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Opened by CFP - 2008-06-26
Last edited by kugel. - 2014-01-16

FS#9124 - Pictures gallery plugin (photogallery)

This is a gallery plug-in for all rockbox players with color LCDs. It displays a set of x*y pictures, through which the user browses.
Photogallery plug-in uses bitmap files, for both thumbnails and full screen views. Thus, you’ll need to first generate a gallery, i.e. resize all your pictures to your DAP screen size, and then generate thumbnails for all those pictures, which will be placed in a ‘.thumbnails’ directory, which itself should be created for each folder containing images that you intend to view in the gallery. Creating a list of pictures to display in the gallery is also necessary, although photogallery can do this for you (still buggy in some cases though).
I have coded a soft to do all this automatically. Therefore, the user’s part of the job is just to specify where to take the pictures from, and where to save them. The soft will also generate the list of all pictures to display in the gallery, labeled pictures_list.pic (more details on my website), as well as the config file.
Then, when the plug-in loads, it will read from photogallery.config file where to get thumbnails and will then load thumbnails listed in pictures_list.pic, and finally display the gallery.

I’ve attached the diff file for this plug-in, and screenshots as well as additional information are avaliable on my website ( Although the process of generating a gallery sounds quite complicated, it is rather simple. Everything is automated if you use this program:, although it only works for windows users.

Feel free to comment on this plug-in.

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2014-01-16 15:58
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Re-open as a new task if you're still interested in it

Very nice! This is something Rockbox has been lacking for too long, thanks for starting it :)

CFP commented on 2008-06-26 22:33

Thanks ! Do you see a way to simplify the preparation process ? I think the resizing code should be ported to Linux, so that linux users can also use it. btw thanks for updating the link.

plugins does not compile as of svn. 17873

CFP commented on 2008-06-29 13:00

Which error do you get ? On which platform ? DId you add the compiler to your path ? As of r17875, the plugin does compile…

<quote> DId you add the compiler to your path ? </quote>

what compiler to which path ?
i get some error related to the home/ path only, what am i supposed to do

im compiling for the h10[20GB]

The tracker is for discussing tasks and issues with them. From your post this absolutely doesn’t sound like a problem with the patch, so please stop polluting the tracker with basic compilation issues.

And there is no “h10 compiler”. The correct compiler for the h10 is arm-elf-gcc.

1.patch needs to be synced at plugins/apps/categories
im attaching the synced patch just a change of one line, the file was modified recently to alphabetical order

2.bluebrother stop being so judgemental & chill, during compiling there is an error with credits.elf & photogallery.elf
thats what my first comment meant, that the patch does not compile

i als want to specify incase you thinkin goes wild, why there was an error at credits, im using a pure svn copy with this patch no other patches are used while testing for this patch thank you

Project Manager

If you want to resolve your problem with compiling the patch, you should at least tell the author the exact error messages. Copy them from the console window and paste them here. It is not very helpful to say “there is an error with credits.elf & photogallery.elf”.

CFP commented on 2008-06-30 12:05

Do you mean you posted this “synced” patch just to get a proper alphabetical listing ? Ok great.
Still, I don’t understand your problem at all. I really have no problem building from a clean SVN. And I understood that the patch did not compile, but if you don’t give me any precisions, I’ll have a hard time helping you.

CFP commented on 2008-06-30 12:41

AceNik: You must be doing something wrong. I downloaded a clean source from SVN, applied my patch, configured the build for h10, built and everything is working perfectly. You might find want to have a look at If you want, try to run this script :
– Script – #!/bin/bash
export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/arm-elf/bin
mkdir ~/Documents/Rockbox
cd ~/Documents/Rockbox
svn co svn:// source
cd source
mkdir build
cd build
cd ~/Documents/Rockbox/source/build
– End of script – Any details about the error you get ?

AceNik: I definitely won’t “stop being so judgemental & chill”. We have rather simple rules here. Simply nagging around without giving any details is nothing I appreciate and I’m quite sure others do neither. If you don’t want to follow basic rules on how to treat people that might help you, which I definitely remember you failing at several times in the past, please leave.

CFP commented on 2008-07-01 15:13

Patch updated :

  • Smoothed browsing.
  • Added possibility to load a gallery by opening the .pic file from browser.
  • If the dir specified in the config file does not exist, or parameters can’t be correctly read, exit.
  • In case no config file is found, a new one is created including a path to the default directory /Pictures and a display of 1 per 1 to avoid segfaulting.
  • Removed unused parameter “top_offset”.
  • (sorted entries in CATEGORIES)
CFP commented on 2008-07-02 19:16

Fix stupid bug.

can you update this?


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