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Opened by takumiboo - 2008-07-03
Last edited by rasher - 2008-08-12

FS#9148 - Japanese language file

Sorry, I am Japanese and I can’t use English very well.
So I used “Excite translate”.

In English:
I noticed there was a place that had still to be translated into the
Japanese language file.
The file is appended.

In Kanji:

Closed by  rasher
2008-08-12 17:31
Reason for closing:  Accepted
Additional comments about closing:   Warning: Undefined array key "typography" in /home/rockbox/flyspray/plugins/dokuwiki/inc/parserutils.php on line 371 Warning: Undefined array key "camelcase" in /home/rockbox/flyspray/plugins/dokuwiki/inc/parserutils.php on line 407

Committed in revision 18257. Problems in voice strings should be pointed out/discussed in a new flyspray task.

In translated English:
I think that there is an improvement in the place in which it has
already been translated.
For example, I think that it is necessary to make “チャネルの設定” to “チャンネルの設定”.

How should I do to improve the translation already?
I am not well informed, commit etc. are not understood.

In Kanji:


Whick commented on 2008-07-17 17:52

I edited some more voice word.
For exaple, replace the voice of “文字色” with “文字のいろ
voice of “大文字” with “おお文字”.
“文字色” is read as “もじいろ” by LH Kenji.
“文字しょく” is read as “もじしよく” and
“大文字” is read as “だいもんじ”.

And I ajusted all sequence to sort as same as english.lang.

In Kanji:
理由は、LH Kenjiでは、「文字色」を「もじいろ」と読み、



Whick commented on 2008-07-17 18:39

You need this patch if make japanese.voice with LH-Kenji bundled with office2003.

“LH Naoko” and “LH Kenji” which are Japanese Free SAPI Engines distributed from Microsoft,
But they don’t have the Attribute of “Vendor”.
So some errors are going to occur in “tools/sapi_voice.vbs” when you make japanese.voice.

I renovated “voice.patch” in  FS#8737  made by MoonWolf.

In Kanji

LH Naoko とLH Kenjiは、マイクロソフトから配布されている、フリーの日本語合成エンジンですが、

このパッチは、 FS#8737 で、MoonWolfが作ったを元に改修したものです。

In english:
This file is empty.

In my horrible Japanese:

Whick commented on 2008-07-29 15:38

I’m sorry for being late for replying for you.

I made “sapi_voice_for_lh_kenji_20080718.diff” to fix and sapi_voice.vbs.

But A buggy code in has been fixed
since 2008-07-20 as r18102 by Jens Arnold.

I ajusted this patch only for sapi_voice.vbs.

Whick commented on 2008-07-29 15:39

Sorry, I fogot to attach the file….

Whick commented on 2008-07-29 17:15

Harru, You’re right that “sapi_voice_for_lh_kenji_20080718.diff” is empy.
It might be gotten disconnected before uploading’s done.
Please download “sapi_voice_for_lh_kenji_20080730.diff” instead.

Please do not change voice strings to make them sound better with a specific SAPI voice. This should be done in

Please provide a patch that only fixes problems and adds translations - do not change voice strings.

The SAPI change should be in a separate task.

Whick commented on 2008-07-30 09:02

I’m sorry. I PROMISE you to effort to provide a patch ONLY to fixes problems and adds translations.
I understand that sapi problem is separate task.

But could you keep in your mind following that if you don’t speak and read Japanese,
1. “LH Kenji is bundled with office 2003 and XP. So it’s most famouse SAPI engine in Japan.
2. Many new word is made in Japan often.

  So I think it's too difficult for most sapi-engines to read kanji word rightly. 
  For example, When we read 色,we pronouce shiki ,i-ro or shoku depend on word, context and situation.
  voice string of japanese.lang file colud be help for it.

By the way, Takumiboo and I had a questionnaire for some tranlation problems problems
in the one of Japanese bulletin board.
(Off cource those problems are “Excluding SAPI problems” )
I’m ready for upload new patch and will upload it after I build and exam it for all-devices.
(using simulators)

I’m going to have to insist. Do not modify the voice strings to make it sound better. Perhaps someone else is using another voice engine, and then it will not sound correct.

You should modify the file tools/ to change the string for your voice engine. I can help you with this if you want - but there are examples in there already. Using Rockbox Utility, you can not do this yet, but it will be added eventually.

Whick commented on 2008-07-31 12:23

My expression might be so bad that you might misunderstand my purpose.
The fist purpose of next changing japanese.lang
is NOT to make it sound better but to correct some Japanese traslation.

Off course, I’ll put voice-string back to normal absolutely.

I can help you with this if you want
I am interested in the proposal But I should not ask you here, should I?
So I am afraid I can’t accept it though I appreciate the concern.

Don’t worry. I use VW Misaki and not LH Kenji for I cannot use LH Kenji.

sumimasenn. Watashiwa VW Misaki ga chikaimasu. Watashiwa LH Kenji ga chikaku kotoga dekimasenn.

