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Opened by rasher - 2009-02-26
Last edited by fg - 2009-08-07

FS#9955 - Bootloaders for 3.4 - please test

These are bootloaders for the PP targets which will be released with USB enabled for 3.2. As the main feature, they do not boot the OF when booting with USB inserted.

Please test and report back. The zip contain all bootloaders placed in a directory structure that should be self-explanatory.

Tested BROKEN:

Tested OK:
- Ipod 4G
- Ipod Video
- Iriver H10-5GB
- M:Robe 100
- Sansa C200
- Sansa E200
- Sansa E200R
- Iriver H10 (20GB)

Needs testing:

It turns out that these bootloaders haven’t changed behavior for Ipods, so no need to test those, as we won’t be releasing updated bootloaders for Ipods.

Closed by  fg
2009-08-07 10:38
Reason for closing:  Out of Date
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There are newer bootloaders already on the download server, just waiting to be moved to the right place. These are also available from the "Official Test Builds" forum

iPod 4G:
Loading Rockbox: works
Loading OF: works
On USB insert Rockbox is loaded

Sansa e200:
Loading Rockbox w/sdhc: works
Loading Rockbox wo/sdhc: works
Loading OF w/sdhc: works
Loading OF wo/sdhc: works
USB insert w/sdhc: works (Rockbox boots and connects)
USB insert wo/sdhc: works (Rockbox boots and connects)

On my e280R with or without the 4GB microSDHC card, it will not boot. Even plugging it in, it will not boot. It just gets stuck at the SanDisk boot sceen.

Found out that the zip file does not have the e200R bootloader.

Oops, here’s a an E200R bootloader.

Akur commented on 2009-02-26 10:55

H10 5Gb:

Loading Rockbox:works
Loading OF: doesn’t work (Hangs after the “Using the default key” string )
USB inserts loads the OF
If the H10 is loaded with Rockbox and the USB is inserted, it works perfectly
(although my linux box recognizes a DAP when plugging from the OF and when using Rockbox it shows my H10 as a mass storage device, but that’s okay)

cpu98 commented on 2009-02-26 11:03

iPod 5.5G 80GB
Loading Rockbox: works
Loading OF: works
USB insertion: works (Rockbox boots and disk gets mounted)

The e200R bootloader works, but for one bug. If you have the Sansa off and plug it in, it boots into Rockbox, but it will not let the Sansa mount like when it is on then plugging it in.

torne commented on 2009-02-26 12:24

The iPod bootloader didn’t boot the OF when USB was inserted anyway.. are there actually any changes in the ipod bootloaders here?

The iPod bootloader previously booted into Apple’s emergency disk mode. It should now use Rockbox’s USB mode.

Also works on iPod 5G 30GB
Loading Rockbox: works
Loading OF: works
USB insertion: works (Rockbox boots, disk gets mounted by Vista)

BTW I’ve never seen previous versions of the bootloader boot into emergency disk mode.

My bug is a different bug that is not a part of this. It works. You need to use the Main Menu as the Start Screen. The Resume Playback screen will cause the bug that I found.

torne commented on 2009-02-26 19:52

Michael: Not according to ipod.c, which doesn’t check USB at all :) The bootloader boots to rockbox, then rockbox reboots to emergency disk mode early in its own startup.

I stand corrected.

Regarding Akur’s problem of the OF not loading properly, I don’t know exactly what the cause is, but I’ve had to fix similar problems in the past. See r17357, r16837 and r16817 for examples. You’ll have to find which commit caused the problem. I think the last definitely known working one was 17357, so bissecting versions since that one should find it fairly quickly. I’d suspect some initialisation is done that shouldn’t be when loading the OF (like was fixed in r16837 and r16817).

Unfortunately, I dropped my H10 and broke the hard drive, so can’t do the testing myself.

cg commented on 2009-02-27 10:47

Everything seems to work fine on my e200.
RB USB mode is entered upon cable connection from power-off state with and without SDHC
USB connection mode can still be skipped by pressing the select button during boot.
Keylock prevents boot-up

I’ll be testing the c200 bootloader today, and will report back with results.

I installed the c200 bootloader on my c240 and it is behaving as expected (boots into Rockbox when USB is connected with player off)!

