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Opened by rmaniac - 2009-03-06
Last edited by saratoga - 2009-07-28

FS#9987 - iPod not charging well while in USB connection mode.

I have been testing the USB stack with a 5G iPod. My first issue with the stack ended up wiping my library. So, once the stack was functioning well I decided to test it by using to to resync about 180GB of oggs. About 150GB in the battery died. I rebooted into the emergency disk mode and continued my syncing no problem. It seems when the USB stack is in use it is not even charging enough to stop it from dying much less gain power on the battery.

Closed by  saratoga
2009-07-28 21:02
Reason for closing:  Duplicate
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Duplicate of  FS#8802  .

This is the same issue as  FS#8802 .

Is it? It charges fine when rockbox is booted normally or is in emergency disk mode. This relates more to the new USB stack I think.. but I did add a comment to the general 3.2 boot loader task about it also.

Emergency disk mode isn’t a part of Rockbox. It’s Apple code, and yes, charging works there.

I would like more information on when your 5G iPod charged properly via USB in Rockbox. Was that from a USB charger or a USB port? Did your iPod charge even if you turned it on without a charger connected and then plugged in a charger or USB while in Rockbox? Did your iPod charge at the same speed in Rockbox and in Apple code? Apple says “Fifth Generation iPod is 80 percent charged in 2 hours and fully charged in about 4 hours”.

sadur commented on 2009-03-16 15:50

I’ve noticed the same issue lately, but i can’t confirm from when it’s happening (at least, one week ago).
While mi 5.5G 80GB iPod is plugged to my PC via USB it does not charge, instead it seems to drown the battery faster. Just a few minutes ago I’ve plugged it to transfer some music with the battery at aprox. 50% of charge, and just 5 minutes later it’s at 20% while it’s reinitializing the database.
I don’t know if it’s related to the USB stack or not, I just report this for the record.

sadur commented on 2009-03-23 15:44

It seems to have been solved, isn’t it?

I am unsure. I will update to SVN and see if I can tell how it reacts.

Has the situation improved?

No, the problem still persist in r20931.
I’ve connected ipod with about 80% charge to a USB port with enough power; then, i’ve ran disk checking utility (it just reads LBA blocks one by one; the checking speed was about 9MB/s, if this matter), and, after about 3 hours, when checking was about halfway, the “bad blocks” became to appear. It was unable to read a few blocks in a 10000ms, then succesfully read a few hundreds of them, then again unable to read a few blocks… i’ve disconnected the ipod and the battery was completely drained.
It seems that either:
1) USB does not provide enough power even for a disk checking, so it is forced to use a battery. That is nonsense, from the other experience i can say that this USB port on this PC provides at least 2.5W, and i just can’t realise how ipod’s HDD (even if it is working not through PATA-USB bridge but through ipod’s CPU) can consume so much power.
2) Rockbox won’t charge the battery during the data transfer (not just connection mode) and even won’t use the power supplied for HDD spinup. That case describes the strange behaviour: while battery is empty, HDD is inaccessible, and for a few*10s it charges enough to read another few hundred blocks, then the battery empties again.

Please, forgive me my bad english… :)

sadur commented on 2009-05-15 09:08

I agree with Igor, it isn’t solved, and behaves like he describes it.


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