Seemed to work for me in the PDF version (also attached).

There are changes to six files bundled up in this, but as they are all for the manual I thought it may not matter too much. Please let me know if they need to be split out.

$2.2 - clarity on UMS connection etc.

$3.1.1 - bugfix in button descriptions
NEW $3.1.4 Putting music on your player - brief overview of Drag ‘n’ Drop ability and recommended folder structure

$4.1.3 - Virtual Keyboard - Link to Wiki (LoadableKeyboardLayouts}.

NEW $4.2.5 Creating your own database navigation criteria - Link to Wiki (DataBase)

$4.4.2 Creating Playlists - clarify Playlist Catalog location is default, but not unchangeable
$4.4.6 Loading playlists - clarify Playlist Catalog location is default, but not unchangeable

NEW $11.3 Changing the PLAYLIST CATALOG location
$11.3.2 Specs for cfg files - Description of the ‘fixed.cfg’ config file

Some more updates completed. I split out the diffs this time, makes it easier to reject the dodgy ones ;)


$4.3.3 …the Playlist Viewer Menu entries described

$7.3 Added effect of Show Path setting on Databse browser

$7.7 Explained Bookmark Actions context menu entries

I think these are ready to be committed, as the other things on my list will take more work, so may not be done for a little while.

…and all as one file, if you so wish

nice work. I just had a quick look at the diffs and noticed that there are several rather long lines – could you please try to limit lines to 80 characters when possible (sometimes it makes sense to not break the lines, but … ;-) I don’t see a need for you reworking the diffs you already posted but it would be nice for new changes.

Here’s another batch:


Crossfade descriptions tweaked and descriptive graphic included

Custom Filetype colours explained

Custom configuration link to Wiki

Custom Icons link to Wiki pages

As I don’t have commit access, I’d be grateful if someone could look them over and commit the suitable ones for me (and I have kept the line lengths trimmed this time).

The zip includes all (separate) diffs, plus a combined diff plus the image file.

I added 2 parts of your changes to /advanced_topics/main.tex, but left out the part about the Playlist Catalog location because it seemed too specific for that section. Perhaps it belongs in the Working With Playlists chapter?

So what about the rest? I’m happy to make changes where necessary, but I don’t really want this task to be in an indeterminate state when it comes to what has been committed and what has not.

I can split them out into lots of different tasks if that is the preferred method…

I’d think that multiple tasks is the way to go, for trackability (if that’s a word).

Pixelma has kindly offered to look at the remaining patches. I’ll split the rest out into separate tasks once she has committed those ones that make the grade…

Hey Eddy, could you clarify this part of the “Putting Music on Your Player” addition: The default directory structure that is assumed by some parts of Rockbox (album art searching, WPS missing-tag fallback) is: /ArtistName/AlbumName/*.ext. I can’t think of an example where this is true.

Specifically, the original Rockbox default.wps and the new default Cabbie2.wps use conditionals to replace the album and artist tags with filepath information if the tag is missing. The assumption they use to do this is /ArtistName/AlbumName/filename.mp3
Also alluded to here:

Similarly, but not so specific, the AlbumArt search path for cover art ( includes the parent directory of a track and looks for albumtitle.bmp

My patch may not have made it clear enough that it is not a mandatory file structure, but by using it, people can save themselves a lot of hassle. I’ve seen a good number of people complaining that Rockbox is hard work, but it is because they have put *every* music file they have directly in the root directory!

If a user has un-tagged music within a good file structure, they may not even notice the lack of tagging, as the wps will smoothly default the tags with good filepath information.

I committed quite a bit of the still missing stuff yesterday. Parts I skipped for the moment were (basically lacking knowledge about Rockbox my own here…)

- the disktidy plugin change (although I even made some own changes) but I wasn’t sure because there were some changes to the disktidy plugin recently which might be worth mentioning too. That requires some investigation though

- the working with playlist part because I thought the my impression as a non-native speaker about the “specified playlist directory” was that it could be read as “you can specify any directory as playlist directory”. Is this true, are there some things to be aware about if you do? There were a few mentions of “harddisk” there that I would change to just “disk” so it’s more generic.

- the changes in the installation.tex because my impression was that some information gets lost (even though the old one can’t be read that easily)

- finally all the things I just didn’t see… (?). Actually I’m a bit lost what got already got committed and what not, maybe you could make a new diff against recent SVN?

Thanks very much for doing that. Now I’ll go through all the changes I made and any that still haven’t been committed, I’ll re-post as new, specific Flyspray tasks. I can see now that the all-in-one task is not the best way to go :-)

FYI, the reason I changed the playlist text is that, yes, you can configure any directory to be the Playlist Catalog.


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