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Attached to Project: Rockbox
Opened by petur - 2008-07-21
Last edited by petur - 2008-08-06

FS#9208 - Recording screen converted to viewports

Recording screen converted to viewports, no longer using sysfonts

To do
- clean up the code (not committable yet)
- convert LANG strings from SYSFONT to normal
- make the peakmeters nicer now that they can become big
- test on more targets

feedback welcome ;-)

example screenshot:

The task blocks this from closing
ID Project Summary Priority Severity Assigned To Progress
5675 Rockbox  FS#5675 - Recording screen can't be localized with character not present i  Very Low Low
Closed by  petur
2008-08-06 20:26
Reason for closing:  Accepted
petur commented on 2008-07-23 22:50

work in progress…. most stuff working except trigger.

petur commented on 2008-07-24 21:54

Full working version.

- nicer peakmeters (if large)
- change SYSFONT lang-strings into proper strings
- test on several targets

petur commented on 2008-07-25 21:06

Moved the filename into the listbox to free up more space on top - haven't checked if it is displaying correctly, the list probably needs a nudge to refresh when the filename changes. Top now uses 4 lines, list 2 (JdGordon suggested bringing the minimum list height down to one)

I'm not so sure the filename should be in the list part… shouldn't that stay for "live" settings only?

petur commented on 2008-07-26 17:23

JdGordon: reason is that it isn't critical info to see, and it frees up a line so everything fits even on the smallest screen…

petur commented on 2008-07-26 18:05

fix for compile error for non-AGC targets (copy/paste error)

z-man commented on 2008-07-26 20:16

screen update problems:
- clip counter increments don't show up
- USB plug symbol incomplete except for the first 2 (?!) pixel lines

petur commented on 2008-07-26 22:50

This one fixes a bug where gain setting wasn't done properly

NOTE: CLIP counter does work here, make sure it really clips (ie clip bar at the end of the peakmeter is drawn)
NOTE2: filename is shown and updated correctly (when starting new recording)

- USB symbol not drawn
- filename not shown on some targets (instead, it shows volume again)
- peakmeter fancyness
- LANG changes

petur commented on 2008-07-26 23:10

- filename not shown on some targets
- USB logo not shown

Tested on a H100 - works very nicely indeed. Plugging USB is ignored during recording which I suspect is as intended and as should be, and works as normal during pre-recording. Clip counter works just fine here. Very good, a big improvement.

z-man commented on 2008-07-27 23:04

rec_v8.patch on iaudio X5:
USB logo working now
clip counter:
1.) even with a lot of clip bars at the peakmeter's end the counter seems to be updated only randomly. actually, the corresponding file viewed in a wave editor shows up a lot more clipping points than the counter. all in all I think, there's a problem with computing the "sensitivity" of the clip counter in general, since I got the same results without this patch applied. But perhaps here's a good chance to fix it. Like
2.) clip counter start: To me, it makes sense if the clip counter starts in pre-recording mode already, because that's the time when I want the gain to be adjusted correctly. Currently the counter seems to count only while recording?!?
3.) clip counter reset: Any change to the gain should reset the counter to zero. Especially in pre-recording mode this would easily help me find the right gain where no more new clipping events occur.

petur commented on 2008-07-28 07:43

z-man, regarding the clipcounter: if this patch doesn't change how it works, please open a new tracker for it if you think it doesn't work properly.
However: the clipcounter is supposed to only count +1 when the clip bars become visible, any clipping happening while they are visible is not counted.

The other things you mention are nice to know but do not belong here… forum feature request maybe?

petur commented on 2008-07-29 22:06

partial changing of sysfont strings to normal ones (work in progress)

petur commented on 2008-07-30 22:13

Sysfonts removed (where possible)

Commit candidate :) - needs more testing on targets

petur commented on 2008-07-31 23:00

Should fix recording issues on non-SWCODEC (Archos)

petur commented on 2008-07-31 23:13

fix non-SWCODEC compile error

r18166 + v12 + e200
Looks great! Glad to finally be able to read the font. The only thing I noticed is that I have the status bar turned off so when in the recording screen I have no feedback about the recording state (rec/pause) or filetype, as that info currently resides in the bar. Perhaps it should be switched on automatically on entry to the screen and turned off on exit like the FM Radio, at least for now.