I installed using the sansapatcher for 32-bit Linux linked to in the manual with the following command:

./sansapatcher -a firmware.mi4

I’m assuming that’s the correct procedure. Anyway, it seems to be working great! Thanks a lot for your work on this.

I’ve installed the bootloader on a c240 and a c250 - both are booting nicely straight into Rockbox.

After testing a bit more with the c250 I’ve had a number of problems with r20135 and a SDHC card:
Power off, connect USB - boots rockbox and shows USB plug, but status bar shows playback in progress and it doesn’t connect to PC. Disconnecting sometimes gives a data abort (at 00008F20 (0)) and sometimes freezes on the main menu with Resume Playback highlighted and the disk activity icon shown.

Without the SDHC card, it seems to behave correctly. CHKDSK says the SDHC filesystem is clean.

If I had read the previous posts I would have spotted James Davis’ comment “You need to use the Main Menu as the Start Screen. The Resume Playback screen will cause the bug that I found.” - same applies with the c250.

The bug mentioned by Mark Fawcus and James Davis is FS#9957

I have “installed” the bootloader on an e260 using the recovery mode (Power off-Turn ON lock/hold-Hold down record-Insert USB) and copied the mi4 provided here to the recovery partition. when i connect the device while it is powered off, my pc does not recognize it, but i get the rockbox usb signoon the device. when i remove the usb plug i get a data abort at 00009650 (0).

Using sansa patcher with the -a command produces the same error.

berti commented on 2009-02-28 13:46

I installed the bootloader using sansapatcher with the -a command, and everything works fine on my e280

“DJ K” - did you use a current Rockbox build? Specifically, later than r20106.

New bootloader works on my c250. No problems.


And what is your Start Screen setting set to?


i mean “resume playback”

i thought r20106 fixed that, didn’t it?

No, r20106 fixed  FS#9935  - that’s a different bug. FS#9957 is still not fixed.

The H10 5GB bootloader stopped working between r14003 (last one that could boot the OF) and r14015. Every sign points to r14004 breaking it. The OF likely expects the CPU frequency to be set to 80MHz by the bootloader.

fg commented on 2009-03-01 23:31

mr100 boots rockbox and the OF, although the OF doesn’t work properly (most probably due to missing files on my partitcular player)

The H10 bootloader has worked more recently than r14003, at least for the 20GB case. Could it be that r16837 needs to be applied for lcd-h10_5gb.c too? Can someone test the attached patch to see if it fixes booting the OF for H10 5GB?

These two bootloaders are for the H10 5GB. Built as r20172 with Barry’s patch above applied.

fg commented on 2009-03-02 17:53

H10.mi4.ums.r20172M boots both the OF and rockbox on here.

Akur commented on 2009-03-02 22:28

H10.mi4.ums.r20172M can boot rocknox and the OF here too.

I’ve committed my patch as r20185.

I have been testing the USB stack with a 5G iPod. My first issue with the stack ended up wiping my library. So, once the stack was functioning well I decided to test it by using to to resync about 180GB of oggs. About 150GB in the battery died. I rebooted into the emergency disk mode and continued my syncing no problem. It seems when the USB stack is in use it is not even charging enough to stop it from dying much less gain power on the battery.

e260 works.
but wouldnt it make more sense if on hold when being plugged in the bootloader charges the battery to 100% and then turns off?

i Just tested r20231 with this bootloader on a h10 20GB and it looks like it’s working. i copied and deleted files and folders, plugged usb in while the device was off (start screen is set to main menu). loading rockbox usb mode worked form there. plugging the device in while being in the main menu worked with no problems. if further testing is needed, please let me know what you want to have tested.

Were you able to boot the original firmware?

If you mean me… yes…

i get the following message upon pressing power and “←“:

Rockbox boot loader
Version: r20108-090226
iriver H10 20GB
Partition 0: 0x0C 19077 MB Loading original firmware..
Trying /System/OF.mi4
Can’t load /System/OF.mi4
File not found

i have not renamed the file contained in the zip files provided here. shall i rename it and then try again?

No I was asking DJ K; I should have been more clear. DJ K, how did you install this new bootloader? I’d expect loading the OF to be fine and it could be a problem with your setup. If not, we’ll need to look into the problem.

