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Opened by Spanky - 2008-09-01
Last edited by Buschel - 2011-10-21

FS#9348 - JPEG Viewer on iPod

I was playing music on my iPod and I accidentially opened a JPG and the plugin opened and said there was not enough memory to run while playing music, it said something like press “xxx” to stop playback or press “off” to close the JPG Viewer. The iPod does not have an off button, I started pressing buttons and the playback stopped and it opened the picture.

Closed by  Buschel
2011-10-21 20:24
Reason for closing:  Out of Date
CFP commented on 2008-09-01 21:19

I already mentioned this in one of my patches (regarding, Gigabeat though). The fact is that jpeg plugin calls ‘off’ the fact of pressing simultaneously ‘menu’ and ‘select’ on ipods (I think this command is used in most plugins to exit on ipods). This task can be closed imo.

That would make sense, I still think “off” should be changed. I don’t see it taking but a few minutes of someones time.

CFP commented on 2008-09-01 21:24

See  FS#9326  then. My patch about this has been refused : the point is there’s no generic button name matching every targets, and conditional are not wanted.

It says accepted. If that’s true then I was using a older build (week or two old) and it was on there. If the fix is in the current build then sorry for creating this and someone can close it. Thanks.

CFP commented on 2008-09-02 06:03

Did you just read what was written under the accepted tag ? Or even my previous comment ? Part of the patch was accepted, but not the one related to JPEG plugin. The fact is I don’t quite know what you could want to replace ‘off’ with.

Wow, I don’t know how I missed that. I would say that the two universal buttons would be:

play to continue with opening the plugin and stop playback
rewind to cancel out of the plugin

As far as I would imagine, all portable players would have those buttons. To me, rewind would come naturally as in the menus you use rewind to go up in the directory structure. Just a thought.

CFP commented on 2008-09-02 09:27

This implies changing the whole JPEG keymap for all targets… Not very feasible unless somebody wants to spend time on this. Plus, the manual already describes JPEG plugin’s keymap, explaining what ‘off’ key is. Stil, feel free to create a patch for this, but you might want to use PLA.

Then how about changing the word “off” to the devices actual off button/combination? Believe me, I would love to make patches and builds and whatnot, I tried to set it up before but it’s way too confusing for me. I also have no clue what PLA is :(

CFP commented on 2008-09-03 12:29

The thing is, the aforementioned patch ( FS#9326 ), which as I previously mentionned was refused, was about this - changing the string on a per-target basis. But it was refused - this is not the right solution, and it is already being worked on, it seems. Pla stands for pluginlib_action, i.e. a lib which tries to unify buttons used in plugins.

I have now seen this in numerous plugins and I tried the Menu+Select like you said for off but the plugin closed when I pressed Menu, it was fast enough that I hadn’t had time to press Select yet. This wording is kinda mis-leading as well because off isn’t Menu+Select, it’s a long press of Play. I think this is unknowingly confusing many many iPod owners. I’m in no way creative enough to come up with a solution to this, especially not knowing how it functions. I’m just expressing my concern for it and hopefully others can do that as well and we can get a brainstorm going :)

nls commented on 2008-11-05 13:10

Nate, as i wrote in the task Clément referenced a fix for this is being worked on, this fix is general localization support for plugins that will also bring support for target specific strings just like in core rockbox. It is still not finished though but hopefully will be soon. So a “brainstorm” is not what we need and adding a stop-gap “solution” of #ifdef’ed strings to a big bunch of plugins will just mean more stuff to remove once the localization goes in. I added the plugin localization patch as a “this task depends on” so see it for more info.


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