I tried the v12 patch on my OndioFM - finally the peak meter moves, the trigger screen does not talk and I can record but now there are the following problems:

1) The displayed filesize is way way off (starting with some 1xx MB and increases, sometimes jumps back down a bit) and I also get a "disk is full" message on the first line of the screen which is probably related.

2) Returning from the recording menu to the recording screen will freeze my Ondio with a blank screen and needs a hard reset. Recording still seems to be enabled as I can hear it in my headphones. This always happens, no matter what I did in the menu even when just entering from the recording screen and leaving again. I didn't find any problems in using that menu (well a button action problem in the trigger screen but this is present in SVN too).

3) When triggered recording is enabled, the trigger bar is not displayed in the recording screen though the peak meter is smaller then and makes room for it.

Not a problem but I really think that a one line peak meter is enough on the 64 pixel high screens (two lines are already ok on the 80 pixels high c200 screen to me). With the nedore-9 font I use there is only room for two lines of the other information in the list some of which is important too in my opinion. But I'm not a taper and hopefully someone with an Iriver remote could comment on that too… (maybe I'm a bit biased because it has always been that way - and on the Archos screens it really looks weird. These LCDs have rectangular pixels with the width only being 80% of the pixels height, making the two lines look even taller).

Last but not least, a small problem which could probably be fixed later: the selected item in the list does not scroll and so I can't read the filename completely.

petur commented on 2008-08-01 22:52

Cleaned up some code and found a few ill-placed things. The order of operation should be better now.

(1) I expect this to be fixed.

(2) Still have to check on coming out of the menu, so that will probably still be broken.

(3) I looked at the trigger bar drawing and can't figure out why it is invisible. It is probably not handling viewports correctly and thus shown 8 pixels higher, under the peakmeters… to be investigated.

And yes, I also wonder why selected list items do not scroll. Probably a property of the list at creation. To be checked.

I tried the v13 patch and unfortunatly it didn't change much. The only thing that's different (I believe) is that when I enter the recording screen the filesize says "0 kB" (was already "0 MB" before) but I still get the disk full message and - as soon as I start recording, the filesize starts counting from 100 MB up. It looks like it's displaying the last three digits of a longer number (very quickly from "001" to "999", then again from "001" to "999" but slower - and so on, always slower and at some point switching to "GB" and then it can also become a 4 digit number.

Hmm… I now stopped a recording at displayed "114 GB" and properties told me that the file is actually 1183 kB… During the recording I could see right before the displayed filesize switched to "GB", that it showed four digits shortly ("1000" → "1023", I think).

The other things also didn't change, as you expected. I'll also take the chance to point at MarcGuay's reply before mine in case that short one got lost… ;)
I also saw that on my Ondio with the v13 patch.

petur commented on 2008-08-03 21:38

another day, another patch :/

- have another go at the archos issues
- trigger bar should now be visible
- forced statusbar on

for the archos issue, I now tried to make the whole init sequence be as close to the original source as possible, I hope this helps. If not, I'll need to scratch my head a bit longer ;)

petur commented on 2008-08-03 22:17

fix occasional display glitch caused by list drawing routine switching viewports…

petur commented on 2008-08-04 20:59

release candidate 1 ;)

- selected list entry scrolls
- filename is shown completely (scrolls if selected)

looks good… I'm still not a fan of the filename being in the list part and imo it should only be there if there is <3 lines available for the list…

anyway, code comments (repeating the ones i mentioned in irc )
- the viewports can probably be local vars instead of globals.
- there is a few lines of // commented out code
- line 1620 of recording.c you have a clear_viewport() but doesn't look like the viewport is set before hand?… hmm… nope, its set at line 1242, fine but either add a comment somewhere or move this down to where the drawing actually happens.. also it looks like the lcd on code wont actually work correctly (line 1398, also.. what the heck is that block for anyway?)

other than that.. looks good

petur commented on 2008-08-05 22:07

fixes all above remarks

one issue nobody noticed remains: when recording stops, filename stays displayed. To be fixed…

petur commented on 2008-08-06 18:25

release candidate 2

will commit in a few hours unless remarks come


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