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Opened by glenmo - 2008-09-11
Last edited by fg - 2009-12-17

FS#9395 - reopen task 9048 -- ipod 5.5g freezes upon usb connection

if the device is off and i plug it into usb, device freezes at home screen (files, database, resume playlist…) and i have to force restart in order to get it back to usable state. it will only load usb transfer mode if the device is turned on when i plug it into usb. this was not always the case and i found it very convenient to not have to worry whether or not it was powered up before plugging it in…

i'm using the device in windows xp, os x and linux and i get the same behavior in all operating systems.

i think it is still charging when frozen.

using r18492 build

Closed by  fg
2009-12-17 22:02
Reason for closing:  Fixed
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The consensus seems to be that this is fixed

Confirming this behavior on version r18607-3.0-080923.

I must now activate the 'Hold' switch when plugging 5/5g iPod into USB connection in order to have iPod go into disk mode. Otherwise, as described above, IPod boots into RockBox firmware and freezes. Disk access to iPod from a both Win 2K or Win XP system is not possible. Drive shows up in Windows Explorer but trying to access it brings up an 'Insert disk' dialog which says, "Please instert a disk into drive E:."

Previously this was not necessary.

I observe the same behavior with an iPod Video 30 GB, using Windows XP and Rockbox build r19569.

I also observe the same behavior on a 60GB 5.5g, using Rockbox build 19833

I can also confirm that the iPod does charge while frozen, though the battery indicator on the screen does not update until the device is rebooted without USB cable attached.

MikeS commented on 2009-02-13 01:41

Is this still an issue?

You mean with a newer build?

MikeS commented on 2009-02-14 02:51

Of course. A similar problem was addressed on my targets which share the same USB code as the 5.5g so I wondered about the status of this bug in more recent builds.

Results of testing with r19918-090204 in one sitting:

Attempt 1: Successfully plugged iPod into USB cable and behavior seems normal. Unit is connected successfully to PC running Windows 2k and disk mode is activated.

Attempt 2: After a normal disconnect and allowing unit to power down, upon reconnect to USB cable, unit now brings up the "Please Wait. Very Low Battery." screen. This after the battery power level indicator had shown 97% level after Rockbox booted up after Attempt 1. After ten minutes, no change.

Attempt 3: Unit was disconnected from USB cable (there was no way to properly do this through the operating system this time.) The iPod screen then went totally blank/black and it took a hard reset to boot up Rockbox. Battery level indicated as 91%. Unit then allowed to power itself down.

Attempt 4: Unit plugged into USB cable. Nothing happens on the iPod, no entry into disk mode; no low battery, nothing. Held unit to ear to listen for hard drive activity, nothing. Unit disconnected and reconnected several times with same result. Click-wheel is also non-responsive while connected. Unit then disconnected from USB cable and then hard-reset after which it boots successfully into Rockbox.

Attempt 5: After allowing unit to power down, successfully plugged iPod into USB cable and behavior seems normal. Unit is connected successfully to PC running and disk mode is activated.

I have never observed the results of Attempt 4 at any time before. During none of these attempts today did the unit ever boot into Rockbox and freeze, as had been its behavior as noted in my entry from Friday, 17 October 2008. So to answer the question of MikeS; yes, it still seems to be an issue, but something may have changed.

Sometime after 17 October I had purchased a wall wart power charger for the iPod and have never had the unit fail to boot up into Rockbox and charge the battery when plugged into it.

MikeS commented on 2009-02-15 05:42

I did notice this happen on a borrowed unit but didn't know what to make of it nor whether it was some old misbehavior. The fact that it persists across boots may indicate something not right with the reboot reset code rather than the USB code.

Works fine for me with r20603-090401.

This appears to be resolved for me also.

The "Please Wait. Very Low Battery." and failure to power on when USB is connected are probably not USB related. I think they're the same issue as failure to turn on normally, requiring a select+menu reset to turn on.


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