I attached the device using the power and “←” button, searched the system folder, copied the BL from this very thread, safely disconnected and rebooted.

That error probably just means that DJ K doesn’t have the OF.mi4 file in his System dirctory. This file should have been renamed from H10_20GC.mi4 when originally doing the installation. If you don’t have it any more, you can reinstall it (using the update feature from ), then install the Rockbox bootloader again.

Yes, sorry. I followed your instructions and woefully had to accept that the iriver firmware updater formatted the device :( luckily i had copied all its contents to a gigabeat f 20, so i just had to copy everything back onto the h10. That’s why it took me so long to answer and now i can say: Everything works.

I renamed the iriver-downloaded file to OF.mi4
I copied the bootloader from this thread to the System folder

Starting the original firmware works
Starting rockbox works
Usb connection works
Copying works
Deleting works
Returning to the main menu when the device is removed in the OS works

regarding the new bootloader with sansa and usb:
when booting rockbox by plugging in the usb connector when the sansa is powered off, ejecting the drive leads to a rockbox crash (data abort or hang).
(the error does not happen when booting the device manually and then connecting… so it must have something to do with the bootloader i suppose).

quad commented on 2009-03-10 14:59

Sansa E280 v1:
- player off, then cable plug in » player boots to rockbox, but no usb-connection established (also no usb-picture on screen)
- player on, then cable plug in » player switch to usb-connection with usb-picture on screen

works okay, but would be better if the player also starts the usb-connection when the player was off before.
actually you have to reattach the cable to start the connection.

Steve Semke: What is your “Startup Screen” setting set to?

quad commented on 2009-03-11 13:47

Startup screen is set to “Database”

quad commented on 2009-03-11 13:51

Testet it with several other start-screens:

Main Menu: works
Files: works
Settings: works
Database: doesn’t work

Tested on r20281

That sounds very related to FS#9957. Thanks for testing! This isn’t strictly a bootloader issue though, so I don’t think we should block for this. Thoughts?

Considering it looks like 3.2 is unlikely to release with USB enabled, there’s no need for these.

quad commented on 2009-03-17 10:05

Btw. there seems also an other bug in the bootloader:
It’s only possible to quickformat microsd-cards, not full format (under windows).
Testet on latest build with Transcend 1GB and Kingston 8GB SDHC.

My Sansa c240 will only boot from off with certain startup screens selected please add “Resume Playback” to the list that don’t allow usb to be detected

It would appear the new Bootloaders are dependent on the start screen setting i.e. this one
Comment by Steve Semke (quad) - Wednesday, 11 March 2009, 14:51 GMT+1
Tested it with several other start-screens:

Main Menu: works
Files: works
Settings: works
Database: doesn’t work
I merely wanted to say the bad behavior is also seen if the start screen is Resume Playback

Just tested new bootloader + r21257 on my c240v1.

On Ubuntu 9.04 64bit:

- player off, then cable plug in » player boots to rockbox, usb-picture on screen, but does NOT mount as a mass storage device
- player on, then cable plug in » the same.

Bizarre: if I push button on the device, the desktop OS will react by furiously turning the system volume down.

lsusb of the device is attached.

The OS reacting to the buttons isn’t bizarre at all – it’s the HID feature sending events to the OS, thus it reacting to it.

fg commented on 2009-06-12 18:21

Also, there’s a bug in ubuntu 9.04 that makes it not work properly with several players, see . Not much we can do about it.

Just for information, installed ubuntu 9.10 alpha 2 yesterday and it would appear the bug mentioned above is know fixed.

Ah, very true. Installing stuff from Karmic has worked for me. Thanks guys. Works great now!

torne commented on 2009-06-22 09:26

Can we release new bootloaders for iPod after all? My change in r20921 to allow booting Rockbox from OSOS is waiting to go out to support the advanced install methods detailed in so it would be nice if we did…

I think someone should build a new round of bootloaders, as I forgot a lot of things when building these.

1. Bumping the bootloader version number(s)
2. Displaying that version number rather than the revision during boot
3. Probably other things

Could someone with the tools post Sansapatcher builds with the bootloader binaries in this thread? We’ll need those eventually too.


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