Japanese.lang’s patch needs fixing.


I think a better translation for “always” is “itsumo” not “tsunetoki”. Just wanted to point that out; if anyone has some objections that’s fine.

Whick commented on 2008-08-04 15:45

You’re wrong what you pronounce “常時”。
We don’t pronounce “常時” as “つねとき”.
We write “常時” as “じょうじ” in hiragana.

I think a better translation for “always” is “itsumo” not “tsunetoki”.
I think the best translation for always is “常時”.

I think a better translation for “always” is “itsumo” not “tsunetoki”. Just wanted to point that out; if anyone has some objections that’s fine.

Sorry for the double post

Harry Tu, do NOT comment on translations for languages you do not speak natively. This is not a request.

Taktak: If you give me an example of a string that needs to be changed to sound better, and tell me the vendor name for the sapi engine - I’ll give you a patch for and you can extend that as you like.

If you use Rockbox Utility to create voice files, it is not currently possible to do.

Based on some discussion in #rockbox, perhaps it would be better to use Hiragana (or katakana?) for voice strings? Would that be better for voice engines? You should still write the words correctly, and we can fix it in (and later Rockbox Utility) if it sounds wrong.

None of the involved speaks Japanese, so if this is a bad idea, just ignore us :)

I’ve committed a workaround for SAPI5 voices with missing vendor attribute. sapi_voice.vbs will now issue a warning, but no error code on exit. As for the changes in UTF8decode(), what are they meant to do? As they are, they cannot work at all. Split(sText, “,”, -1) will split the input string at commas, whereas the function needs to work on individual input bytes (auto-converted to wchar by the WSH).

Check whether japanese.lang is in utf-8 format. It has to be in order to work on all platforms.

Whick commented on 2008-08-05 17:10

I rearranged the order of the japanese.lang as same as english.lang
to compare to english.lang easily.
Please adopt the order if it’s against the rule.

I rearranged Japanese translation for following that.
(translation for source word)

“ディレクトリ” for Directory

    Those translation were mixed with フォルダ and ディレクトリ

“カタログの参照” for “View Catalog”

“の参照” for “Browse sth”

“*の参照” for “Browse *”

“スキップ単位” for “Skip Length”

“トラック単位” for “Skip Track”

“チャンネル” for “channel” and “channels”


Whick commented on 2008-08-06 05:06

Hi, jonas. I appreciate your thoughtful reply.

About customization
The problematical SapiEngine “LH Kenji” and “LH Naoko”
is bundled with Microsoft Office 2003 or XP which are localized for Japan
so that I think the vender is Microsoft.
though the original equipment manufacturer is “Lernout & Hauspie”, I think.

But I don’t know the way of determination of vender of the Sapi
because the sapi engine don’t have “vendor” attribute.
(”Voice.MatchesAttributes(”Vendor”) property returns false.)”

About writing voice string in Hiragana.
It’s difficult.
To use Hiragana (or katakana?) is effective solution
against sapi’s wrong reading, You’re right.
I think we should use Hiragara(or Katakna) for some voice-strings at least.
But To use Hiragana has possibilities to break the tone accent.
Most Japanese accent is not “strong and weak accent” but “tone accent” unlike most Engilsh accent.
I think that Kanji and amount of vocabulary are necessary to express tone accent correctly.
A word with wrong accent will become another word often in Japanese.

Be that as it may, I’ll check those voce-strings more for that sapi
before I let you know problematical voice-strings.

Whick commented on 2008-08-06 05:09

I’m very sorry that the lang file I uploaded yesterday became empty.
I’ll upload it again in day.

Whick commented on 2008-08-06 05:32

Hi, Jens.
I thank you to give this infomation of this update.
I tried to create japanese.voice yesterday with current sapi_voice.vbs , and LH Kenji bundled with MS Office2003.

I built “japanese.lang” with no error occuring. But it doesn’t work well.
My Rockbox doesn’t speak anything using this voice

After that, I create another japanese.voice
with the SapiEngine, sapi_voice.vbs I fixed, and I fixed.
My Rockbox can speak voice-strings well using this japanese.voice.

I’ll report more infomation for this problem briefly here in a day.

Whick commented on 2008-08-06 15:23

Hi jens,

Vendor attribute might not be the cause of the eror.
There is necessary alternation for and sapi_voice.vbs
to create voice-files for multibyte-font-language at least if you help us.

I’ll upload not sapivbs.patch but sapi_voice.vbs because its line feed code is CR.

By the way, I think that the following code might be unavailability.

          WScript.StdOut.WriteLine "Warning - unknown vendor """ & sVendor _
                                   & """ - using default wave format"

I didn’t see the that message while I build japanese.voice.
Instead ,these follwing message appeard with sapi_voice.vbs I altered for multibyte-font-language.

