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Attached to Project: Rockbox
Opened by stripwax - 2008-07-08

FS#9171 - Replace the CUBE in cube with COBRA MK III

Dumb patch but introduces handling for non triangular faces (by triangulating them when rendering). Vertices courtesy of (in particular I hand-converted

Fix for reported build failures due to implicit insertion of memcpy call during structure copying. odd that it happens on h300 build but not ipod5g build.

Er, and with the file:

nls commented on 2008-07-16 18:26

IMHO it would be nicer to either add this alongside the cube and allow switching between the two (with a possible name change for the plugin) or to use the patch as-is but change the name of the plugin (not much of a cube anymore).

That's an easy change to make - you just need to add a key binding that changes which shape data structure you point to and reinitialize. I didn't do it for brevity. Agree it's more likely to get the patch included that way. Then again, if someone wants to add that keybinding, it makes sense to add a bunch more shape data (linuxstb suggested adding all of the convex polyhedra, which is doable given that non-triangular faces can be rendered automatically now).

To do list:
Keybinding for switching between shape data
More shape data (polyhedra, more Elite ships, …?)
Optimised triangle filling in pluginlib?
Optimised non-triangular planar filling in pluginlib?
Light sources?

Anyone have an opinion on the GPL compatibility of the Elite vertex data, by the way?


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