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Opened by Jaykay - 2009-01-03
Last edited by DrMoos - 2009-11-05

FS#9754 - updatet german translation

added those few missing strings in deutsch.lang with rasher translation-page , and changed a few.

   ger.diff (3.3 KiB)
Closed by  DrMoos
2009-11-05 16:37
Reason for closing:  Out of Date


I don’t think “Lautstärke” is the correct translation for “Loudness” in that context.
The correct translation would probably be “Gehörrichtige Lautstärkeentzerrung”, but i think this shouldn’t be translated.

i removed it, and synced to marc guays weird changes.

   ger.diff (2.7 KiB)

I added a LANG_ID for a particular use. Not so weird.

why didnt you only change version as you did in the first commit affecting this?

Because LANG_VERSION is also used in the Rockbox Info screen. A new LANG_CREDITS is needed when System → Version is changed to System → Credits.

i forgot whether i changed the german part. but i know that i did “some” whitespace change, up to italian (in alphabethical order). i hope i didnt cripple some symbols, in japanese this happened (but i removed the whole japanese-part.)

   alles.diff (331.1 KiB)

white space changes now for all languages. actually it arent only white space changes, some some relicts from rashers page were removed and lots of “user:” are added. at least i dont know what they are good for.

the second file contains the new translations plus some white space changes in deutsch.lang. the first file contains everything.

can someone commit this? or say a reason why not.

removed two changes and changed one.

changed “24 stunden uhr” to “24 stunden”, same with 12 stunden

removed the “lese datenträger”-change and added LANG_ENABLE_SPEAKER

now with the patch

sorry, now updated to tom ross’ recent changes.

is the cleanup-patch still wanted? if yes i would resync it, it should be massively reduced because tom ross added quite a few user-fields… the remaining part would be updating some deprecated strings and “style corrections”

Most of the changes to deutsch.lang have now been committed, especially the missing strings and the cosmetic changes. One thing that’s left was the speaker string (realised that when looking at  FS#9999  and  FS#10001 ) and another question arouse about the “nicest” “translation” of credits. I’d like to commit those possible 2 changes in one go but somehow can’t decide the credits question… Following suggestions are made here in the tracker, in IRC and SVN: “Mitwirkende”, “Dank” and “Ehrung” (IMO a bit too formal so would exclude that for myself). What are others’ opinions?

Also, the deutsch.diff here contains some more changes which I think are worth a discussion but don’t have to be decided now. - e.g.. “Unabhängige MP3-Frames” instead of “Unabhängige MP3-Rahmen” both only mean something to me because I was told what that means and I know both expressions. An earlier version also took away the difference that’s currently made between “Lese Datenträger” and “Lese Festplatte”, combining them is what english.lang does but I thought it’s nice to be a bit more “personal”. Last thing I kept out of the update for now but think it’s worth figuring out is translating of “Sicherheit (Übersteuerung)” instead of “Safety (Übersteuerung)” - I’m usually for translating as much as possible except when it starts sounding weird and artificial which is the case here because the term “AGC safety” seems to be very common and is probably more common among tapers, but maybe it’s possible to find other ways, e.g. “Übersteuerungsschuz” or something but that doesn’t follow the other AGC settings style…

Uh…oh… I just realised that I applied that AGC safety change to half of the phrase so would revert it for now to get back to consistency. I plan to commit those 2.5 things (speaker, credits, safety) later today and would really welcome some opinions. Thanks!

my opinions:
Mitwirkende is the best one. Dank is too short and rarely used (the first time i read it in the diff i thought “wtf is dank?”), ehrungen is too formal and false (the 450 contributors are not really “geehrt”)
mp3-frame is better then rahmen. please google mp3 rahmen and look on which page you find the first helpful result. then google mp3 frame.
and übersteuerungsschutz sounds good, too.


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