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FS#9954 - iAudio X5L remote erratic starting with build from 20090211

Attached to Project: Rockbox
Opened by Chris Miller (mixman) - Wednesday, 25 February 2009, 18:49 GMT
Last edited by Paul Louden (Llorean) - Wednesday, 25 February 2009, 19:47 GMT
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Operating System iAudio X5
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Reported Version Daily build (which?)
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I have been using Rockbox for almost 2 years now on my X5L together with the remote and I have frequently updated to the current version, so I am familiar with how it works.

I have noticed that after updating to version 20090221, my X5's remote's LCD behaves erratically (strange lines being displayed all over, vertically shaky image) right after booting Rockbox, then the display turns off completely after a few seconds. Strangely though, the controls still work and the blue display light comes on when working the controls, but the display is turned off (there is nothing being displayed, as if the player were turned off). If I unplug and reconnect the remote, the remote's LCD comes on, but soon turns off again. The X5's main LCD is working just fine.

I thought that my remote was dying on me, but decided to check if it was somehow related to the development of Rockbox. I reverted back one build after another and found that the last build that works OK for my remote is 20090210. So, in all the builds starting with 20090211 (I have thoroughly checked all from 20090211 to 20090225), the remote is practically unusable. I looked at the changes done on that day (, but could not single out the probable cause.

Great software, anyway!
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Comment by Felix Kaechele (Heffer) - Wednesday, 10 June 2009, 00:47 GMT
This is the bug that is being described in  FS#8840 

My iAudio X5 Remote is broken again, too. So it would be great if this issue could be resolved.
Comment by Chris Miller (mixman) - Wednesday, 10 June 2009, 09:33 GMT
I have just tried out the current build (r21236-090609) after reading  FS#8840 , but the problem still exists on my X5L remote.
Comment by Dark Madder (DarkMadness) - Tuesday, 30 June 2009, 23:46 GMT
I also have this problem with my remote on X5L since I updated to Version 3.3 of RockBox. I have not experienced similar problem with version 3.1 that I had prior to update.
Comment by Dark Madder (DarkMadness) - Friday, 03 July 2009, 16:59 GMT
I looked trough the sourcecode of Rockbox version 3.3 and I managed to find the solution for my problem with the X5 remote which occurred since version 3.3 of rockbox. I made some changes to lcd driver to make the initialization and writing of data to remote little bit slower. With this changes my problems with erratic behavior of my X5 remote disappeared. If you wanna try the changes yourself you can find patches in attached file.

Comment by Andrew L. (dixieflatline) - Monday, 06 July 2009, 17:39 GMT
Same thing happened to me with X5 (not X5L) on upgrading from 3.1 to 3.2. Problem is still present (maybe even a little worse) with 3.3.
Comment by Lucien Picard (Ysl) - Sunday, 12 July 2009, 17:00 GMT
I installed the latest build in my X5 today (04 July 2009) and I now see the remote issue (blinking then blank) is back !!

Don't know how to apply the above patch
Comment by Remy Gottschalk (grosbill) - Tuesday, 21 July 2009, 12:00 GMT
I am also seeing this bug with my X5 20G starting from some point between 3.1 and 3.2.
I also confirm that the patch above with latest build solve the problem. (By the way : "thank you Dark Madder").
Comment by Chris Miller (mixman) - Friday, 06 November 2009, 09:00 GMT
Dark Madder, could you, please, include this patch in the latest build? Not everyone knows how to apply the patch.
Comment by Lucien Picard (Ysl) - Friday, 06 November 2009, 20:21 GMT
Yes, that would be great !
Comment by Andrew L. (dixieflatline) - Thursday, 02 September 2010, 21:21 GMT
Is there a chance of anyone taking a fresh look at this and getting it fixed permanently? The problem disappeared completely in 3.5.1, and now it's back with 3.6. I don't know if it was an unintended fix, or something that got reversed by the 3.6 changes.
Comment by Lucien Picard (Ysl) - Friday, 03 September 2010, 10:56 GMT
I'm also interested in a fix !!

Comment by Chris Miller (mixman) - Friday, 19 November 2010, 09:12 GMT
The problem seems to be resolved in version 28294. And the addition of a compressor is excellent!
Comment by Chris Miller (mixman) - Monday, 26 September 2011, 20:48 GMT
The problem reappeared on 3.9.1. Remote is unusable again.
Comment by Lucien Picard (Ysl) - Monday, 26 September 2011, 20:51 GMT
Hope somebody will fix that !
Comment by Dark Madder (DarkMadness) - Wednesday, 28 September 2011, 13:24 GMT
I want only to inform you that patches submitted by me solve this issue with version 3.9.1 and with any prior version that had this issue. I suggest that users that have problem with this bug contact the maintainers of the project and ask them if they can integrate this patches in the project.