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Attached to Project: Rockbox
Opened by insanepotato - 2008-10-02

FS#9442 - FingersOfRock: DDR varient

FingersOfRock is a DDR variant where by arrows pass over the screen, and the player must press the corresponding buttons in time.

I don’t know how to use the cpu boost, so if someone has some time, please boost when the game begins and un-boost when it finishes.

It is called FingersOfRock from: FretsOfFire and rockbox.

For more details on the source of inspiration:

You seem to’ve forgotten that the Rockbox guidelines don’t allow you to use C++ style comments (//), so you’ll need to replace those with /* */

fg commented on 2008-10-02 09:37

For boosting, just call rb→trigger_cpu_boost() at the start, and rb→cancel_cpu_boost() when you’re done. Do check for HAVE_SCHEDULER_BOOSTCTRL however.

Please also add the SOURCES and CATEGORIES bits to the patch

To get this included in official builds, it also needs to have a manual section. We strongly prefer a patch to the manual for this. If you’re not familiar with LaTeX, please provide at least the text to be added to the manual.

I have reformatted the code to adhere by the regulations found on the ConributingToRockbox page, and I have included patches for CATEGORIES and SOURCES, and a text file to go into the manual.

I edited the source so it can compile on r19934. I also made the HP bar deplete in the correct direction when the arrows run horizontally.

Just put the manual file in the rockbox root directory and expand it, the files should expand to the correct places.

Sorry, the key mapping in post above was incorrect. I don’t know how to delete comments.

Images in the zip, manual and source in patch.
fixed some formatting (c++ style comments)

This won’t compile for me, could someone give me the .rock file or update the patch?

This won’t compile for me, could someone give me the .rock file or update the patch?

I think its because i forgot to add SOURCES and CATEGORIES to the previous file. This one has been made properly.

I put the maual page and the actualy plugin’s source in different files, because i think it makes more sense like that =]

btw, i cant give you a .rock file, because they aren’t compatible across different build and players.

Thank You!

Hm Something is still wrong

please be more specific, which player are you building for, revision of rockbox are you building from, and what are the error messages. The previous patch worked fine when i tested it for c200, but if u can tell me which player your target is, i can check again specifically for that target.

wait never mind, it is patching correctly now

Hey just got this working, fun patch. Infact I just might make a background for it. ;)

I made a background enhanced arrows if you want to add it in.

I like the idea, when I get a bit more time I’ll probably try to do what you have suggested in the image.
It will have to be done in software as I’m not too keen on loading up bitmaps; because that would take a lot of work to get the correctly sized bitmaps for each target.

I think i might add a menu and remove the messages when u start the plugin as well.

Added a menu
Applied colour scheme
Allow change in difficulty
Cleaned up a few mixed case identifiers
Cleaned up a bit of code

Its very colour full now =] (thanks for the idea Gman XD)
please tell me if there are errors.

gtg parrents are yelling! @_@

Cool, and your welcome :)

I added Playback Controls to the menu, now you can change the song playing from within FOR =DDDD


  • Arrow speed varies with arrow size(screen size)
  • new game resets the health properly
  • health increase infinitely fixed
  • ready set go message clears the screen first
  • tweak difficulty settings
  • darkened grey (missed) arrows
  • darken green (active) arrows
  • Removed the word “buttons” from discalimer
  • Difficulty menu shows the currently selected difficulty

+ Sexy health bar =]

I think the new health bar is lagging the game down a bit. If i cant optimise the plugin, i’ll probably have to remove it. Lets see how it goes…


Sorry didn’t notice, but the previous patch adds stuff not relevant Fingers Of Rock to SOURCES and CATEGORIES

I fixed a bug that pretty much made players invincible ><
I also tried to optimise it a bit.
Made some minor changes to comply with CONTRIBUTING

It appears the previous file compiles as a sim build and not as a normal build. I now know to test both compiles.
I also got of some of the compiler warnings so now it compiles quietly =D


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