Generating voice clips……….. 4 [main] perl 1920 delqueue_list::queue_file: Out of queue slots
339720 [main] perl 1920 delqueue_list::queue_file: Out of queue slots
635045 [main] perl 1920 delqueue_list::queue_file: Out of queue slots
1247996 [main] perl 1920 delqueue_list::queue_file: Out of queue slots
– same errors continued. –

I think stdout from sapi_voice will be invisible until following code act
so that the message (”Warning - unknown vendor”) isn’t available is it?

          %ret = (%ret,
                  "stdin" => *CMD_IN,
                  "stdout" => *CMD_OUT,
                  "vendor" => $vendor);


Whick commented on 2008-08-06 16:46

Takumiboo send me new japanese.lang.

Can you try uploading your complete japanese.lang file as it is now?

You shouldn’t need to do escape the string in - voice strings need to be UTF-8, and will be converted by sapi_voice.vbs to the appropraite charset for SAPI. I suspect the character set is changed at some point, but I don’t know how, when or where.

+ $escape_string =~ s/(.)/sprintf(’%d,’, ord($1))/eg;

This is certain to break other languages. I can’t imagine why it should be needed for Japanese. There must be an error some other place.

After some discussion on IRC, things start making sense. I’ve opened a new task for this problem, so let us move this discussion into  FS#9246  and concentrate on the actual translation here.

Whick commented on 2008-08-06 17:27
After some discussion on IRC, thing …

Sound’s good but I’m very sleepy because it’s 2:14 AM Japan and
customized sapi_voice.vbs and are created by Kenjiro Arai(MoonWolf), see  FS#8737 .
So We had better ask him.

B.T.W. Takumiboo polished up new Japanese.lang and I copared to current english.lang.

Whick commented on 2008-08-06 17:32

this is a report comparing to english.lang. it’s for Japanese people watching this flyspray.

It seems a lot of eyes have been on this translation. I will commit what you have now, and keep this task open for corrections (as unified diffs (diff -u) in the future, please).

As for the problem with voice strings, we should fix that in  FS#9246 .

Were the changes to japanese.lang all done by Suzuki Takumi? Otherwise, we need the full name of the other contributors so we can give proper credit.

Whick commented on 2008-08-07 02:43

Hold it ! Somebody send me japanese.lang polishd up.I’ll upload it after checking it.
Don’t commit it still now.

That’s fine, I’ve not done anything yet. We will need the full name of everyone who has contributed to it as a matter of policy.

Whick commented on 2008-08-11 15:31

Please commit this file. I have added two credit in this lang-file.
But I must explain to Japanese watchers why I update month-string from Japanese to English.
Jan, Feb, Mar.. were translated into “1月”, “2月”, “3月”,etc now.

They’re not wrong but we insist that month-strings should be written in English
as if japanese.lang is selected.

Because these “月” are more UNNATURAL than keeping it in English IN WPS.

 The letter of "日" is necessary for using "月" in date-format.(writen like "8月7日" means 7 Jan)    But there isn't the way of using "日" in WPS.

In Playscreen, “8月 10日” is natural (if it can be written).
“10 Aug” is comparatively natural even in Japan. But “8月 10” is quite unnatural.
Besides, most Japanese know simple English like Jan, Feb… and we usually use this English in Japanese Calendar
But most Japanese weren’t good at listening English so that I didn’t change the voice string of these month’s string to English.

We came to the decision from answers to questionnaire in a Japanese Bulletin Board.

Description of update for Japanese users —– 1. ソート順で、Alphabeticalは、名前順と変更
2. ビットマップファイルのコンテキストメニューで[背景をロードしました] を選んだら・・・
  英語では、Backdrop Loaded / Backdrop Failed。
  新 :変更しました/変更に失敗しました

4. タッチパッド感度を選んだら、英語では “High” 。

5. 月は英語だとJan,Feb,/日本語表示だと1月,2月,だが、この表記を英語のままとしたい。



6. ”~します”は、基本的には、名詞で終わるか、体言止めで統一し、助詞を「の」にする。
  ”を削除 → の削除”“をロードします→の読込み”、 “に書き出し→の保存(cfgファイル)”


  ・”最近のブックマークを読み込む”     解説:”最近のブックマークの読み込み”とすると、”の”が重なるし、違和感もある。

  ・”音楽をレジュームします”   ・”ディスクをスキャン中”   ・”シャッフル時にトラックゲインを使用”     解説:助詞が2個以上ある文章を、”の”で置き換えたとき違和感

I guess “Portable Audio@2ch” isn’t anyone’s full name. Please provide the actual name of the contributors. Rockbox does not accept anonymous contributions. If you’ve asked someone for help, you don’t have to add them, but the people who’ve actually done the translation will have to be listed by full name.

Whick commented on 2008-08-12 17:01

I update comment lines for credit and something following english.lang revision 18251.
Please commit it.

By the way, Where should I discuss follwing topic.
> Comment by Jonas Häggqvist (rasher) - Tuesday, 29 July 2008, 08:23 GMT-12
> Please do not change voice strings to make them sound better with a specific SAPI voice. This should be done in

Could you reopen  FS#9246  for that? Should I discuss this topic into new flyspray?


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