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Attached to Project: Rockbox
Opened by gibbon_ - 2008-06-12

FS#9088 - RockCW - Rockbox Morse Trainer, a proof of concept

Hi there,

i am currently trying to learn the morse code. I thougt it would be fun to have rockbox as an aid, so i started to write a plugin for that.

This plugin currently has a limited functionality, but the current things are implemented:

  1. Morsing of custom texts, typed from the rockbox keyboard
  2. Morsing of random chars, till the battery drains (or less ;))
  3. Input of own Call and 'morsing' the same
  4. selection of speeds from 1-45 WPM in steps of 3
  5. selection of chars from 5 mixable groups
    1. letters
    2. numbers
    3. punctuation marks
    4. special chars (KA,BT,AR,VE)
    5. pauses

It would be very nice if someone tested these on some soft-codec targets. I included the source tarball (please add plugin to SOURCES and CATEGORIES if using this), a diff on r17715 and the binary .rock for the sansa c250.

Idd be very happy if, with a little help, this could move upstream. I am new to the plugin api and need some help especially in using the definitions to make this work on different DAPs (avoid building this on targets that don't support some features and so on). Correct me if i am wrong, but his should from my point of view work with all SWCODEC devices with LCD. I tried to write at least readable code and added some comments for the curious.

This builds at least on the c250 and works for me.

Thanks, Joel

Remind me, if i forgot something.

After being rightly accused of heavily violating the contribution policies, i hopefully fixed most of the code according to them and disabled the 'SOS' code by default, to prevent unknowing sending of distress signals.

Again, got some hints for more efficient use of the plugin api and improved the code a bit. Free for comments again…

N9XVT commented on 2008-07-24 04:35

doesnt work on my sansa c240? all i get is "incompatible version" ?

With build r18741, I get a few "error: too many arguments to function ‘rb→splash’"

Sorry, it's on an IPod Video 30Gb

Synced against r28563, but unfortunately it crashes as it starts.
Can someone investigate about that, I like so much this plugin.

I am on it… i was away for some time and many things about the plugin system seem to have changed. I will try to adapt the plugin to work at least on the targets i can test (Sansa Clip+ and iPod mini 1st). Stay tuned.


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