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Attached to Project: Rockbox
Opened by Software_Samurai - 2008-11-08

FS#9537 - Backdrop for viewport

I’d like to suggest the following new WPS feature(s):

1. A viewport can be assigned an image as a “backdrop”.

 a. A viewport may be assigned an image dynamically via the WPS tag "%VX<identifier>"
   (i.e. %VXa for image a, %VXZ for image Z, etc.)
  b. As a viewport is being processed and drawn, its backdrop would be drawn "first", followed by any other normal images/characters.

2. Viewport may define FF00FF as a background color, which would then be “transparent”. This would allow overlapping viewports.

3. Fonts drawn in a viewport with a backdrop would automatically be drawn with DRMODE_FG.

Notes on the attached patch file:
+ It was created from the SVN revision 18997 on Nov 3, 2008.
+ Although I stubbed in the new functions for all the LCD drivers, I’ve only flushed out the 16 bit driver so far.


your patch unfortunately isn’t following the coding guidelines (tabs at various places).

Sorry about that. I’ll remove them ASAP.

Here’s my patch file without those evil tabs!

petur commented on 2008-11-12 21:40

Apart from missing the point of this feature, we do not support (or want) overlapping viewports.

“Apart from missing the point of this feature”

1. So that a viewport can have a backdrop image with scrollable font on top. (e.g. With viewports that activate other viewport based on various conditions, the overall arrangement/style can be dramatically different.)
2. So that a viewport can have a _dynamic_ backdrop image, with scrollable font on top. (e.g. Have a different image under the currently playing song title depending on what type of file it is.)
3. So that viewports can overlap.

“we do not support (or want) overlapping viewports.”

I do. May I ask why you do not want to support overlapping viewports?

Well, I don’t see much point in this feature as far as the WPS is concerned (as you can achieve the same thing using the traditional way of showing bitmaps in the wps).
Except for for font over bitmaps part of course, which might be indeed very handy.

However I can this being usefull in other screens.

Also, with this, we could simplify / unify bitmap displaying in general + alowing fonts displayed on top of that bitmaps.

Being able to use images as backdrops in viewports would be really handy for themes, and now with the custom SBS I can see it being even more useful. It could save quite a bit of space depending on how the theme is setup too.

I’m not sure about the approach for the bitmap/font drawing though in the LCD driver though. This method would be quite a bit slower than the real backdrop method, it would be nice if this could be implemented in a way that was close to the performance of the real backdrop. At the moment I don’t have a suggestion how though.


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