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Opened by kugel. - 2009-02-05
Last edited by bluebrother - 2011-06-05

FS#9873 - Utilise buttons for playlisting

This patch adds some functions to the REC button of the e200 for easier handling of playlists for playlist oriented people.

In the database and file browser, hit REC to insert what you have selected. You can insert single files as well as folders (recursively). This basically behaves like the insert option in the context menu.
In the WPS, hit the REC button to show the current playlist.

I made this patch since inserting and viewing the playlist always requres at least 1 long press on Select and 2 further clicks, and since the REC button is free, why not use it?

NOTE: This could very well be extended to other targets. If you have some ideas which buttons could be mapped, just tell me! This is limited to the e200 only because don’t have other (supported) targets.

Closed by  bluebrother
2011-06-05 09:32
Reason for closing:  Out of Date
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the Rec button is now the hotkey which function can be assigned.

Isn't there an already closed/rejected patch that does almost the same thing?

Not that I know.

some related tasks: - record button configuration - rejected - Rec button to go to playlist viewer and recording screen - if this was in kugels old custom build, i liked it very much :) - Pressing record button on WPS shows playlist - rec button: - Go to fm radio

some of them are not for e200 but could be… ported? transcribed? you know what i mean :)

i like this patch, it makes some things easier.

Given the number of patches doing similar things (or the same + more), it seems like a wanted feature.

Adding a new "key" is a major change though. Discussion of this should really be on the -dev mailing list to decide what, exactly, the Rockbox project wants it to be for.

I've had no intention do keep it away from the ml. This task is just a few days old, and I might want to wait for some inputs for other targets.

I'm not sure what you're saying by "this task is just a few days old." I don't see why discussion can't be happening there already, to discuss what the button could/should do? Shouldn't the discussion happen earlier, so that if there is a consensus that it should do something else you find out now instead of after you spend time updating other keymaps, etc? (As a note, I think this is pretty close to what many of the devs feel the button would be good to do, but I do think there will be a lot of discussion of details and alternatives still).

As well, I'm not sure what 'other targets' really matter in this. This is deciding what to do with the short-press of Record, right? Either a player has this unused button, in which case this patch serves the same purpose for it, or the player doesn't have an unused button, in which case this patch is irrelevant toward it. Right?

As the target says (the title doesn't say REC button), it's certainly not only for REC button. Every player which has a free button should be able to use the features added.
I don't see why I should already start the discussion. It's not like this is the only work I've got laying around. So, while I'm doing other stuff (like the exams for my uni) I can very well wait some days to get input.

Are you going to discuss when I should post to the ML, or do you have some other useful comments too?

If you want to do extra work and work that might be rejected, rather than finding out whether the work is acceptable first, help yourself. I was just trying to offer sound advice: Find out what the project wants before you propose a new button, rather than getting it working, then possibly having to change everything because it's not actually wanted that way. I thought it was a very useful suggestion since it would save you time in the long run. The discussion is necessary. Any coding you do right now might be entirely wasted effort.

If you want to snipe at me, fine. I honestly was trying to give good advice. I can't help it if you're too defensive about it.

And there aren't current targets with free buttons that aren't the record button. And even if they were, this patch is about what you're making the record button do, so even if there were a free button that's not the record button, you should either be suggesting it do what you have this patch doing, or doing it in another task because it is another task. So again, multi-target feedback is only relevant if they have multiple free buttons, as to which button this would be most suitable for. Which doesn't change whether or not it needs discussed on the mailing list, since that should be about what it does, not which button does it.

Please don't get me wrong. And I'm sorry if I sounded harsch (I'm slightly drunken, if that's an excuse). I didn't mean to discriminate your comment at all. Every input is important. I'm just saying, that I don't feel it's already time to start a big discussion. And that I surely want to hear other useful comments too (there was no sarcasm when I said "other useful comments", really).

Coding for Rockbox (well, coding at all) is a pleasure for me. I've never felt time on that was wasted, even if it was rejected. Even if I do more work on this and it gets rejected, it's still been fun for me, and some lessons of learning. I'd never do less work just in the fear it could be rejected.

Currently, this patch is for e200, which has a free REC button (hence the first comment), but the title of this task should not indicate it's only for the REC button. I don't know the exact button situation of every target, so I can't tell which button is free and which not (except for the common one of course).
This patch is not about letting the REC button do something only, it's about "utilising buttons for playlisting", which can be any button.

if i got that correctly this patch adds some things from  FS#5886 , and if i remember correctly this patch was in kugels old build.

i really got used to it and was confused when a short rec button press didnt show the current playlist after installing the current build. and i wondered a long time why this useful "shortcut" isnt in svn.

to cut this long story short: i would appreciate commiting of this patch, especially the "rec in wps shows current playlist"-part.

and could you please stop your discussion about the right time for a discussion in the mailing list? :)

No,  FS#5886  was not in my build….this one here was..

Alright, that's the one I intend to commit.

It just adds the playlist-viewer-from-wps part, but for almost all targets.


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